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Affiliate Disclaimer

In respect to complete disclosure and transparency, we want you to be aware that some of the links to products on our website may be affiliate links. This indicates that we will receive a commission if you click the link and buy something. You won’t pay anything extra for this, of course.

We want to be the go-to site for anyone interested in living a more balanced life. Information on our website is, and will always be, free. More importantly, it will always be truthful.

Our intention is to encourage you to adopt new habits in order to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We will offer you suggestions, tips, and resources that we think you’ll find beneficial. Making recommendations that have been tried and tested will assist our readers. If you decide to buy something after reading our reviews, it helps us finance this blog.

To earn a commission, we pledge to never link to dubious or irrelevant products. We are moral in that way.

Please contact us using our Contact Us page for more queries about this.

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Since I share informative articles on Health & Nutrition with awesome people just like you, most of my content contain Affiliate links for products that I love and recommend. Whenever you take action such as subscribing or purchasing through clicking any of those links, I earn some coffee money that I drink while writing up more valuable contents for you.

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