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Best Plant Based Protein Powders – Do They Have All Essential Proteins?

Today I came to talk about protein, especially plant based protein powder! Because it’s funny that when someone in the family or circle of friends starts eating less animal, processed, processed foods and consequently more fruits and vegetables, the family gets worried.

• “You’re not going to have protein deficiency?”
• “Are you not going to get malnourished?”
• “Are you not going to be weak?”
• “Are you not going to get SICK?”

Best Plant Based Protein Powders –

This concern is a kind, but wrong feeling. Responsible for scheduling our ideas in this way is the industry, which requires us to continue buying meat, milk, yogurt, curd, lasagna, calabresa, chicken breast, confectionery, cholesterol medicine, anti-depressants and hospital treatments. to continue thriving in the alliance of giant companies that are. In order for us to keep giving them our money, we need to believe that we NEED this to be healthy, but it is not quite there.

Plant Based Protein Powder For Both Weight Loss & Gain

Plant Based Protein Powders

Protein: all plants are equipped with protein. Some plants with more and others with less. Every person who consumes the required number of calories daily is getting as much protein as it needs to be healthy. If you become insecure, you can use two free online apps: the cronometer and myfitnesspal. These apps count calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients, you simply enter what you have eaten each day and the quantities.

That way, you will know not only how much protein, fats and carbohydrates you are consuming, but also the amount of vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s and 6’s. All in detail. This is a really cool experience for everyone, no matter how much more you take off your day, it’s of great importance. It’s what you eat.

Based Protein Powders

Anyone who begins to change their habits to a diet concentrated in plants usually does it because he began to study about what he eats and these changes do not happen for nothing, they are based on data. We are astounded with the number of available research, from large universities, developed by scientists, masters, doctors, nutritionists but these never reach the masses, because it is not interesting to the industry and therefore does not have the financial and marketing incentive.

Recommended Intake Of Protein Through Low Carb Plant Based Protein Powder

For the general population: 0.8 x your weight in kg


  • A 90-pound person: 0.8 * 90 = 72g of protein per day
  • An 80-pound person: 0.8 * 80 = 64g of protein per day
  • One 50-kg person: 0.8 * 50 = 40g of protein per day

For the gals and guys that are building muscle mass in the gym and athletes you can use 1.7 x your weight in kg and some people consume up to 2.0 x their weight in kg. As I show below, the amount of protein we need is easy to consume on a daily basis, so you do not need to consume animals and derivatives of them just because of the amount of protein they have. The protein of plants is the healthiest for our organism, being much better used for performance of our tissues, since they do not present any harmful properties in their composition, different from the animal protein.

Percentage Of Protein In Whole Food Plant Based Protein Powder

  • Cress 51.0
  • Quinoa 14.7
  • Spinach 30.0
  • Coconut Flour 13.3
  • Lentil 28.0
  • Coconut water 13.0
  • Pink lentil 27.0
  • Garlic 13.0
  • Red bean 26.7
  • Amaranth 12.7
  • Black bean 23.3
  • Almonds 12.7
  • Peas 22.9
  • Oats 12.0
  • Cabbage 21.0
  • Linseed 12.0
  • Broccoli 20.5
  • Chia seeds 11.8
  • 100% Complete Bread 19.8
  • Cashew nuts 11.4
  • Cocoa powder 19.5
  • Beet 10.6
  • Salsinha 19.0
  • Cucumber 10.3
  • White potato 18.9
  • Pumpkin 9.0
  • Pumpkin Seeds 18.0
  • Whole Rice 7.6
  • Lettuce 17.0
  • Sweet potato 6.2

There are some researches and studies which addresses the causes and cures of diseases such as cancer among others and its relation to animal and vegetable protein. It is the most comprehensive and comprehensive study on nutrition ever done involving thousands of people and their eating habits in many other countries and includes factors such as the changing of food as the generations go by and their relationship to contemporary diseases. One of the most popular plant-based protein powder in the market is Athletic Greens superfood powder. You can read my honest review on it through the link below.

My Recommendation For Plant Based Protein Powder


Edward Redmond

Edward Redmond has been researching, testing, and writing for the last 9 years on fitness, eating right, and the benefits of health supplements.

Having first used a green supplement alternative for daily vegetables and Fruits, he became a huge fan of these "superfood alternatives" over and above the protein shakes that were more common in the market then.

This site is his way of clearing the clutter and making sense of the superfood green powder space. A father of two superheroes, husband to Marie who herself is a fitness fanatic and a Vegan he knows what it's like to get the best for his family.

He is also a professional gym trainer and an Avid Herbalist.

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