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Comparison Between Nutrisystem Vs Optavia – Detailed Analysis

Comparison Between Nutrisystem Vs Optavia: In many of our previous health blogs, we have tried to be more profound and unbiased with the kind of opinion we have shared on the relative health programs that are globally popular to set their benchmark as the perfect health guide plans to the people.

But still, there are lots of better health plans which are coming in the trend of being the topmost health programs chosen and verified by the health experts. People are becoming more health-conscious and exploring new ways to have sustainable health guidance to achieve their targeted health goals.

Here we will be discussing the features of Octavia as our new health plan and we would try to get more insights about its health tips benefits and nutritional adoptive method:

Comparison Between Nutrisystem Vs Optavia

optavia solid diet

What is Optavia?

Optavia is the name of the health plan introduced by Medifast, which is the fastest-growing healthy company that concerns the wellness and health matters of the people.

People who are seeking a life-long healthy transformation or people who have any chronic disease can turn towards the Octavia for better health support.


Features of Octavia as a health plan:

  • It is clinically tested and verified as safe health and weight-loss plan.
  • It provides one-on-one health coaching to its members
  • Members have various meal options coming from branded health products.
  • Optavia fueling pack pays attention to the carb intake and protein intake.
  • Optavia also delivers the pre-packaged health meal known as ‘Flavors of Home” at your doorstep.

Working Mechanism Of Optavia:

Optavia helps its members with its very simple and direct health approach, its pre-made fueling products try to reduce sugar consumption and compels you to take the proper meal with high nutritional value.

  • Meal logs are provided with sample meal plans to get started with
  • It also provides you with simpler healthy meal plan recipes
  • Optavia meal plans had also paid attention to people with high blood pressure by reducing the amount of sodium.
  • It has designed its health plan according to the macronutrient list which is essential for the body.
  • Optavia health diet contains the food item according to the government recommendation.
  • Its plan is best for short-term weight loss.
  • Optavia lets its members work one-on-one with its health coaches and supports them to join its health community.
  • Optavia also had some specific health plans for people fighting diabetes, senior citizens, and malnourished children.

Health And Diet Plans Of Optavia:

Optavia health plan includes the saturated health plan versions according to the medical health organization, it’s all plans are formulated with scientifically proven health experiments:

The basic three plans of Optavia are:

  1. Optimal weight 5&1 Plan: It is among the most favorable diet plans prepared by Optavia based on six small meals per day.

The body is trained with a gentle fat-burning session.

60 scientifically designed meal plans are available as the diet option.

It forces people to adopt the lean and green meal habit for the person and his family.

Focuses more on taking Optimal nutrition.

  1. Optimal weight 4&2&1 plan: This plan tends to be a more flexible meal plan with not much restriction on a particular diet, its tailored meal plan focuses more on the quality healthy gain, and meals are interchangeably prepared with the scientifically tested method of fueling.

Prepare two lean and green food items

Perfect diet plan for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients, senior citizens, those above the age of 65, people with less than 15-pound weight.

One healthy snack is added to the plan with a balanced number of starch/fruits.

  1. Optimal Health 3&3 Plan: Similar to the previous one but now the amount of lean and green meal intake has been balanced with the ratio of three lean and green meals to be eaten between the interval gaps of 2 to three hours.
  2. How Does It Help Its Member To Get A Healthy Life: Optavia provide every kind of possible support to its member, a health coach is guiding you at every step of your health routine as mentioned below,
  • Inspiration health messages to keep its members motivated.
  • Weekly phone calls for customer supports
  • Health community forum to share diet plan and progress
  • Mobile apps for staying updated and also act as a meal reminder.
  • It circulates its plan starting from the initial phase of health transformation to the maintenance health phase where many diet plan options are given as a reward.

Comparison Between Nutrisystem Vs Optavia:

Nutrisystem has been already discussed in our previous blogs with its pros and cons, while Optavia has also been explained in a detailed manner with its cost and budgeting.

Now as both health plans offer the pre-packaged food item at your doorstep, we will be trying to compare the two based on certain health parameters and would find out for which type of people they can be more suitable!

Optavia Health Plan Vs Nutrisystem Health Plan In 2022

The most basic and common differences between Optavia vs Nutrisystem 2022 are listed below after lots of research and brainstorming reviews:

  • Personalized Coaching: Optavia emerges as the winner of this part as its one-on-one coaching support beats Nutrisystem which is much more satiable being self-management health plan but optavia provides great customer support with a dedicated health coach guiding you out through your entire health journey, it also seeks for your reviews and feedbacks.
  • Diet Plan: The major difference between optavia diet vs Nutrisystem is that Nutrisystem takes the point being providing dynamic meal plans with excellent taste, however, optavia has also a good range of meal plans but Nutrisystem is much better with its completed diet menus with variations and diet options which is designed with the patient’s medical need.


Final Thoughts:

Nutrisystem Diet Plan

If being sure and thoughtful both these diet plans have their own set of health standards, but still, Nutrisystem can be rated as the best diet plan for people due to its flexibility among certain important factors ranging from cost to diet options and varieties. Nutrisystem comes under budget and people can accommodate its diet plan based on their suitability, it also lets a person taste the flavors confined with a nutritional value, also its frozen meal options are great who want to have the homemade recipes to come under beneficial dietary fibers.

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