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Nutrisystem Shakes: Does it really melt down your belly fat?

Nowadays, every fitness freak is following the mainstream trend of shakes, and one of them is the popular Nutrisystem Shakes. People now have access to more options available to them by the brand.

What is this brand that has a long list of shakes and a delicious menu? It is called the Nutrisystem brand and has been an American fitness meal and supplement manufacturer company, well known for its super tasty meal plans, covering the range of more than 130 meal menus.

Nutrisystem has formulated its diet plans keeping many essential factors in its consideration, like body type, age, and lifestyle along with preferences, so it has kind of developed its own proprietary science, which is called “ProSync.”

What is the Nutrisystem Shakes?

The Nutrisystem Shake is another wellness product from its diverse range of diet plans, with the exception that these shakes are part of its Takeoff Week.

So, to make it more interesting, Nutrisystem has introduced two flavors to the variety of Shakes, those being Chocolate and Vanilla. Both flavors are really amazing in taste.

Besides this, Shakes by Nutrisystem are made with a proprietary probiotic blend. Probiotics are very essential for our gut health and also for the proper maintenance of our digestive system.


Nutrisystem has been very smart when it comes to the selection of its ingredients. It manifests many ingredients blended with natural ingredients and those which are generally vegan.

As a result, Nutrisystem has attempted to provide the twenty-two essential vitamins and minerals.

If talking about calories, we can say that it includes 130 calories and makes your tummy full because of the proportion between fiber and protein in the 5 gram to 15 gram ratio.

The several key ingredients that are included in its list are:

Whey protein concentrate

It is one of the primary dairy products where protein is obtained as a byproduct of cheese. So why does the whey turn into something essential?

The reason behind this is the percentage of amino acids that are important to initiate the important functions carried out by our body.

Whey protein also helps to cope with malnutrition and keep a proper balance of body fat.

Also, whey protein is packed in the powder form, which in any form can be used in liquids like smoothies or any drink blended with ice.

Dietary Fiber Blend: (inulin, maltodextrin)

We are always advised by many dieticians to increase the amount of fiber in our meals! But why? The answer to this question is that fibers are the best cure for bloating and constipation problems.

Fibers are extracted from fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc., so the risk of genetic diabetes and heart disease problems can be cured through this.

Fiber comes in two forms: one is soluble fiber and the other is insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps in controlling blood cholesterol, whereas insoluble fiber smoothest the movement of foods through your digestive system.

Calcium Caseinate

Again, calcium caseinate is the type of protein that helps in the concentration of amino acids.

Calcium caseinate is made from milk’s casein element. It meets our body’s needs for nutrition, and it comes from calcium.

Calcium caseinate is proven to be very essential for muscle growth and has a slow-digestion rate, providing the body with a sustainable number of amino acids.

Alkalized Cocoa

This process is better known as cocoa alkalization, where an alkalized cocoa is produced. The benefit of alkalized cocoa is that it is used to control blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Also, the alkalized cocoa gives the food a darker color and boosts our immunity.

It also acts as a bulwark against aging factors, and alkalizing the cocoa also destroys the bitterness of cocoa that is present due to the flavanols presented in them.

Nonfat Milk

Milk is a nutritionally based food that fulfills our every requirement for proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Calcium and phosphorus abundancy is also found in nonfat milk that prevents osteoporosis (weakening of bones).

If you have nonfat milk, then you will directly reduce the chunks of bad cholesterol in your body.

The nutrient level is increased if we reduce the fat from the milk, which acts as a protein-building factor inside our bodies!

Due to this, a balanced circulatory system is developed and your hormones and enzymes are synthesized in the proper manner.


Probiotics are mainly the microorganisms that are found in fermented foods like sprouts and others.

The vitality of consuming probiotics is important because they are the representatives of good gut health and also help to revive the sustainability of your digestive system.

Probiotics are also known for their diarrhea-curing benefits. In some studies, it is also claimed that about 42 percent of diarrhea is treated by probiotic strains.


Whey has been discussed in the section of whey protein, so we must know that whey protein is the proportionate amalgam of lactalbumin, serum albumin, and immunoglobins, etc.,

Whey has anti-cancer properties and is also very beneficial for lowering your bad cholesterol.

Features of the Nutrisystem Shake

Nutrisystem has always pushed its customers to have a healthy but delicious diet. Their weight loss plans and shakes are tailored to support a healthy digestive system and comprise essential nutritional values.

  • It includes 22 vitamins in its pack.
  • It has been formulated with a proprietary probiotic blend.
  • Great flavors.
  • No preservatives or taste enhancers are used.

Customer Reviews about Nutrisystem Shake

Now, as we have done with the features and pros of this product, let’s scroll down to read about the experiences of its real customers and users!

Here are two reviews taken into consideration to build a concrete opinion on Shakes!

This product has been exclusively given a 4.1 rating out of 5 and is really favored by the customers.

Doreen named users says, “she used the blender when home to make a shake instead of water, she used diet root beer soda with zero calories, she was using the vanilla flavor to make herself a drink adding five ice cubes for an extra edge, she was satisfied with what comes out as her great shake”

Let’s see her review: “For many years, Helen has tried to use a variety of probiotics blends, but nothing seemed effective until she came across the Nutrisystem shake to handle her imbalanced digestive system. Within one week of its use, she felt like she had come into her older forms and had also quoted that she is a lifer with the shakes.”

Pricing and Shipping Cost of  Shake

Now one of the negative aspects many customers have shown is its price. According to many, it’s a bit expensive to afford. Let’s check its price details.

At Amazon,

  • Delivery fees range between $24 and $95
  • Delivery costs between $23 and $95

Common FAQs

Where can I buy Nutrisystem Shake?

Many people have directly approached the official website of Nutrisystem:, but some people have also bought it from Amazon due to its feasibility, so this choice totally depends on you.

What are the side-effects of shake?

Shake has no such side effects; however, some people complain about its chalky taste; otherwise, it serves as a blend for other types of drinks.

What is the directional usage for Nutrisystem Shakes per day?

The direction depends on the type of drink you are making using this shake. However, some people have used eight ounces of its shake powder in their drinks. because it is a great blend to be used for making drinks and beverages.

Does Shakes Nutrisystem contain caffeine?

It contains five grams of sugar. There are 130 calories in one pack of Shake, but no, it doesn’t contain caffeine or any kind of stimulant. However, it does have the natural caffeine in its cocoa ingredients derived to give chocolate flavor to the drink.

Nutrisystem Shakes – Final Thoughts

Nutrisystem Shakes have a good variety of diet-rich shakes and also have been designed to be more diabetic-friendly. They have carefully balanced every ingredient and have tried to extract the flavor of their shakes through natural processing.

But they are a little bit expensive. Apart from that, they can be consumed as a regular shake and could give you a better blending base for your 100+ smoothies and drinks.

So, yes! You can definitely go for this one, which is made with natural means and has also kept your unnecessary cravings away from your goal of getting fitter and finer.

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