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Balance of Nature Vs. Alternatives – Comparison & Face-off 2024

Nobody disagrees with the fact that healthy eating habits lead to a healthy mind, body, and life. Although it may be common sense, doing it is not as easy as it is said. Most of us have a hard time sticking to a healthy diet with our busy schedules.

More and more companies are therefore manufacturing multivitamins and nutritional supplements to try and fulfill our daily nutritional deficiencies without us having to follow a rigorous and specific diet plan.

Balance of Nature Alternatives (In A Nutshell)

Balance of Nature Fruit and Veggie Supplement is one of the most acclaimed as well as popular nutritional supplements on the market that is said to deliver all essential nutrients by fulfilling your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables in an easy-to-swallow capsule.

Considering the fact that Balance of Nature is available in capsule form, it’s probable that you are looking for an alternative that is also in the same form. That’s why we have listed the supplements that come in capsules at the top of our list.

The comparison list includes Texas Superfood, Green Vibrance, Pure Synergy, VitaMineral Greens, Naturelo, and Natrol Daily as alternatives to Balance of Nature when it comes to capsule supplements. You can go on and read our detailed comparison below the comparison table.

User’s Choice Alternatives (2023)

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Balance of Nature
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Texas Superfood
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Organifi Green Juice
  • Available in powder & capsule
  • 31 Raw fruits & veggies
  • GMP & non-GMO certified
  • $69.95 per month
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Best alternative in capsules
  • Fruits, veggies & Probiotics
  • GMP & non-GMO certified
  • $79.95 per month
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Best alternative in powder
  • 11 raw fruits & herbs
  • GMP & non-GMO certified
  • $69.95 per month
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

All Balance of Nature Alternatives ( Available As Capsules)

31 Raw fruits & veggies
55 raw veggies & fruits
60 veggies & probiotics
Not clearly disclosed
Pure Synergy
59 Organic ingredients
Vitamineral Greens
Various greens & algae
Naturelo Wholefood
Various fruits & veggies
Natrol Superfood
30 fruits & veggies

But, wait! We cannot overlook green supplements that are available in powder form here because firstly, many people love their green superfood shake, and secondly presumably they could carry a more potent formulation, or ingredient blend, and be comparatively more effective.

Therefore, after the capsule alternatives, we have also listed some powder-form supplements that are evenly popular and effective to make the options wider for you. After all, we all are looking for legitimate alternatives regardless of the form of the supplements.

Balance of Nature Alternatives (Powder Form)

31 raw fruits & veggies
11 raw fruits & herbs
6 raw veggies & greens

About Balance of Nature

Before going on to compare the Balance of Nature with its alternatives, it is important to have a brief intro about the supplement. You can also read our complete review on Balance of Nature, where we have done a deep dive into the pros and cons as well as all possible aspects including price, availability, ingredients, claims, and reviews.

Balance of Nature is a daily nutritional supplement that is available in the form of capsules. The supplement is claimed and considered as a replacement for daily fruits and vegetables. Being formulated with 100% herbal ingredients, it is available in the form of two different supplements, one formulated with fruits and another with veggies.

Both the supplements of Balance of Nature are formulated with raw extracts of fruits and vegetables, delivering all essential nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients in Fruit Supplement – Aloe Vera, Banana, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Apple, Blueberry, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Mango, Papaya, Raspberry, and Tomato.

Ingredients in Veggie Supplement – Broccoli, Carrot, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Soy Bean, Wheat Grass, Zucchini, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery Stalk, Kale, Shiitake Mushroom, Spinach, and Yam.

Important Features

  • 100% naturally formulated
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Safe for pregnant & breastfeeding women
  • Safe for diabetic patients
  • Does not contain GMOs, additives, sugar, and gluten


1 bottle of fruit supplement and 1 bottle of veggie supplement combined cost $69.95 and it lasts for 90 days. You can avail 35% discount on your first month’s order using our Special Discount Code – GREENSDAILY


Balance of Nature vs Alternatives 2024

If we are going through a hectic lifestyle schedule where we don’t have time even to cook or consume a healthy nutritious diet, then most of us try to compensate and opt for nutritional supplements. But for most of us even carrying along and mixing the superfood powder to make a drink is also quite cumbersome and therefore superfood gummies, pills, and capsules are emerging as preferred solutions.

Although the Balance of Nature supplement is one of the best daily nutritional supplements, it is never bad to check out the alternatives. Comparing a supplement with the best available alternatives helps to make things clearer while choosing the best option for one’s requirements.

Best Overall Balance Of Nature Alternative

Balance of Nature vs Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice is among the best nutritional superfood supplements on the market. It is one such brand that is known to deliver some unique and different types of nutritional supplements. The supplement is available in powder form that is formulated with a raw blend of fruits, vegetables, and berries. Similar to Balance of Nature, Organifi Green Juice also claims to fulfill your daily nutritional deficiency along with boosting overall health. Being similar in formulation, both Organifi and Balance of Nature have strong potency of ingredients and counter more areas of health. Read our unbiased review on Organifi Green Juice

Ingredients Compared

Though both the brands share an almost similar list of ingredients used in their formulation, Balance of Nature uses a total of 31 raw ingredients whereas, Organifi uses only 11 raw ingredients. So, Balance of Nature has the upper hand here.

Pricing Compared

The price of Organifi Green Juice is higher compared to Balance of Nature. One month’s supply of Organifi Green Juice costs $69 whereas, Balance of Nature’s Whole Health system costs $109 for 90 day supply.

Bottom line Organifi Green Juice is no doubt the real alternative to Balance of Nature. It has an upper hand over BON on some factors including the fact that it is available in powder form that is easy to mix and drink.

Best Balance Of Nature Alternative ( Capsule)

Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood

Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood

Texas Superfood is a popular wholefood daily nutritional supplement that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients and designed to provide your complete daily nutrition with just two pills a day. The supplement gives you all the essential vitamins and minerals from veggies and fruits, along with probiotics and digestive enzymes that are missing in the Balance of Nature.

Whereas Balance of Nature has different pills for veggies and fruits, Texas Superfood includes all the nutrients from veggies and fruits in just one pill. Read the detailed review on Texas Superfood

Ingredients Compared

Here, Balance of Nature has the upper hand. Texas Superfood pills include 55 types of raw ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, herbs, grasses, and algae, which raises doubts about their potency. But Balance of Nature’s veggie supplement includes 13 raw vegetables, and fruit supplements include 12 raw fruits that showcase the quality and potency of the supplement.

Pricing Compared

Texas Superfood’s bottle of 180 pills costs $54.95 and lasts for 90 days. Supply is the same as Balance of Nature, but it is $15 cheaper.

Bottom line: the powder version of Texas Superfood is quite effective and hence popular, but the reviews for capsules are not too promising as there is totally different expertise involved there. Therefore, the Balance of Nature is the winner here.

For more information, you can read our exclusive and detailed Balance of Nature Review or check the official site below.


Balance of Nature vs SuperGreen Tonik

SuperGreen Tonik is a USDA-certified green superfood powder supplement that is claimed to be formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients including greens, and veggies. Where Balance of Nature is formulated with raw fruits and veggies, SuperGreen Tonik supplement only includes essential greens and vegetables. Different from Balance of Nature which is designed to fulfill your daily nutritional deficiency, SuperGreen Tonik has three different blends that includes Organic blend, Nootropic blend, and Immunity Blend. Read our review on SuperGreen Tonik

Ingredients Compared

At variance with the Balance of Nature Ingredients that includes 31 raw fruits and veggies in its formulation, SuperGreen Tonik is a green superfood supplement that 6 different veggies and greens. Overall, the ingredient blend of Balance of Nature is more powerful compared to SuperGreen Tonik.

Pricing Compared

Being a green superfood supplement, SuperGreen Tonik is too expensive compared to Balance of Nature. SuperGreen Tonik costs $87 per month while Balance of Nature costs around $23 per month ($69.95 for 3 month’s supply).

Bottom line Balance of Nature is in my view a better choice than SuperGreen Tonik as not only it offer a more comprehensive formulation, but, is also cheaper.


Balance of Nature vs Amazing Grass Green Superfood Capsules

amazing grass vs balance of nature

Amazing Grass is a very popular and renowned supplement brand that is known to produce quality green superfood supplements in the form of different variants such as powder, drinks, pills, bars, and cookies. But we are comparing here the pills variant. Amazing Grass capsules are formulated with 7 fresh green ingredients. Similar to Balance of Nature, Amazing Grass is also free from GMOs, sugar, and artificial. However the capsule version of Amazing Grass is not a prominently promoted product by the company because of its unclear efficiency.

Ingredients Compared

Though Amazing Grass is a popular brand, the ingredients used in the capsule version is not clearly disclosed compared to Balance of Nature which clearly states their ingredient quality and potency.

Pricing Compared

One bottle of Amazing Grass pills costs $21.99 which includes 150 capsules. With the dosage of 5 pills a day, one bottle lasts for 30 days. Being $1 cheaper than Balance of Nature, still Amazing Grass is not a choice because of unclear effectiveness and results.

Bottom line Amazing Grass is a popular green superfood drink that offers various flavors, but when it comes to fruit and veggie pills, it stands nowhere against the Balance of Nature.


Balance of Nature vs Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Capsules

green vibrance vs balance of nature

Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance pills are very much different from Balance of Nature. Compared to Balance of Nature, Green Vibrance along with fulfilling daily nutrition, also supports good health, digestion, and immunity. The supplement is a naturally formulated green superfood capsule that includes natural extract other than BON that includes raw fruits and veggies. One thing that is common in both supplements is that both are non-GMO, gluten-free, and plant-based.

Ingredients Compared

Green Vibrance carries a great ingredient list that includes 60 hand-picked ingredients such as green veggies, plants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants, different from Balance of Nature, which includes raw fruits and veggies for complete daily nutrition.

Pricing Compared

The price of Green Vibrance is very high compared to the Balance of Nature. 15 day’s supply of Green Vibrance will cost you $46 ($92/month supply) whereas the 3 month supply of Balance of Nature costs just $69.95.

Bottom line Both Green Vibrance pills and Balance of Nature uses the same extracted formula, Green Vibrance looks better than Balance of Nature as it includes more ingredient targeting more key areas of health.


Balance of Nature vs Pure Synergy Superfood Capsules

pure synergy vs balance of nature

Pure Synergy Superfood pills are a blend of organic ingredients that are infused into a capsule that is claimed to provide overall health and wellness including healthy organs, digestion, immunity, energy, focus, and mental clarity. The health benefits of Pure Synergy are similar to Balance of Nature, with just one difference that Pure Synergy directly claims to provide these benefits with the use of the supplement, whereas Balance of Nature focuses on providing daily nutrition that as a result provides these health benefits.

Ingredients Compared

Similar to other green superfood supplements, Pure Synergy also includes various green ingredients in its formulation. Other than Balance of Nature, this supplement is formulated with 60 vital ingredients that include green veggies, plants, herbs, and algae.

Pricing Compared

A one-month supply of Pure Synergy is almost double the cost of Balance of Nature’s one-month supply. Every bottle includes 270 capsules that last for 30 days.

Bottom line Pure Synergy uses algae that are missing in the formulation of Balance of Nature. But still, BON has the upper hand as Pure Synergy doesn’t have enough positive reviews to consolidate its effectiveness.


Balance of Nature vs Vitamineral Green

vitamineral greens vs balance of nature

Vitamineral Green by Health Force is a vegan capsule that is designed to provide healthy blood sugar levels, immunity, and energy. Where Balance of Nature focuses on an overall health boost through fulfilling daily nutritional deficiencies, Vitamineral Green especially focuses on delivering a boost in energy and immunity through green superfood ingredients. Similar to Balance of Nature, Vitamineral Green is also a non-GMO, gluten-free, yeast-free, and pesticide-free supplement that is safe for consumption.

Ingredients Compared

Vitamineral Greens is formulated with varied types of green ingredients like nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf, horsetail leaf, ginger root, shilajit, spirulina, and chlorella. This ingredient list is very much different from the Balance of Nature.

Pricing Compared

Similar to other green superfood supplements, the price of Vitamineral Green is also quite high compared to Balance of Nature. 50-day supply bottle will cost you $64.95.

Bottom line Vitamineral Green powder is tainted due to its bad taste and associated stigma is continued with its pills due to its unclear formulation. Surely, Balance of Nature is a better and safer choice.


Balance of Nature vs Naturelo Wholefood Multivitamin

naturelo wholefood vs balance of nature

Naturelo is a popular brand in the supplement market that produces some of the finest health supplements. Naturelo’s Whole Foods multivitamin pills can be considered as an alternative to Balance of Nature’s fruits and veggies. Where Balance of Nature focuses on fulfilling the nutritional deficiency, Naturelo’s wholefood multivitamin focuses on boosting energy, metabolism, immunity, heart health, digestion, and brain health. No doubt, Naturelo seems a clear winner but Balance of Nature also does the same it doesn’t claim to boost health, rather it focuses on fulfilling nutrition for ultimate health.

Ingredients Compared

Similar to Balance of Nature, Naturelo’s wholefood also contains various types of fruits and veggies along with some other ingredients like herbs, digestive enzymes, and probiotics.

Pricing Compared

Now, this is the factor that gives an upper hand to Balance of Nature as Naturelo is 3 times more costly than the BON. 2 month’s supply of Naturelo will cost you $119.95.

Bottom line Naturelo is a very popular over-the-counter brand and its fruits and veggies pills cover more key areas of health than Balance of Nature. It has more sales too despite its higher price because probably it can be found both online and offline.


Balance of Nature vs Natrol Daily Fruit and Veggie Capsules

natrol daily fruits and veggies vs balance of nature

Now, this is another real alternative to Balance of Nature Fruits & veggies after Juice Plus. I am referring to it as an alternative not because of potency and efficiency but on the grounds of branding and ingredients used. Natrol’s Daily Fruit & Veggie is an organic blend of 46 types of fruits and veggies that helps promote overall health and wellness. The brand is not very popular and known for quality supplements and therefore just sharing a similar ingredient list doesn’t make it a prominent alternative, after all, there is very little or no evidence and reviews by the customers.

Ingredients Compared

Two different supplements by Balance of Nature combinedly include about 30 types of fruits and veggies, which is less than Natrol’s Daily Fruit & Veggie. But BON’s supplement includes ingredients in the raw state whereas Natrol’s ingredients are used in extracted form.

Pricing Compared

This is the cheapest supplement on this alternative list. Natrol’s Daily fruit & veggie supplement costs $22.40 for 90 90-pill bottle that lasts for 45 days.

Bottom line I have remarked Natrol as the closest alternative to Balance of Nature on the grounds of the quality of ingredients used. But if we have to choose a winner, Balance of Nature is better because of much more positive reviews and proven results.

Additionally, REAL people, not actors, show a lot of affection for Balance of Nature on Pinterest.


My Conclusions – Balance of Nature vs Alternatives

balance of nature price

When I was researching and writing this Balance of Nature review, I was more and more impressed with this supplement, not only because it’s easy to use due to its capsule form, but the concept of delivering enriched nutrition from varied types of fruits and veggies in the raw state is qualitatively good.

Therefore, when I started writing this comparison of Balance of Nature alternatives, I searched a lot, including on the internet to find out the best supplements with veggies and fruits in capsule form. But unfortunately, among lots of big names, I found only a few to list up here. According to me, only Juice Plus and Texas Superfood are the two supplements that can be considered as the real alternative, the rest of them just lack the potency in their capsule versions.

But, the point remains – is there any justifiable alternative to the Balance of Nature, which provides better value in terms of nutrition and health benefits? Though some factors could be a subjective viewpoint based on data and facts available in the public domain as well as the verified reviews available, I would venture forward and say that Balance of Nature fulfills what it commits, which honestly can not be said about a lot of supplements out there.

It is definitely worth a try, especially in these times when the right nutrition is directly linked with immunity levels and is hence paramount. Our special discount code for our readers not only makes it much cheaper to try out but also helps lock in lifelong discounts as it also effectively removes the preferred customer membership fees.

In the video below, you can learn more about their journey.

buy balance of nature

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