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Explore Aaptiv: A Comprehensive Review of the Fitness App

Many of the health exercises are done to have better health benefits, and everyone knows this. In this way, in current days, many app stores and devices have been launched. These apps set the time limit and the category of exercise for the users. The main thing is that the app holds various categories and sorts of exercises for everyone. Among these apps, the fitness app Aaptiv is very popular and significant. In this Aaptiv review, we will study various plus and minus points of the app, including the reviews and views of its customers.

Aaptiv Review: An Overview

Aaptiv Review

The app, called the Aaptiv app, is a category of fitness app that is audio-based. This audio gives various instructions related to body fitness by many fitness experts and trained people. Moreover, it also requires the support of some motivational music in it. The app decides and designs the pattern, time, and goals of the exercise.

Who Prepares The Aaptiv Fitness App?

Aptiv Inc. is a US-based company that has more than 16 trainers. The company has the Aaptiv app through the instructions of Ethan Agarwal. He is the founder of Aaptiv. The company launched the app as audio-based and has complete instructions related to the exercises. The app has different workout plans for different people and also different goals.

How Do I Use the Aaptiv App?

If someone wants to utilize the adaptive app, he/she has to download the Aaptiv class app. You just have to click the “download class” button. Once you download a type of class, you can find it in the listed classes that are downloaded on your screen. Then, on the home screen of the said app, you just have to click on the “save” button. Your selected class will be saved. Some ways will instruct you on how to cancel aaptiv.

What Exercises Are There And What Is The Plan?

If someone asks, what is aaptiv? The answer is that the app has fitness exercise plans that are divided into twelve categories. These are: indoor cycling, yoga, pilates, stretches, elliptical, treadmill, and outdoor running, all related to the strength of the body. The workouts here can last from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The app also offers some special kinds of exercises related to those who want to stay active and fit during pregnancy or be very active in a marathon. The app provides the Total Resistance Exercise, or TRX, process.

If someone has not selected any particular trainer or any specialist for the training, he/she can choose a personalized plan led by a selected trainer who will be suitable for his/her presentation and personality. The app also has the facility to provide the user’s statistics related to their workouts, based on time duration, frequency, and goal-related points. It is done within a time frame of one week, one month, or even all the time.

What Are The Benefits Of The App?

The fitness plan Aaptiv carries many benefits that will help the users in every aspect and will become the best among the other systems or plans. Some of the benefits are as follows:

There Are Many Varieties Of Workouts

The app has introduced more than 40 new categories of exercises and has access to nearly 2,500 properly guided workouts. Nothing about these workouts is repetitive. The app also sets some of the challenges for the fitness training team to make the process more effective.

A Greatly Personalized App

As some start to pay for a membership in the plan, they are given some of the questionnaires that will be related to their fitness, exercise preferences, and the target of their exerciseThe Aaptiv app’s algorithm provides personalized workout programs based on the user’s response. Including this, as someone meets the goals of his or her fitness and changes their preferences, a new plan of training and workout will be set for him/her. The app helps to have healthy habits included with the exercises given to the user. It also helps the user choose the preferred day and time for his/her exercises and workouts.

Workout that is easily accessible

The workouts in this app are very easy to access. If someone is traveling or spending time with family or friends, he/she can easily access the app through their Apple or Android device.

To access the app, there is also a need to have proper data on the phone or Wi-Fi. The app can be downloaded anywhere or anytime with the help of cellular data or wi-fi.

The app also welcomes the various messages and feedback from the users to the trainers or fitness planners.

Aaptiv Trainers and Coaches

Aapiv professionals and trainers are certified by trusted organizations like NASM and ISSA. As a whole, they provide 5 master and 10 resident trainers. They are continuously working on different exercise-related content and programs.

Aaptiv Team

The team of Aptiv is a category of in-app community, and they first started on Facebook, where they reached close to the number of 33,000 people. The team is a little different from the team challenges. As the user completes the workout, he/she will be getting posts from the team feed, in which the other members give their opinions and suggestions on the workout.

What Is The Price?

The aaptiv fitness plan app is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. The app has an offer of a trial of 7 days, including membership of aaptiv. In this way, the user can decide whether he/she can buy the plan or not. There is a need to enter the debit or credit card information of the customer to get a free trial. The annual membership charges are $999.99, including taxes. The yearly subscription plan also provides a monthly membership plan, which has a price of $14.99 including taxes. If someone does not cancel the yearly or monthly plan, the membership renews automatically. If you want to cancel the trial, you must go to the website link and cancel it. The aaptiv cost is less expensive for its users.

Why should we buy the product?

Nowadays, in the market, many fitness apps are available, and among them, why should we choose the Aaptiv app? This can be a question. However, to get the answer, we should weigh the pros and cons of it.

Pros and Cons:

  • The app plan is audio-based; thus, you can start your workout anywhere.
  • There are nearly a hundred workouts available that are of many types and categories.
  • For a week, there are 30 classes available.
  • It provides a free trial for 30 days.
  • The trainers suggest a workout plan as per the needs and preferences of the user.
  • There is a piece of supportive music in it, and thus, the workout becomes more enjoyable.
  • There are many professional trainers available for users to decide on an exercise and workout plan.


  • The free trials have a default and may lead to a subscription on a yearly basis.
  • Memberships cannot be canceled easily.

Is the app a scam?

The adaptive app is not at all a scam. It has about 230,000 subscribers who are paying for the app. The app advises having an excellently designed gym for the workout. The app has all the same long-time and short-time plans for the users as other online retailers.

 Do the workouts have any side effects?

The workouts have no side effects. However, in some people, some sort of anger, mood changes, irritation, and an occurrence of confusion can be seen. These side effects last for a very short period of time. The users have a variety of exercises and time limits to choose from for the workouts, so these side effects may not always occur.

Aaptiv Review: What Do Customers Think?

Many customers are using this app and giving better reviews. They are trying the audio-based free trials. Later, they find that it is worth downloading the app. The customers are getting a stress-free life with a high level of energy. They are getting full relaxation in the overall plans of the app.

Aaptiv Common FAQs

What If Someone Wants to Take Part in More Than One Challenge?

Yes, members can participate in more than one challenge.

If someone completes a type of class twice, can he/she earn double points?

No, the points can be received once.

Does This App Have Video?

Yes, some workouts like yoga, pilates, stretching, and strength training have videos that are near about 30.

Can I Listen to Music While Performing Aptiv Workouts?

No, aaptiv has its own list of music.

Does Aaptiv Keep Your Privacy Secure?

At the time of signing up, the app takes a lot of information from the users. However, it also says that it takes all the security measures to keep that information safe.

Does Aptiv Cover HSA Or FSA And Health Insurance?

The app for aaptiv does not have HSA or FSA funds or any such private health insurance plans in it. It can be possible in any letter provided by any physician.

Aaptiv Review – Final Verdict

In the current era, there is a clear need for proper healthcare for everyone. In this way, the workout plans of Aaptiv are very innovative and have shown better results for many of their users. The app provides a good quality of service with the goal of providing healthy behavior to everyone. The app also provides the proper customer support to everyone. People can get the answers to their questions in an easy manner. The app also keeps the member’s privacy in a secure way. All the aaptiv coaches are well-trained and give perfect health advice to us. There are well-planned workouts for everyone, whatever their health criteria are.

Aaptive app

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