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Discover the Best Green Drinks for a Healthier You!

Before starting, let me point out one quick fact: “The green drink industry is growing very, very fast; in fact,  it has already reached $5 billion per year”.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to walk around holding a shaker bottle filled with a green drink. Whether you have to grind it at home or you have mixed it with a green drink supplement, you are adding to the growth of the industry.

Talking about green drink powder, the superfood market is full of brands. It is never easy to choose among them and therefore it gets essential to know, what are the factors to choose and judge the best green drinks? Here onwards we are going to explore those factors that you should keep in mind while exploring green drinks.

I.C.T. (Ingredient, Cost and Taste)

The Three Factors for Choosing the Best Green Drink: It’s not any technical term that requires any special education to understand it. ICT for choosing green drink means Ingredient, Cost, and Taste. While you are choosing any green drink to remember to judge, what are the ingredients in it, what is the cost for that and how does it taste? Surely the best green drink will qualify all the three factors.

What are the Ingredients included in Healthy Green Drinks?

green drink ingredients
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Mostly all green drinks follow the similar pattern in their formula. The base for any green drink formulation is same just some of them includes extra ingredients in the form of probiotics and enzymes. Crossing over, a high-end green drink will also contain herbs and antioxidants whereas, meal replacement green drinks will also add protein to their formula to make complete meal diet.

The green drinks are categorized into three types on the basis of ingredients. First one is green drinks with grasses such as wheat grass, alfalfa, and barley grass. The second one is green drinks with sea vegetable such as chlorella, algae, dulce, and spirulina. The third one is green drinks with green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and carrots.

When you are looking for ingredients in the green drink make sure that it includes foods from all three categories. It is not necessary that the product will include all the ingredients from all categories but a good product will always give you more than enough.

What is the Value of the Superfood Green Drink Supplements?

Here I have not mentioned it as a cost because cost and value are two different things. Cost means the amount you are paying for the product whereas value means that the product you are getting does actually deserve that cost to pay. What you must look while choosing a green drink is that what are the servings you are getting, the potency of that serving and the value of each serving.

Let me explain you with an example of an imaginary product called, Greatest Green Drink Powder. Now let take that the pack is of total 360 gram costing you $39.99. The total servings in one pack are 30 that means one serving is 12 grams. The quantity of greens in that pack is 210 grams that mean in each serving of 12 gram you are getting 7 grams of green. This makes that a powerful serving of 12 gram is costing you about $1.33. Therefore the value of this product is $1.33.

In the above explanation, it is shown that the product, Greatest Green Drink Powder is too costly but the potency of each serving is awesome. Now explore other products whether they have more serving than this product, whether their serving is more in potency than this and are the cost of each serving is less than the fictional product.

What is the Taste of the Healthy Green Drink?

The major reason people hate drinking green drinks is their taste. It is sad to say the fact is that each and every green drink, whether prepared at home or purchased from the market, tastes horrible. This is because of their ingredients. As their ingredient list include a large number of green vegetables, seafood, and grasses along with probiotics, they give prominent results but the taste is such that very few can swallow it. But there is a way to make it taste better. You can try mixing it up with other smoothies that taste great.

Various Health Benefits Of Green Drink

best green drink

A green drink is a perfect way to get lots of vegetables in a simple and delicious way. Whoever drinks healthy green drinks benefits from a whole range of health benefits.

On the short-term:

  • You feel more energetic
  • You are happier
  • Your hair is shining
  • Your skin is smooth

In the long-term:

  • You can lose fat
  • You help your body to remove harmful toxins
  • You prevent aging
  • You prevent (serious) diseases

Healthy Green Drink Helps Lose Weight

healthy green drink

Raw leafy vegetables are full of good nutrients and contain hardly any calories. For example, lettuce or spinach only contains around 15 calories per 100 grams. Those are two big hands full! So you can add unlimited green leafy vegetables to your smoothie, as long as the smoothie continues to taste good.

The large amount of moisture and fiber in the vegetables also ensures that you stay saturated for longer and prevents a peak in your blood sugar level. This way you reduce your appetite and you have less need for a snack.

Green Drink do wonders for your Skin and Hair

Thanks to the vitamins and moisture in green smoothies, your hair will shine and your skin will become smoother. Green smoothies reduce inflammation and acne. This is probably due to the combination of the large amount of vitamin A in green smoothies and the fact that you eat fewer bad foods when you drink green smoothies.

Best Tasting Green Drink make you Happier

top rated green drinks

The hormone that is responsible for your happiness is serotonin. If your body produces more serotonin, you will feel happier. Your body makes serotonin itself through sunlight, but it also obtains a great deal from carbohydrates. The healthiest source of carbohydrates is fruit. A healthy smoothie with fruit and vegetables ensures that you feel comfortable.

Healthy Green Drink help you Detox

what is the best green drink

We are exposed to a whole range of toxic substances on a daily basis. These substances are rendered harmless by the intestines, liver and kidneys. To do their job well, these organs could use some help. Green smoothies help you …

  • Absorb toxins
  • To remove toxins (through the production of bile)
  • Neutralize heavy metals and pesticides
  • By drinking green smoothies with raw leafy vegetables you help your body to detox.

Green Drink Against Aging

Antioxidants are substances that prevent aging. They protect you against free radicals: very small, reactive atoms that damage your body cells. In this way, antioxidants protect you against wrinkles, cancer and the aging of your heart and blood vessels. A large-scale study shows that antioxidants are responsible for a 20% reduction in the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease.

The highest concentration of antioxidants can be found in dark leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and bok choy. That is why you will find these ingredients in most green drink powders.

Top rated Green Drinks for Heart and blood Vessels

green drink for heart

Time and again, scientists prove that cardiovascular disease is much less common in people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. That makes sense, because:

  • Fruits and vegetables have a blood pressure lowering quality because of the large amount of fiber and potassium they contain.
  • Fruits and vegetables lower the bad LDL cholesterol because they contain a lot of fiber and no harmful fats.

So what is the best Tasting Green Drink?

If you read this article till here, it is sure you are prepared to examine the green drinks before you buy. Though there are numerous green drinks on the market and it is not an easy job to examine all of them until you know which is the top-selling green drinks on the market. In my opinion, you can explore between Total Living Drink Greens and Shakeology if your budget is high. If you are planning not to invest much in green drinks, then you can explore between Athletic Greens, Patriot Power Greens and Lean Greens. For more information, read the review on Athletic Greens, Patriot Power Green and Lean Greens powder drink.

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