Athletic Greens Alternatives – Complete Comparison and Evaluation

“This product looks good to me! But the next one is also looking good! Why not check the third one! Oh god, I am getting confused!” This is the possible situation occurs when we decide to buy any product. We are human, and we like to compare one thing to another and then make the decision. And there is nothing wrong in that. One should compare the alternates side by side to make a final judgement. Same is the condition when we search for green superfood drinks. There are number of green drink powders available in the market. But when you search for a comparison, it is very hard to find out. For an instance you can find a one on one comparison but what about if you want four or five best products to be compared side by side. I am sure you are not going to find out such comparisons. Therefore, I have prepared this article to compare Athletic Greens with some of the top rated green superfood drinks at various level.



Shakeology VS Athletic Greens

Shakeology is a powerful mix that is especially designed for those who want to lose weight. It suppresses your appetite by providing you essential proteins and carbs in a form of shake ultimately restricting you from overfeeding. Whereas Athletic Greens is a green drink powder that is designed to maintain your body’s daily nutrition level and boost the energy and metabolism. Although it will not help you lose weight straightforwardly, but it ensures you that you maintain a healthy body weight. Shakeology gets upper hand in taste as it is available in various flavors, but it is too costly. Whereas Athletic Greens is only available in one flavor, but it is quite affordable.

Athletic Greens VS Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance and Athletic Greens are very much similar supplements as per the performance. Similar to Athletic Greens, Green Vibrance is also a energy booster and metabolism stimulator that helps in maintaining enhanced digestive system, immunity, cardiovascular health and nutrient absorption in cells. Although both the products are similar in quality, but they differ each other in two factors. Where Green Vibrance has an upper hand in pricing, Athletic Greens is way ahead in case of taste. Green Vibrance taste very much earthy and grassy that is not liked by most users whereas Athletic Greens manages well in overlapping the ugly taste with a light chocolaty flavor.

Vital Greens VS Athletic Greens

If you are from US or Canada, then you will have a patriotic faith on Athletic Greens as it is manufactured in US whereas Vital Greens is an Australian brand. The ingredients used in both the products are very much quite similar but both brands claim to have the longest list of ingredients. Where Athletic Greens claims to include 75 ingredients, Vital Greens claims to include 77 ingredients. But that is the matter of discussion and research. Athletic Greens is a supplement that especially focuses on the cleansing and detoxification of liver whereas Vital Greens targets the whole body. But here I stand with Athletic Greens as it scientifically explains how liver helps to maintain your overall health.

Vitamineral Green VS Athletic Greens

Vitamineral Green and Athletic Greens can be considered as superfood brothers. Both the supplements are very similar in quality and composition. Vitamineral Green detoxify the body toxins to control the blood sugar level whereas Athletic Greens cleanse the liver to provide overall health. Though the ingredients are very much quite similar but Athletic Greens some additional ingredients that gives an upper hand to it on Vitamineral Green. Both the supplements are non-GMO, vegan and include 0% fat. The only difference comes in taste, Vitamineral Green serve the raw taste of grassy flavor that would not be accepted by most people.

Amazing Grass VS Athletic Greens

Amazing Grass and Athletic Greens are best to compare superfood supplements. Both the products are highly reputed and demanded in the market. Both of them have long consumer base with thousands of positive reviews. Both the brands are promoted to boost the overall health and fitness through enhancing energy level and metabolic process. What makes these two products most demanding is their high-quality product in affordable rates. Though Amazing Grass is quite cheaper than Athletic Greens, but it could be said that with more cost, Athletic Greens serves more than Amazing Grass.

Total Living Drink Greens VS Athletic Greens

Total Living Drink Greens is not a big name in the superfood market, but it presents itself as an alternative to one of the big name, Athletic Greens. Where Athletic Greens is a green energy & health drink, Total Living Drink Greens is a part green drink and part protein shake. The ingredients are quite similar in both products, but Athletic Greens includes some extra essential ingredients than Total Living Drink Greens. The taste of Total Living Drink Greens is earthier that manufacturer has tried to hide with blueberry flavor but still they failed in it. Athletic Greens has a really smooth and enjoyable taste that makes it best superfood green drink in the market.

Athletic Greens VS Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice is a new name in superfood market that is manufactured by a renowned company Organifi. It has a composition of good and vital herbs and nutrients in its ingredient list such as wheat grass, beet root, ashwagandha and many more. Athletic Greens has an upper hand as it includes much more vital ingredients that makes it a perfectly blended green drink. Athletic Greens helps in boosting digestive, cognitive and overall health. Whereas Organifi Green Juice focuses in maintaining immunity level.

Athletic Greens VS Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Greens are the two superfood products that are very popular and demanded but their consumer approach is very different. Where Athletic Greens is very popular among youths and middle-aged people, Patriot Power Greens has its influence among senior citizens. Though the ingredients of both the supplements are prominent but they vary in taste. Athletic Greens taste fruity and creamy with a bit of chocolaty flavor. Whereas Patriot Power Greens has a flavor of blueberry in its taste. But overall both supplements taste well. The price of both the supplements are also quite similar and affordable. For more details on Patriot Power Greens, visit the review page.


Comparison Chart

ProductManufacturerTasteNutrition (Per Serving)Superfood ScorePrice (30 Serving)
ShakeologyBeachbodyIt tastes smooth & available in different flavorsCalories – 140,

Carbs – 17 gm,

Fat – 1 gm,

Protein – 17 gm

Amazing GrassAmazing GrassHighly earthy and grassyCalories – 30,

Carbs – 4 gm,

Fat – 0 gm,

Protein – 2 gm

Organifi Green JuiceOrganifiLittle bit earthy but tastes goodCalories – 25,

Carbs – 4 gm,

Fat – 0 gm,

Protein – 2 gm

Patriot Power GreensPatriot Health AllianceTastes pleasant and fruityCalories – 10,

Carbs – 3 gm,

Fat – 0 gm,

Protein – 0 gm

Green VibranceVibrant HealthNot good in taste as it taste like super grassy and earthyCalories – 45,

Carbs – 7 gm,

Fat – 7 gm,

Protein – 2.5 gm

Vitamineral GreensHealthForceTaste like algae and sea vegetables, not goodCalories – 34,

Carbs – 4 gm,

Fat – 0.3 gm,

Protein – 3.5 gm

Total Living Drink GreensKylea Health & EnergyTastes like green vegetable juicesCalories – 120,

Carbs – 10 gm,

Fat – 25 gm,

Protein – 112 gm

Athletic GreensAthletic GreensTastes little bit chocolaty, smooth and deliciousCalories – 40,

Carbs – 4.8 gm,

Fat – 0 gm,

Protein – 4 gm



Some Other Athletic Greens’ Competitors (But Not The Alternatives)

As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of superfood green drinks available in the market, but it is not fair to compare all of them as not every of them are worthy to compare with top rated supplements. They are promoted as competitors but seriously neither they are competitors or the alternatives to above mentioned top quality products. Supplements like Green Detox, Earth Grown Nutrients, Texas Superfood, Super Greens Powder, Naturelo Raw Greens, It Works Greens, All Day Energy Greens and Spring Of Life Daily Energy can be stated as green drinks but they cannot be compared with Athletic Greens as they don’t match its quality, efficiency and perfection.