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Discover the Best Alternative Veggie Supplements for a Healthier You

Are we very short on superfoods in our world? Many times, we feel that there are very few superfoods available for us. This is because we don’t explore our minds when searching for options and only limit it to what we hear in the news. Till now, broccoli, spinach, and kale are the only superfoods for us. But you don’t think that most times we get so low on intellectuality that we don’t notice some wonderful alternatives to veggie supplements.

But actually, it doesn’t mean that we are not intellectual; rather, we remain so focused on highlighted superfoods and completely ignore the real gems. There are various others than broccoli and spinach that are even more powerful for our daily health than the mainstay. Therefore, here I have listed some of the best superfoods other than broccoli, spinach, and kale.

Sardines as alternative to veggie supplement powder

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While I started writing this article, I was quite hesitant to start this list of alternative veggie supplements with sardines. This is because I knew that most of my readers would skip to some other page, maybe because they are pure veggies or perhaps they hate fish. But the fact remains that sardines are one of the most potent superfoods.

For those who are not aware of sardines, it is a fish that feeds only plankton and is a rich source of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and various essential minerals. For those who hate seafood due to the high quantity of metal, the good news is that sardines don’t contain metals and are clean to eat. Also, these fish are readily available at grocery stores at an affordable price.

Eggs as the alternative to organic veggie supplements



There was a myth related to eggs that they were lousy food to start our day. It was even told that eggs contain high cholesterol, which is bad for the heart, and therefore it is better to replace them with cereals. Due to this, many Americans switched from eggs to grains but, at last, found no good results. Later in 2013, it was disclosed in a report that eggs do not produce lousy cholesterol; instead, they raise good cholesterol and don’t cause any heart problems.

Eggs are a good source of zeaxanthin and lutein, two of the most important antioxidants essential for our body. These antioxidants are useful for our eyes. Along with these antioxidants, it is also loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, selenium, phosphorous, and proteins.

Lentils as alternative to veggie green supplements



Now, let’s hit the dream veggie supplement alternative for vegans, lentils. It is a powerful source of essential fibers and proteins, but most of us totally ignore it just because we are not sure how to make use of lentils. Lentils are known to enhance our gut flora health, which relatively helps in improving our cognitive health. It is also useful in lowering the risk of colon cancer. But the most important quality of lentils is that they are easily available and cheap.

Cauliflower as the best alternative to veggie supplement powder

Once, the most wonderful vegetable for our dinner, cauliflower, was not just a showpiece on the grocery store shelf. And ignoring its importance to our health, we just pass it on, thinking about it next time. But very few of us know that cauliflower is the best alternative to potatoes in mashed potatoes. This superfood is very useful in lowering carbohydrate and increasing fiber intake. If you are a pizza lover, then you will love to know that cauliflower can also be used to prepare the crust of the pizza.

Sauerkraut as the alternative to green veggie supplement

Do you know how sailors live on ships for months preventing scurvy? Because they eat sauerkraut, an amazing favorite superfood of sailors. It is a rich source of vitamin C and probiotics. We spend dollars on probiotic supplements unaware that sauerkraut can provide them naturally. Add sauerkraut to meat or salad and enjoy the amazing taste along with various health benefits.

Pumpkin Seeds as an alternative to organic veggie supplements

I always carry with me a small bag filled with pumpkin seeds. Do you know why? Because whenever I feel hungry, instead of eating carb foods, I just take a handful of seeds. Fiber, iron, zinc, omega 3, and what not! Pumpkin seeds are loaded with all essential minerals and that’s why they are my favorite alternative superfoods on the list.

What Are the Alternatives to Green Veggie Supplement Powder?

Thanks for giving your time to our list of veggie supplements that are alternatives to superfoods. If you want to explore more such veggie supplements, then you can visit our homepage where you can find more such supplements that you can feed yourself as a natural superfood.

My Top Picks As Alternatives To Veggie Supplements

Alternatives To Veggie Supplements


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