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Many people often asked me about which superfood is best to buy. This made me write this article. Here in this article, I have listed the top & best-rated green powder supplements in the market. Superfood drinks were first introduced in the early 2000s, and since then it became popular culture. Lots of manufacturers introduced themselves to the market between the period. It was challenging for me to find out the best green powder drink from hundreds of them flooded in the market.  I have analyzed some of the best products and then sorted out according to their nutritional level, ingredients, and taste.

For ranking them wisely, I have rated them on the factors of ingredients, clinical studies, customer reviews, and price. It was not easy. For example, if we compare Shakeology with Athletic Greens, Shakeology is really very good and also reputed product in the market. But it does not have enough greens, probiotics, and enzymes in their ingredients. Whereas Athletic Greens is fully packed with these nutrients making it powerful formula. So, these are some strict factors that we must look to find out the best green powder drink.

Top Green Powder Drink Compared


Best Superfood Powder Overall

Organifi Green Juice – Best Plant-Based Organic Superfood Powder

Organifi is a popular name in the superfood market thas has produced various superfood drinks like Green Juice, Red Juice, Gold, and Protein Superfood. All these superfood drinks are formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Talking about Organifi Green Juice, the supplement is composed of 11 organic superfood ingredients that include spinach, kale, wheatgrass, beet, spirulina, digestive enzymes, fiber, and probiotics. The supplement helps in improving digestion, health heart, immunity, detoxification, and promoting metabolism.


Most Popular Fruit & Veggie Supplement

Balance of Nature Fruit & Veggie Supplement

Balance of Nature is the best available superfood supplement that is available in tasty chewable capsules. Similar to the other two mid-range superfoods, it also contains 100% organic ingredients and vital nutrients. The main thing that I love about this product is the unique formulation that includes vital fruits and veggies available in chewable capsule form. The supplements is for overall body fitness and health ranging from dietary to protein supplement. Check out our Balance of Nature review for more details.


Best Superfood Powder with Flavors

Amazing Grass – Best Green Drink For Optimal Health

Amazing Grass is a brand name that manufactures various green powder drinks. The product has various variants that help in keeping you fit, energetic, and healthy by boosting your immune, digestion, and vitality. Amazing Grass comes in various flavors. The ingredients of this green drink are quite powerful that includes vitamins, minerals, algae, and grass. The product is organic, vegan, and free from sugar and soy. Though the name of this product is Amazing Grass it doesn’t taste purely like grass. It can get quite delicious when added to the juice.


Best Tasting Superfood Powder

Athletic Greens Whole Foods Green Powder

The reason Athletic Greens has topped our mid-range category is that it has proved hit in all the sectors of our ranking. This formula is a unique combination of 27 organic ingredients, digestive enzymes, and high potency probiotics.

Even though it includes so many herbs, nutrients, and vitamins, it tastes very well than any other green powder supplement. Though it was a little bit expensive in the past, now the prices for it have dropped some dollars due to its introductory offer. Check out the review for more details.


Best Formulated Superfood Powder

Nested Naturals Super Greens

Super Greens is an amazing green drink that is specially designed to build an optimized diet. It consists of 23 vital plant-based ingredients along with dietary fibers and a high concentration of protein. The product helps in maintaining overall health and fitness and counter carb appetite. Though Nested Natural Super Greens is not very much popular in the green superfood market this is due to its recent entry. The only drawback of this green powder drink is the taste. Mixing it in water will taste like earthy that most people hate to drink. Though when mixed with juice, it gets quite delicious.


Best Organic Superfood Powder

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance

This product is the best of all green powder drink I found in the market. This superfood is an organic formulation of green ingredients. Most superfoods only contain vegetable powders, but this is not with Green Vibrance, it also contains juice extract that makes it a real superfood.

The most important thing about this product is that the ORAC value of this product is very high in comparison to other superfoods. According to the manufacturer, the ORAC level is about 155,000 in each serving of 40 grams. But the factor that makes it away from most of us is the taste.

Best Smoothie Powder

Shakeology – Best Green Powder For Smoothies


Next, best whole foods green powder drink in high range superfood is Shakeology. Talking about the supplement, it is a power packed superfood with all the essential nutrients required for a 100% nutrition meal. Along with protein, the ingredient list also includes probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, vegetables, and fruits. 40 gram of serving gives you amazingly 140 calories.

This is amazingly a real superfood. Though it is a meal replacement supplement, many people also use it for weight loss. But again the factor is the price although it is better than any other superfood but is too expensive than others.


Not Recommended

Patriot Power Greens Probiotic Green Powder

Patriot Power Greens

The second top mid-range product is Patriot Power Greens. It is also not less than Athletic Greens in any category. Being 100% organic, superb formulation of all ingredients, digestive enzymes, and probiotics make it a very special superfood at an affordable price.

The only drawback for this product is that the potency level in its serving is quite low; therefore for most of you it might work properly. Read my unbiased review on Patriot Power Greens for detailed information of the product.


Which Is The Best Raw Green Powder For Health & Weight Loss

Although all the supplements ranked here are best among them and have some unique qualities in them. Its totally on you to decide which one fits best for you but if you ask me, I will suggest Athletic Greens. Not because it is my favorite but I have found it vital among all others. What makes it my favorite is its top-class ingredient list and its formulation.

Where Shakeology is best rated and better than Athletic Greens, but the cost of both the supplement is very high and not affordable for most of us. Comparing to Patriot Power Greens and Organifi Green Juice, Athletic Greens has a better ingredient combination and has high potency than both that deliver amazingly prominent results.

Whereas Green Vibrance and Super Greens, though being high in nutritional level and affordable in pricing, they lack the digestible and good taste. The customer reviews and experts opinions also prove that Athletic Greens is the best option for food supplements or superfood drinks.

Edward Redmond

Edward Redmond has been researching, testing, and writing for the last 9 years on fitness, eating right, and the benefits of health supplements.

Having first used a green supplement alternative for daily vegetables and Fruits, he became a huge fan of these "superfood alternatives" over and above the protein shakes that were more common in the market then.

This site is his way of clearing the clutter and making sense of the superfood green powder space. A father of two superheroes, husband to Marie who herself is a fitness fanatic and a Vegan he knows what it's like to get the best for his family.

He is also a professional gym trainer and an Avid Herbalist.

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