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Noom Reviews 2024 – Can this App Help You Lose Weight?

Noom Reviews: Weight loss and healthy weight management is one such thing that requires a lot of effort, dedication, patience, and professional guidance. If we talk about celebrities, they have their own nutritionist and personal trainer to guide them to maintain their weight and overall health. But unfortunately, we don’t have that much bank balance to hire those for us.

Here comes the Noom into the play, a dedicated weight loss, and fitness program. But what exactly it is, how does this diet program work, how it is different from other weight loss programs and apps, and its drawbacks? These are the questions that we are going to answer in this review along with some Noom reviews by real users. So, let’s dive in.

Noom Reviews – What is Noom App?

noom diet plan reviews

Noom Reviews: Noom, a weight loss, and fitness program is designed by a professional nutritionist, personal trainers, and behavioral psychologists that help you in losing weight and achieve optimal health for the long term. Different from usual diet plans and weight loss programs, it doesn’t encourage you to involve in strict and restricted eating.

Rather this health and fitness program helps in achieving optimal body weight through sustainable and tangible lifestyle and behavioral changes. The program claims to have assisted over one million people in losing weight through:

  • Generating personalized breaking down of calories based on the questionnaire
  • Tracking the foods and meals you are eating
  • Logging weight, exercises, blood sugar, and blood pressure level
  • Dedicated One on One health coach interaction
  • Group chats with other motivated members and moderator
  • Recipes that you can search for the meal
  • Motivational articles and interactive quizzes


What’s there in this program?

  • An initial questionnaire asking your daily lifestyle routine, behavior, and eating habit to prepare a personalized routine
  • Weekly challenges to meet your goal
  • Educational and motivational tips and articles
  • Progress tracking tools to track your progress
  • Virtual dedicated coaches to lead you from front
  • Biometric tracking of blood pressure and blood sugar level
  • Groups to chat with fellow members and moderators to get motivated

Noom Food List

Noom Reviews: Noom diet plan prepares a daily eating habit depending on your weight loss goal. It recommends healthy eating according to the calorie density, categorizing the foods into green, red and yellow. You are recommended to consume each category of food in a set percentage, ie, 45% yellow, 30% green, and only 25% red. As per the Noom website, they have listed foods that you can eat under these categories.

Green Foods: Foods under this category are less in calorie density but are high in other essential nutrients that you must eat for healthy weight loss. These foods include veggies like spinach sweet potatoes and broccoli, fruits like strawberries, apples, and blueberries, dairy products like non-fat cheese, unsweetened milk and skim milk, whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, and whole-grain bread, and beverages like coffee and green tea.

Yellow Foods: Foods under this category are richer in calories and a little bit low in nutritional density compared to green foods. These foods include lean proteins like salmon, grilled chicken, and tuna, dairy products like cheese, eggs, yogurt, and low-fat milk, healthy fats like olives and avocados, legumes like quinoa, chickpeas, and black beans, grains like pasta, rice, and white bread, and beverages like beer and diet soda.

Red Foods: Foods in this category are highest in calorie density but less in nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to take these in foods in less quantity. These foods include meats like bacon and ham, oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and mayonnaise, snacks like peanut butter, French fries, and almonds, desserts like candy, chocolate, and cake, and beverages like juice and wine.

How Does Noom Work?

reviews of noom

Your Noom experience will start by filling up a questionnaire that will ask for your basic information like height, weight, gender, and age. The questionnaire extends with more inquiries about your daily lifestyle, living environment, workout habit, current or past medical condition, past dieting experience, and nutritional intake. Gathering this information, the app will create a personalized and dedicated timeline to achieve your weight loss goal.

You will get a daily nutritional guide, eating habits, lifestyle, and behavioral changes guided and assisted by professional health coaches. You are also supplied with informative and motivational articles to keep you motivated towards your goal. The app provides 1-on-1 personal interaction with health coaches to answer your queries. Overall, Noom is designed to help you achieve your desired body weight under a targeted time period through adding effort and dedication.

Does Noom Really Work For Weight Loss?

As per professional dietitians and nutritionists, any such diet plan that focuses on reducing weight through limiting calorie intake is successful in delivering results. But for that, you also need to be consistent and dedicated to it.

Noom diet plan also works similarly by recommending balanced food intake and monitoring your progress. According to research conducted on 36,000 users of Noom, around 78% of users reported that they experienced desired weight loss in the proposed time period.

Though we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of this stat and study, if the figures are real then this program is surely beneficial in losing weight.

What To Eat & What Not To Eat

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Whole grains
  • Dairy products
  • Healthy fats

You should avoid –

  • Processed foods
  • Added sugars
  • High-fat foods
  • Oils and condiments

Noom Vs Weight Watcher, Nutrisystem & Other Diet Plans

Noom Review vs Alternatives

Comparing Noom vs Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, Noom is very much different from other diet plans and apps available in the market. Where diet plans like Weight Watcher and Nutrisystem deliver prepared meals to their users according to their weight loss goal, Noom is a complete health and fitness program that focuses on guiding you and preparing a timeline as per your weight loss goal through making behavioral and lifestyle changes.

Weight Watcher and Nutrisystem only provide you low carb meals by analyzing your weight and nutritional requirement. But Noom makes you fill up a detailed questionnaire to analyze your weight, height, lifestyle, living environment, behavior, and much more. It also gives you one-on-one assistant through dedicated health coaches. Make sure that Noom doesn’t deliver you meals rather it recommends foods to eat and foods to avoid along with searchable recipes. Checklist of best Noom Alternatives for more options.

Noom Free Trial vs Subscription

Noom does not offer a free trial, rather you get a 14-days trial at a minimal price of $0.50. This 14-days trial gives you access to almost 70% of the app experience, but major services are included in that 30%. Under the trial period, you get features like logging weight, height & food, a weight tracker, and informative tips and articles.

Whereas, after subscribing, you have access to get dedicated one-on-one health coaches, goal specialists, and group chats with other Noom members. Although, if you don’t find it suitable, you can anytime cancel the subscription before your trial period ends.

How To Start With It?

Your experience starts with signing up on the Noom website. Here are three steps that will complete your experience with this program.

Step 1 – Fill the Questionnaire: Once you enter the Noom website, you will be asked to fill up a questionnaire that contains series of questions related to your body weight, height, age, gender, eating habits, lifestyle, workout routine, health concerns, environment, past experience with dieting, and your targeted weight loss goal.

Step 2 – Reviewing the Proposed Timeline & Plan: Once you completed the questionnaire, Noom will use this information to create a personalized timeline for you that will include recommended daily eating and nutrition intake, workout regime, and changes in lifestyle and behavior. This timeline will also show an estimated time period taken to achieve your desire weight loss goal.

Step 3 – Subscribing: At this stage, you will be asked to sign up and create an account for a subscription. You need to fill up your payment and card details to complete the subscription process. The company offers a 14-days trial that you can opt for while subscribing. The company charges a minimal cost of $0.50 to start the trial of Noom. If you are not satisfied with it, you can cancel the subscription any time before the trial period ends.

Noom Reviews By Real Users

Noom has received a good number of positive reviews from real users on various online platforms and forums. The diet program has received an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Here are reviews by Noom users.

noom before and after

What are the pros of Noom?

  • You get a personalized plan as per your goal and eating habit
  • Get access to one on one interaction with certified and dedicated health coaches
  • It focuses on a psychological approach to achieve your goal
  • You get long term results rather than instant crash dieting
  • No restrictive food choice and eating habit
  • Instant and professional support system
  • The results and process are backed by scientific researches

What are the cons of Noom?

  • The subscription plan is quite expensive compared to other dieting programs
  • Only virtual interactions and support
  • Need intense commitment and dedication

Are There Any Health Risks?

Well, being a simplified and personalized diet plan, I don’t think that there would be any health risks associated with it. Although, it is advised and recommended not to follow this diet plan if you are suffering from any serious health condition or even if you have an eating disorder.

Noom Reviews – Common FAQs

Q – How does Noom help you lose weight?

Noom is a weight loss program that gathers your biological, environmental, medical, and behavioral information to generate a personalized diet plan and timeline to achieve your desired weight loss goal.

Q – Are there any dieting restrictions?

No, it recommends recipes and color categorized food list that includes a wide range of foods. Therefore, no matter what is your eating preference, you can find something that can suit you.

Q – Does it provides online meal delivery?

No, Noom does not provide meal delivery rather it suggests recipes and food lists. Therefore, you will need to do your own shopping and cooking.

Q – Does Noom actually work?

Yes, customer reviews and expert recommendations prove that this fitness app works for losing weight.

Q – What critics say about Noom?

Not all, but majority of critics are praising this app for its professional approach against obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.

Q – Are Noom plans worth it?

Sure! Noom is a value for money product that can help you in achieving healthy body weight and lifestyle. It is also available with 14 days free trial so that you can judge it yourself.

Q – Can I get an in-person meeting with health coaches?

No, all the health coaches on Noom are virtual and therefore interact with them virtually by dropping down a message anytime.

Q – Do I need to work out along with dieting?

Yes, the Noom suggests various types of exercises keeping in consideration your age, gender, and health condition.

Q – Is Noom legit or just a scam?

I don’t think that Noom is a scam as there are millions of users of this app and has been rated positively on various platforms and forums. It is 100% legit.

Q – Is Noom diet plan free?

No, there is no free service offered by this program. You will be required to subscribe to a plan to activate your account. Although, you can start a 14-days trial of Noom by adding your payment details.

Q – Do need to log in or sign in Noom app every time I use it?

No, once you activate your preferred plan on your mobile or tab, you don’t need to sign in every time unless to log out yourself from it.

Q – How to cancel the Noom account subscription?

If you are under a trial period, you can anytime cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. Although, if you are under the subscribed plan, cancel it anytime before the plan ends otherwise it will be auto-renewed.

Q – Is there any discount code for a Noom subscription?

The company doesn’t offer any discount on a monthly subscription. Although, you can avail huge discount on 3 months, 8 month or annual subscription.

Q – Is Noom customer service 24×7 available?

Yes, customer support is available 24×7. You can contact me anytime for your queries and complaints.

How Much Is Noom For a Year or Month?

noom review the cost

Noom subscription price depends on the type of plan you subscribe to. The company offers huge savings on long-term subscriptions.

  • Auto recurring monthly plan – $59 per month
  • 3-month auto-recurring plan – $129 (You save $48)
  • 8-month recurring plan – $179 (You save $293)
  • Annual recurring plan – $199 (You save $509)

How To Subscribe Noom?: Noom can be easily subscribed through the official website. You can easily access the Noom experience by signing up on the official website.


Noom Reviews – My Final Verdict

Hope I am able to provide you complete information about this dieting program. I tried to touch on all those topics and questions that are usually asked about Noom online. I have reviewed some top-rated diet plans like South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem. But Noom is quite different compared to these diet plans. The most promising thing that impressed me a lot about this dieting program is its approach.

Where most dieting apps and programs, try to deliver personalized dieting ideas and meals but fail due to insufficient information, Noom’s questionnaire enquires almost everything related to your diet, lifestyle, and behavior to create an actual personalized timeline to achieve weight loss goal.

One thing that may be hectic is that you need to do the shopping and prepare your own meal. But overall, Noom is a good option to lose weight in a planned manner without strict dieting and eating restrictions.

Noom app

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