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Lean Greens Review 2023 – Best UK Greens or Let Down?

How many of you eat vegetables and fruits every day? I won’t be surprised that most of you will say, I don’t. At least not up to the required quantity or Nutrive levels. It’s obvious, though we all are aware of the health benefits of consuming greens only a few of us follow. And that’s why it gets important to replace it with green powder.

Welcome to my Lean Greens Review, considered by most as the best tasting greens powder drink available with tremendous health benefits like increased energy, Immunity, Fat Burning, and Happiness!! Let’s find out.

Lean greens review: Being a fitness trainer, a lot of my trainees ask me to suggest a health supplement and I recommend them to powder drinks. Do you know why? Because they are full of health factors and a perfect alternative for a daily meal replacement that keeps you full all day long.

Though I recommend it, it was not my favorite way when younger. I used to keep away from such products. But hearing a lot about their health benefits, I decided to try it and my first choice was the most popular, spirulina grass powder. The day I first tasted it, I almost vomited and that taste made my first experience horrible.

After a long time, One day I again decided to give green superfood powders a try. But this time I did a lot of research, judging on taste too, ingredients, and health benefits. In my fitness timeline, I used lots of powder but only a few of them made it into my favorite list. One of them is Lean Greens.

It is one of the best super greens powder I ever found in the market. Lots of people are using it and left tremendous reviews online. Being one of my favorites and quite popular, I decided to review Lean Greens for you. So, let’s get started with my Personal Lean Greens Review.

Lean Powder Review – An Overview?

Lean Greens Review
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A super popular brand based in the United Kingdom (since 2012) that has been producing some of the finest food and health supplements. The Super Greens Powder is the core offering of this brand that is marketed as a daily diet replacement and health drink.

The Greens Powder is full of various vital raw components that include super fruits, vegetables, grasses, Siberian ginseng, green tea, digestive enzymes, and algae. The main USP on which it is promoted to be different from others is its taste the reason being given is that it does not include raw elements that make it taste horrible. It is by far in reviews, proclaimed as the “Best Tasting Super Greens Drink”

Though Lean powder is also designed with super raw ingredients, its taste is different and quite good. Mixing it with juice or a smoothie makes it delicious. It promises to provide various health benefits, such as healthy digestion, prevent food cravings, better immunity, and healthy weight loss.

Lean Greens As well as all the other variants in the range given below, they are manufactured in the UK to meet UK health and safety standards. All batches of ingredients that are used are also tested as per the norms for any sort of contamination.


Other Products In The Range – Lean Greens Trim Formula – Whey Protein Isolate

Lean Greens Trim Formula

Lean Greens Trim Formula is an isolated whey protein that increases your daily protein consumption. It helps in maintaining the healthy growth of your bones and muscles. It comes in a vanilla flavor taste that is super delicious.

Whey – a by-product produced during the process of making cheese from milk, contains the highest percentage of pure protein. The fact that it’s filtered means it’s practically free of lactose, fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrate.

This results in a very high protein value 26g vis a vis fat – 1g and calories – 120kcals., Also, very few people face any stomach discomfort after using TRIM, whereas people usually do face problems after taking protein shakes.

The taste has also been liked by a large number of people in line with the overall quality of all Lean Greens products all of which come with a very likable taste.

However, Vegans and Vegetarians should not take this supplement.

Lean Greens Amber Boost – Turmeric, Black Pepper & Vitamin D3

Amber Boost

Lean Greens Amber Boost is an organic brand that comes in the form of capsules. Filled with organic turmeric, it has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help in maintaining a healthy body. It provides super enhanced immunity, digestion, and healing power.

It comes with a formula that is geared towards 20 times better absorption in the body and comprises all the vital curcumin which is neglected and eliminated by other non-reputed brands.

The Vitamin D3 included in the ingredients adds the daily dose of sunshine so necessary for people residing in countries deprived of the sun.

The company proudly states that it’s a premium product and not build to a budget thus no compromises on the quality. There are users who even call it a wonderful supplement and an amazing product. Nature at its best. Also, the price At 19 pounds for a month’s supply does not seem to high and there are further discounts for buying multiple bottles.

It’s a vegetarian product, for dietary vegans but not ethical vegans as D3 is sourced from Sheep wool.

Lean Greens Billions – Acidophilus Complex ( Probiotic)

LEan Greens Billions

Lean Greens Billions is an acidophilus probiotic capsule that is full of healthy stuff. It feeds your guts with healthy bacteria to enhance your overall immunity, prevent food cravings and health.

Composed of 5 strains of Healthy Bacteria it upgrades your gut health with just 2 capsules a day. Billions of colony-forming strains of good bacteria make it the best bet for your Guts.

Lean Greens Billions not only has the best 5 strains of Good Bacteria but also helps fight the bad bacteria, hence it is much recommended especially when taking antibiotics. As they are known to kill both good and bad bacteria when taken.

The Probiotic Blend Billions helps in creating a hostile environment for bad bacteria helping you achieve overall health. Also, there has been much co-relation and research on gut health with overall brain health, positively relating both, hence it’s better to go with a reputed manufacturer.

Lean Greens Drift Off Formula – Magnesium Citrate Supplement

Drift Off Formula

Lean greens review 2022: Lean Greens Drift Off Formula is a magnesium citrate capsule that is filled with magnesium, vitamins, minerals, and zinc. These components help you to fulfill your nutrient requirements so that you can drift off to perfect sleep.

The known benefits of the Magnesium citrate Supplement Drift Off are a restful sleep-as it aids the natural process of falling to sleep as well as helps attain a  sound sleep, muscle relaxation, helping you recover from exercises and training efforts, and replenishing magnesium in your body.

It also has a 100% daily serving of Zinc needed by the body as well as Vitamin B6. The best part is it does not make you drowsy, but rather helps your natural sleep cycle.

It is not for Vegetarians and the capsule is gelatin-based.

Lean Greens Good Fats – Premium Omega 3 Fish Oils

Good Fats Premium Omega3 Fish Oil

Lean Greens Good Fats is an Omega 3 fish oil capsule that is filled with a super high potency of Omega 3 oil. It is the best alternative to those cheap fish oil capsules in the market. It is excellent for brain health, reduces joint pain, immune system, and cholesterol level.

The high-quality manufacturing and ingredients mean you don’t have to be satisfied with that 25 % to 30% low-quality fish oils, instead, you get 75% active Omega 3, overall 750mg ( 500mg of EPA and 250mg of DHA) per capsule.

Overall great for a healthy heart, Eye health, better joint function, and optimal brain function.

The fact that its manufactured in the UK means it conforms to maximum PCB levels set by EU Food Standards and hence does not have higher levels of heavy metals harmful to the human body.

Its always advised to stay away from the non-standard manufacturers of Omega 3 or any supplement for that matter. Good Fats Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsule is a standard high-quality product from a reputed manufacturer. If you are looking for supplementing your Omega3, It’s the best out there.


You must check out for the components packed before you use any health or dietary supplement.

  • Wheatgrass
  • Spinach
  • Barley grass
  • Chlorella
  • Alfalfa
  • Spirulina
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Green Tea
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • 6 Digestive Enzymes

How To Use It?: There are various options to consume this powder. The top two options according to me are simply mix with water or mixing it with your pre or post-running smoothie. You can mix a two-three tablespoons of powder in 350 ml of cold water to make it.

You can also mix it with your pre-post run smoothie adding kiwi or pomegranate to make it more delicious. When mixing it with water, it is better to use a shaker bottle that you can buy from the official website.

The Benefits

  • Eliminates bloating
  • Provides clean energy
  • Cleanse the body
  • Eliminates craving for junk foods
  • Improves immunity
  • Growth of bones and muscles
  • Reduce joint pains
  • Prevent food cravings

Some Lean Greens Reviews By Real Users

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Review #1
“Very easy to do in morning with shaker and taste is ok. Feel Fit” – By Anne
Review #2
“Lean Green every morning for the past three months. No colds or similar since” – By Bob
Review #3
“I was introduced to this by a friend. I’ll never be without it now! Thanks”  – By Shamah
Review #4
“Live it. Such a great taste compared to other brands” – By Linda


Common FAQs

What are lean greens?

It is a super popular brand that has been producing some of the finest food and health supplements.

Will it help in weight loss?

To be honest, the primary function of this powder is to provide enhanced health. Expecting it as a green superfood powder for weight loss cannot be justified. Although, you can lose weight after a long time of consumption.

What is the recommended time to take it?

You can consume it any time but it is ideal to feed yourself at the start of your day.

Does it taste good?

Absolutely, the product really tastes well. Compared to other alternatives, the taste of this drink is delicious.

Can this powder be used as a food replacement?

The manufacturer promotes it as a meal replacement and not only this, rather every such product is promoted as same. But it can never be. They are used to feed you essential nutrients that you lack to consume in your daily meal and also taste well.

Is it safe to use?

Absolutely! Being a health drink blend combined with all herbal elements in a raw state, it is safe for consumption.

Does it have any side effects?

Although the manufacturer claims that it is free from any side effects, it is also true that there is no product that does not carry side effects. To avoid any possible side effects, you should go thoroughly through the ingredient list and mark out if there is any ingredient to which you are allergic.

Can it be mixed with other flavored drinks?

Although, you will not be required to mix it with other things as it already tastes good. But if you wish, it can be mixed with other flavor drinks.

Is the powder gluten-free?

According to the company’s official claim, it is 100% gluten-free.

Is Lean Greens a protein smoothie shake?

The core of this brand is a protein shake. But the brand also owns various other ranges of products that include protein supplements.

Is it available on Amazon?

Yes, the product is also available on Amazon for sale, but it is highly recommended to get it from the official website. Because Amazon is not the manufacturer rather it is a supplier. The products sold on Amazon are picked from the local sellers and delivered to your doorsteps.

Buying from Amazon does not guarantee that you are getting the original product. It might be fake or expired. Therefore, it could be a wastage of money and you could get scammed and be left with just emailing them for a refund.

Is there any discount code to purchase at a cheaper price?

No, the official site does not offer any discount codes. Therefore, if any website showcases promotional code or deals to get it at a discounted rate, it could be a scam or email capture. Although you can check the official website, they often offer various discounts and offers.

Where To Buy Lean Greens?

The best place to purchase Lean Greens powder is to order it from the official internet address. Ordering it from the official web portal ensures you that you are getting the original one and you can also save a lot. Many marketers promote fake products with a similar name at huge discounts to cash out the popularity of it. To avoid any such scams, it is best to get it from the official website. If you have any queries, you can contact customer care via email.

My Final Verdict

As I mentioned early in this Lean Greens review, this greens powder is one of my favorite powder drinks and therefore, no doubt, I would surely recommend you to try it. There are various factors that added to my favorite list.

The taste is quite different from others that are healthy but may taste horrible.

It is a versatile powder drink that can be consumed in various manners. The ingredients of the product are natural and of very high quality. Even the cost of the product is affordable. The fact that it is manufactured in the UK to high standards means that you do not compromise on any ingredient quality.

All these factors make it the best choice, especially for our United Kingdom-based viewers.

The variants that the Lean Greens range has and the bundles that can hence be purchased including the Everyday Health Bundle or the Gut Health Bundle, etc. means that it can be a holistic alternative to relieve symptoms from a lot of ailments being faced by us due to nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle choices and compulsions.

The overall price-to-quality ratio is also very comfortable resulting in a very high comfort level for the products and the benefits that it offers.

And last but not least is again THE TASTE—it is, without doubt, the best-tasting Super Greens Powder, and people who cannot tolerate the earthy-grassy taste of so many other options despite the health benefits resulting from them will surely enjoy this powder and the overall health benefits it brings.

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