Athletic Greens Review – Best Super Food Drink?

Do you feel low in energy during your daily routine? Are you so busy in your daily rigmarole that you don’t take proper diet? Do you crave for some superman food that can make you feel energetic all day long? Hi, my name is Edward and you are at the right place for clearing all your nutritional confusions. This is my authentic, first hand usage Athletic Greens Review, the most comprehensive american natural superfood green drink powder in the market. But before we start our review, let’s take a look at what causes poor nutrition, how to overcome it and the best green superfood powder.

Athletic Greens Review


Food is an essential part of our lifestyle. Nutrients contained in the foods are nourishing substances that provide materials to our body to function actively. The absence of these nutrients can affect the metabolic process of our body.

Eating unhealthy or processed foods can harm your body leading you to undernourishment or overweight. Consumption of high cholesterol and carb foods can lead you to diseases like arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.


What actually causes poor nutrition?

greens supplement


Poor nutrition could be due to many reasons. Where undereating is the major reason for poor nutrition, overeating also causes poor nutrition. Consuming high quantity of unhealthy foods and drink such as fatty food, low fiber, carbs and processed food can drive you to poor nutrition.


Our unhealthy eating habit affects the nutrition intake that includes energy protein, necessary fatty acids, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.


How Does Poor Nutrition Affect Us?

Poor nutrition severely affects our regular health and fitness preventing us from active and enjoyable life. In short period it can lead us to stress, depression, tiredness and lowered working capability.


Whereas in long run it can lead to the development of some very severe illness and health conditions such as being overweight or obese, high blood pressure, tooth decay, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, eating disorders, osteoporosis, some cancers, heart disease, and strokes.


How To Follow Good Nutrition?

best green juice to buy


Steps to good nutrition are not very difficult, it’s much easier than you are thinking. Here are some steps to start well:

Avoid high carb foods and add foods high in fiber in your diet

Try to follow 2 fruit serves and 5 vegetable serves in your daily diet

Cut the amount of fatty, salty and sugary food consumption

Replace sugary drinks with fresh clean water

Try healthy recipes that taste well and look good

Plan your diet and go with healthy ingredients

Cook and eat healthy food along with your family and friends

Check out 5 fruits and vegetables that are considered as superfoods.


What is Super Food?

One who doesn’t know about superfoods thinks that it some sort of superman food that can give you extraordinary power. But please wait! There is nothing like that. Superfoods, also known as health foods, are foods that are mostly plant-based but many times it can include dairy and fish.


As per the definition of superfood in Oxford Dictionary, it is a nutrition rich food that has various health benefits and is beneficial for well being. These food are a supplement for those who are unable to judge healthy foods or do not want to eat fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

best organic greens powder


These super foods provide all essential nutrients that are missing in our daily diet routine. Some also misjudge it with muscle booster or power booster. Superfoods only provide you missing nutrients in your diet, keeping your healthy and fit rather making you muscular. Find out What Are The Best Superfoods in the market.


Athletic Greens – What is It?

Athletic Greens protein powder is a Premium cocktail of green smoothie powder, a nutritional insurance against poor nutrition. It tries to achieve the perfect diet, comprising of 11 supplements and antioxidants equal to 12 servings of vegetables in a single scoop.

athletic greens protein powder

Everybody is aware of the fact That Green Foods are Good For us, and that green vegetable including Broccoli and Spinach etc. are the best vegetable supplement One can Eat.


However, it’s again common knowledge that not everyone likes the taste of green vegetables. Moreover, to get the advised regular daily value of nutrients from these vegetables, like say magnesium and testosterone, one would need to eat or drink large amounts of greens.


Here is where the best green superfood powder, Athletic Greens superfood supplements comes in promising to rejuvenate and revitalize natural energy levels of the body, helping keep you “charged through the day” by simply providing you with an adequate quantity of “green” foods & vegetables.


This Claim of Athletic Greens is possible due to  its “Superfood Cocktail” achieved by active ingredients from whole foods. It enhances and boosts energy levels, overall health, immunity, digestion as well as your “happiness”


Athletic Greens – Reported Benefits

  • An increase in metabolism rates
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Stacked with – Organic and Natural Vegetables, Fruits, Algae and Grasses
  • One Serving of Athletic Greens superfood powder is equivalent to 12 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables


best greens supplement


One thing that is very evident with a little bit of research is that it is much more popular in the market as compared to Athletic Greens alternatives (based on similar ingredients, proposed use etc.) Even though it is priced on the higher side as compared to few other high energy brand drinks in the market the superfood cocktail makes it irresistible to its consumer base.


Also recently the brand has been made more economical and pocket-friendly by introducing a loyalty program which offers discounts. This is a great move as a user if happy would obviously like to continue receiving the benefits of health, immunity, and happiness. Its ingredients comprise an exceptional blend of anti-oxidants and herbs aimed at increasing energy levels, strengthening immunity as well as detoxifying the body of impurities.


You receive 8.5 grams of superfoods per serving which is just amazing. And if you include probiotics, enzymes, and anti-oxidants you receive 12 grams in each serving which is considerably higher nutrition than any of the other competitors.


Ingredients of Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens Ingredients


Athletic Greens impresses a lot with its ingredient list. The ingredients are strong and focusing on enough nutrient supply. Along with providing essential vitamins and minerals, it also hosts some nootropic herbs that help in improving cognitive performance.


The main factor of its ingredients and formulation is the potency level. The manufacturer has kept the potency level higher that gives high results in low dosage. Here in this Athletic Greens Review, I have listed all the major ingredients used in the formulation.


Ashwagandha Root Extract – Ayurvedic herb used for providing calmness and relaxation.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Essential for increasing virility and stamina, reducing stress and boosting anti-fatigue.

Green Tea extract – Valuable for boost cognition and reducing fat

Cocoa Bean Extract – Boosts antioxidant and polyphenol.

CoQ10 – Also known as Coenzyme Q10 helps in increasing energy production.


How Does It Work?

Athletic Greens is a green energy drink that you can consume on daily basis, mixing in water. Its ingredient list includes different types of 70 whole foods and manufacturer claims that all these ingredients are chosen for their science and natural benefits.

american natural superfood


These ingredients help in increasing metabolic process in our body leading to various health benefits. The vitamins and minerals help in restoring the required nutrient level to function well all day long. The manufacturer claims that all the ingredients will cost you around $444 if bought separately and you would need to take around 20 different pills to reach the nutrition level that a single pill of Athletic Greens gives you and all this for just  $77 a month.

Athletic Greens Alternative

Athletic Greens alternative is to probably spend $444 buying & consuming 20 Different Pills everyday!

What Are The Side Effects of Athletic Greens?

Many people ask whether there is any side effect for Athletic Greens or any other superfood supplements. This is a very common question that arises while searching for superfood powders review. But the answer to this is that – any supplement intake or for that matter any activity that you do not perform as prescribed or recommended can surely lead to some sort of side effect.


Same is the case with Athletic Greens, if you consume it as suggested, you will surely not see any adverse sign. Though some people reported that they experienced bowel movement after using Athletic Greens but this could be due to excessive use of the supplement.


As you know that these type of superfoods are processed with high-quality fibers, vitamins, and mineral that could create bowel movement when consumed improperly.


What did I love About Athletic Greens?

  • Exceptionally very well blended ingredient list
  • Include some rare ingredients that are hardly found in another superfood
  • Delivers high potency nutrition in just 12 grams of serving
  • It tastes extremely good compared to other green drinks
  • Comprehensively, it contains probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • 100% organic


What are the drawbacks for Athletic Greens?

I found only one major drawback that is the price. As compared to some other superfood green drinks, it is expensive. But I think investing more for good product is better than investing in much cheaper and probably unworthy products.


Some Common FAQs related to Athletic Greens

What Are The Best Superfoods


Q: What do you mean by maintaining overall health with the use of Athletic Greens?

It means that this supplement is specially formulated to provide all the necessary nutrients that are missing in your daily diet.


Q: What is the right method of using this supplement?

It is a green drink that is to be taken as shake twice a day


Q: Is it safe to use this product?

Yes, the product is a complete formulation of herbal ingredients, therefore, it is claimed to be totally safe.


Q: Are there any side effects of using this product?

The manufacturer claims that there are no reported side effects till date but there are few complaints on the net of minor side effects. But there is a lack of credibility associated with these claims as many a time competitors are reported to have resorted to unfair means to gain market ground. However, that said, due to the high nutrient value and fibers in the cocktail some people have reported increased bowel movements. So yes that is an area that needs to be considered.


Q: Is it worthy to use the word superfood for Athletic Greens?

Let me tell you first that the word superfood is a marketing term used by manufacturers. Rather it is best to say that Athletic Greens and other products are Nutraceuticals or Health Foods. In fact, in the year 2007, European Union prohibited the use of word Superfood unless the product is accompanied by authorized health claims supported by scientific research.


Q: How fast does this superfood offer desirable results?

You are going to notice results within 2-3 weeks


Q: What are the ingredients contained in this product?

All the ingredients are 100% natural as per product label.


Q: Is it available for sale worldwide?

Yes, Athletic Greens is available for sale in any part of the world through online order.


Q: Is the whole food nutrition of Athletic Greens suitable if I have food allergies?

Yes, this superfood doesn’t contain any dairy, wheat, corn, gluten, animal products or artificial color.


Q: Is Athletic Greens better than homemade shakes?

Yes, because it includes a number of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that is impossible for you to blend at home.


Q: What is the right procedure for ordering this product?

It is best to order online


Q: Is there any Athletic Greens free trial package?

Sorry, the manufacturer doesn’t offer a free trial package but there is trial sachet that you can buy for testing.


Q: Is this product FDA approved?

Yes, as per the claim made by manufacturer on their official website, it is duly approved by FDA


Q: Are there any scams for this superfood?

If you are buying this product through the official website, the chances of scam are zero.


Q: Can individuals purchase this product in stores such as Walmart, Barrett, and Holland?

Well, there is data on official website regarding the offline sale. But there are some websites that claim the availability of Athletic Greens in offline stores.


Price Comparison With Other Best Greens Supplements?

Athletic Greens vs Green Vibrance vs Total Living Drink Green vs Shakeology vs Amazing Grass

Athletic Greens – $77 (30 Servings Pack)

Green Vibrance – $81.99 (30 Servings Pack)

TLDG – $99 (30 Servings Pack)

Shakeology – $114 (30 Servings Pack)

Amazing Grass – $21 (30 Servings Pack)


Where To Buy Athletic Greens?

Buy Athletic Greens


Athletic Greens is becoming the most sought after superfood in the market today and this is proved as hundreds of people are purchasing Athletic Greens every month, this consolidates my review. The only thing that we should consider while choosing superfood is that whether it will work on my body or not and most people are finding it worthy.


Earlier there was an issue with Athletic Greens that $4 trial pack was turning into 30 days auto re bill. This was affecting its credibility. Since then they have changed the pricing and modes of selling and now there are no confusing trial offer luring you into auto billing. This probably is due to the fact that more and more people have shown faith in the product as well as the manufactures own confidence in its own product quality and marketing ethics.


Now there are a few options upfront where you can buy a one month trial pack for $97  or straight away go for the regular monthly delivery at $77. There are clear instructions as well as a direct help line number where you can call and change your preference any time.


While you can get Athletic Greens from various e-commerce sites but it’s better to purchase it from the official website. For your assistance, I have given the direct link to the official website.


Is It Worthy To Buy?

If you are contemplating whether this superfood cocktail is a worthy  buy for you or not then actually it totally depends on your personal nutritional situation, lifestyle and dietary habits. Athletic Greens has shown some exceptionally good results for its users and I don’t think it will fail you till you manage to fail yourself in terms of regularity or some other lifestyle issues. My personal experience as well as the abundant  reviews and rating on the net make it a safe choice leaving a couple of negative responses it has received thousands of thumbs ups throughout its long presence in the market.


My Final Verdict

I will rate this product with 4.5 stars. It’s really a great energy boosting supplement. Initially, I too was skeptical  about the superfood cocktail status of  Athletic Greens but as I researched more about it, I found that it is an amazingly powerful formula.


The ingredients are the most impressive part of it. As I mentioned earlier, there are some ingredients in this product that are very rare and not found in any other green drink. Moreover Athletic Greens is free of any additive, preservative, gluten, chemicals, artificial sweeteners or sugar, dairy, wheat, peanuts or animal product making it suitable for almost everyone.

Last but not the least I need to mention is the delicious, smooth naturally sweet taste separating it from other grass like green drinks, which I just started to love. Though the price may be a concern for a few but health is a Life long investment and should be hence treated as one.

Buy Athletic Greens


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Patriot Power Greens Reviews – Feel Young And Energetic In Your 50s

A healthy body is always incomplete without healthy organs. Whether it’s a liver, intestine, brain or heart, proper functioning of all organs are very important to live a healthy life. Nature has given us many vital fruits and vegetables that provide us essential nutrients to keep our self healthy. But most of us don’t know how to utilize or combine these fruits and vegetables in our diet. Therefore, many manufacturers have prepared an alternative to these sources of energy. Some call it green drink, some call it superfood while some represent it as meal replacement, but they work on same concept and that is keep you healthy with all day energy. Today in this Patriot Power Greens review, we are going to review one of the most prominent green drink or meal replacement.

What Is Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is a prominent green drink powder and it is different from other green drinks because it is especially designed for senior citizens who in old age feel lack of energy and stamina. The ingredients used in the formulation of this green drink are 100% natural and herbal extracts therefore it provides all the essential nutrients so that the elderly people could feel full of stamina and energy.

The initial concept of this green drink was to formulate a special energy drink for US military to that they can boost their energy and endurance and feel young. That’s why it has been named as Patriot Power Greens. Later it was added to the market for general citizens.

Who Manufactures Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is manufactured by a Utah, US based supplement company named Patriot Health Alliance. As I mentioned earlier that the supplement was initially designed for US military and the formula was designed by the US Air Force veteran, Dr. Lane. What make this product a real patriot is that a share of sale is donated to US Armed Forces.

How Does Patriot Power Greens Work?

Two major causes for diseases in human body is inflammation and low immunity. Patriot Power Greens works prominently by preventing the human body from inflammation and boosting the immunity.

As our body get older, a natural process of inflammation occurs in our body. The essential and vital ingredients included in the formulation of this green powder help to protect our body from inflammation.

Patriot Power Greens also act as an immunity booster that slows down in the aging process. With its quality formula and composition of digestive enzymes helps to maintain healthy digestive system.

Who Can Use Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is heavily marketed as a whole food supplement and energy booster drink for elder people. The product is claimed to provide sufficient energy and stamina to feel young and energetic. The supplement is especially designed for individual over the age of 50 years. Although, the company claims that the ingredients used in this green drink are vital for all age group and therefore it can used by even the adults. If an individual is working out in gym, this supplement can help them providing energy and stamina.

Patriot Power Greens Ingredients

Ingredients are the main part of any supplement as it reflects that how much effective is the supplement. Here are some most important ingredients used in the formulation.

Organic spirulina algae – Generally found in both fresh and salt water, this ingredient helps in boosting the energy level.

Kombu seaweed – This seaweed is a rich source of many vital minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and many others. It helps in fulfilling the mineral deficiency.

Nori – It is one of the most prominent ingredients in this green drink as it has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Wakame seaweed – Being a rich source of Vitamin A, C, E, D and K, it also has carotenoids that helps in maintaining overall health.

Fruits and Vegetables included in the formulation – Apple, broccoli, kale, carrot, spinach, parsley, green cabbage, beet, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, cauliflower, orange juice, onion powder, grape, celery powder, lemon, pomegranate, papaya, and prune powder.

Enzymes included in the formulation – Acid protease, cellulase, amyloglucosidase, amylase, lipase and protease.

Patriot Power Greens Benefits

This green drink is a complete package of energy and stamina booster. As claimed by the manufacturer, there are various health benefits of this supplement.

  • It helps in fighting the fatigue
  • Helps in elevating the energy level
  • Eliminates mental fog
  • Boosts the immunity system
  • Helps in eliminating the joint pains
  • Stimulates the production of new cells
  • It helps in managing and treating the diabetes
  • Helps fighting the signs of aging
  • Helps in promoting the weight loss

Pros & Cons of Patriot Power Greens

Pros –

  • It is a great combination of probiotic enzymes that helps in promoting healthy lifestyle and great digestion
  • Maintains a healthy cholesterol level
  • It helps in regulating the heart rate and blood pressure
  • Sugar free composition therefore safe for diabetic person
  • Includes no caffeine

Cons –

  • Available for sale only online
  • Quite low level of potency serving
  • Single month supply is quite high priced

Patriot Power Greens Side Effects

Being a smart consumer of nutrition and health supplement, it is too important to get aware of the possible side effects of the product you are using. Here are some possible side effects of Patriot Power Greens.

  • Nausea
  • Flatulence
  • Upset stomach

Patriot Power Greens Complaints

Well, every product has some complaints related to its efficiency and side effects. Fortunately, Patriot Power Greens hasn’t received any such complaints but there are some complaints by the consumers towards the manufacturer. Here are some of them –

  • Customer care service responds very slow or late
  • Late refund of returned package
  • Simple concept followed, no upgradations
  • Unexpected or over charges on payment through credit cards

FAQs with Patriot Power Greens

Q – What are the nutritional facts of Patriot Power Greens?

A – Each serving of this powder contains very low just 20 calories. It is sugar free with no artificial sweetener.

Q – How to use this green drink?

A – All you have to do is to mix one full scoop of powder into a glass of water and drink it daily.

Q – Will Patriot Power Greens helps in losing weight?

A – Although, manufacturer claims that it helps in stimulating the weight loss but there is no evidence of this claim.

Q – Are there any side effects of using this green drink?

A – As I mentioned earlier in this Patriot Power Greens review, there are some possible side effects such as nausea, stomach upset, flatulence and dizziness.

Q – How do I know that will it work for me or not?

A – Well, it can not be judged without trying it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provides sample packages therefore you will have to purchase the monthly supply to check.

Q – What if I am not satisfied?

A – The manufacturer provides money back guarantee for unsatisfied users. The company offers 200% money back guarantee if you don’t receive any benefits within 30 days. But in this case, you will have to write a letter with full explanation and usage. The company also offers 100% lifetime money back guarantee for unsatisfied users. In this case you don’t need to write any letter.

Q – How can I contact to the customer service?

A – You can contact the customer care of any of your queries by making a call at 1-800-230-8956.

Patriot Power Greens – Where To Buy & Cost

Firstly, it is to make you clear that Patriot Power Greens is only available online for sale and therefore if you are buying it from local market then you probably buying a fake product. It is always the best option to buy the product from the official website to get assured that you are buying the real product. The product is only available for sale in US and Canada.

1 Month Supply – $58.90 plus shipment charges

3 Month Supply – $149.00 (Free shipping, Free shaker bottle & Free health related eBook)

5 Month Supply – $ 149.00 (Same cost as 3 month supply, free shipping, free shaker bottle and 2 health related eBooks)

My Final Verdict

I have reviewed many health supplements, but this Patriot Power Greens review is very special. As I haven’t found any green drink as powerful as this one. It has digestive enzymes and probiotics that help improving digestion and improving immunity. At last, I must say that you should try it once.


All Sense & Nonsense About Green Nutritional Supplements

5 Superfoods

Do you get enough vitamin D through the sun or is it wise to swallow supplements? If you eat according to the recommended guidelines, is it useful to take some extras? My Greens Daily, nutritional and health website, gives answers to questions that have been sent and omits a lot of confusion about superfood nutritional supplements.

Green nutritional supplements can be a vague concept, therefore the experts briefly explains exactly what it is. “A greens nutritional supplement is for example a pill or tablet or powder where nutrients are extracted from foods. You take it as a supplement to your daily diet .”

superfood hype

Healthy eating, still need whole food nutritional supplement?

Many viewers’ questions came, for example, Joop and many others are very curious about whether whole food nutritional supplement should be taken if healthy and varied meals are consumed daily. In general, you get enough vitamins and minerals if you get the recommended daily amount. Even if you do not get the guideline of two pieces of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables a day, there is no man overboard. ‘

Who should take superfood nutritional system?

The nutritionist points out that there are certain groups who are wise to take some extras. ‘For pregnant women who are in the early stages of their pregnancy , it is important to take extra folic acid. You do not get that through food and it does provide protection against an open back in babies. ‘

Children up to four years of age are advised to take extra vitamin D. The reason is that they do not get enough from their food and through sunlight. The nutritionist also gives this advice to people with dark skin, women over fifty years old, everyone over seventy years and people who do not get enough out.

People who do not eat animal products and therefore live in a vegan way, do not get enough vitamin B12, according to the expert, because this is only in animal products. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of red blood cells and for proper functioning of the nervous system. They too are advised to take green nutritional supplement.

‘You can certainly get too many supplements’

If you take whole food nutritional supplement, it is of course useful to know how many this should be. Because could too many supplements be harmful. You can certainly get too much. Certainly if you take supplements that contain more than one hundred percent of the recommended daily amount, you may run the risk of getting too much for some vitamins and minerals.

Is it worthy to follow nutritional superfoods program?

Many supplement manufacturers provide their dedicated program for guidence and these programs are based on the usage and support of their supplements. They are worthy only with the usage of the supplement. But their are some independent nutritional superfoods program that help in choosing the right food and maintain a healthy diet.

What if you ingest too much vitamin B6, magnesium and iron?

The nutritionist calls skater Sven Kramer as an example, who took very high doses of vitamin B6. If you take very high amounts of it, it can result in tingling and numbness. She also mentions that high amounts of magnesium can cause diarrhea. Too high an intake of iron by supplements can result in iron overload, an excess of iron which can cause liver damage. What about when you get too much iron because of food, because you’re fond of spinach, for example? “Your body is very capable of regulating what it absorbs. We often receive more than we need via food. Fortunately, the concentrations in food are usually not very high. ‘

Replace fruits and vegetables with nutritional juice supplement?

A frequently asked question is ‘can a food supplement of fruit or vegetables be replaced?’. In a supplement there are usually only vitamins and minerals. From fruit and vegetables we know that there are many bioactive substances that you do not find in supplements. We do know that these substances, wrapped in fruit and vegetables, have a very beneficial effect on health. Conclusion, if you want to stay healthy, then you have to keep eating vegetables and fruits!

Is there a mess in a multivitamin supplement?

Multivitamin supplement, which you can buy through many a drugstore, is there in fact junk? To that question, submitted by Wimma, the Nutrition Center expert is clear. ‘There is often some filler or some E-numbers, but you do not have to worry about that. The substances that are responsible for taste and color are all controlled and permitted substances. ‘ However, Postma-Smeets does state that these are European pills and there is a different situation if pills originate outside Europe. ‘If you order pills from, for example, America or China, these are pills that do not comply with European rules. You are less sure what is in it.

Can I get some Athletic Greens nutritional information?

This question was asked by most readers because Athletic Greens is a popular superfood brand in the market and people are curious to know the facts about Athletic Greens nutritional information. Let me tell you that this supplement includes more than 75 vital ingredients that are most in number compared to other alternatives in the market. With Athletic Greens you get all the essential nutrients that are not found in any other brand individually. It gives full body nutrition such as detoxification, liver health, intestine cleansing and many other.


<< Green Dietary Supplements                                                         My Greens Daily Home Page >>

Green dietary supplements should not be considered as substitutes for whole foods

What are green dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are intended as an ideal supplement to your daily diet and come in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, drops and drinks. All these substances contain various ingredients such as vitamins, herbs and minerals. Components of dietary supplements are, for example, vitamin B, ginkgo biloba , turmeric and CBD oil. The Online Drugstore has thousands of nutritional supplements from the best brands. Curious?

The products offered – full of (multi) vitamins, minerals – have the same effect as the vitamins and minerals that normally occur in your diet. The advantage of dietary supplements is that these substances are better absorbed by the body than the nutrients from eating and drinking.

The best brands of green dietary supplements

Well-known brands such as Metagenics, A.Vogel, Lucovitaal, Orthica, Athletic Greens, Vitals and many other great quality brands (more than 500 brands!) present their food supplements in the display window of the largest supplement stores in the USA. The Online stores has categorized all these supplements by topic. For example, dietary supplements are subdivided into:

The most popular supplements of 2018: What are the most popular nutritional supplements this year? The Online Drugstore has a list of supplements, which include turmeric, probiotics, amino acids, enzymes and green-lipped mussel.

Supplements and subject: To make it easier for you as a visitor to choose between all supplements, De Online Drogist also added subjects. Tablets, capsules and drops are sorted on subjects such as cholesterol supplements, stomach supplements and beauty supplements.

Ingredient: If you are looking for a specific ingredient that the dietary supplement must contain, then this chemist also has an extensive list of options for you. In this overview options such as boswellia , cranberry , garlic and red yeast rice appear .

User type: In addition to searching by subject or ingredient, the type of user can also be searched. In this distribution, a distinction is made between athletes ( magnesium ), pregnant women (folic acid and vitamin D), babies and children (calcium, vitamin D) and people over 50 (vitamin D, joints supplements).

Therapy: Finally, De Online Drogist has also divided supplements among popular therapies, such as phytotherapy, biotherapy and energetic therapy.

Athletic Greens – The whole food dietary supplements

As our title mentions, some manufacturers promote their green dietary supplement as substitute to whole foods and this creates a misconception in our mind. Dietary supplements as especailly created to help in weight loss and not for providing nutrition for whole body. But there is a supplement that works as dietary supplement along with being a whole food substitute. Athletic Greens adds more than 75 ingredients that provide all the vital nutrients that are essential for our body and overall health maintenance, surely that includes weight loss. To find out more about Athletic Greens, read our green dietary supplement reviews page.


<< Green Smoothie Powder                                                              Green Nutritional Supplements >>

The ultimate green smoothies powder whole foods guide

Nowadays, many people use green smoothies to quickly lose excess pounds. We at agree that a smoothie is not only delicious but also helps with weight loss. In addition, several scientific studies have been conducted into the effects of green smoothies as meal replacements.The results of the studies state that a vegetable smoothie contributes to the health of the body. This is because fat burning is put into action but also because you do not suffer from hunger showers that cause you to grab unhealthy snacks. In addition, thanks to the vitamins and minerals you get a lot more energy which ensures that the burning of nutrients goes faster. The last advantage of green smoothies is the fact that the resistance of your body is improved. This is due to the large amount of healthy nutrients and antioxidants in the smoothies. As a result, becoming ill becomes a thing of the past and the body will only be stimulated to purify itself.

Green Smoothie

Top 10 green smoothie

Research shows that the next ten green smoothie recipes are the most popular among the US population. They are all super healthy smoothies that fit perfectly with a diet that allows you to lose weight quickly and build body muscles thats why they are also called green smoothie bodybuilding powder. In addition, the so-called “super foods”, because they are smoothies, full of vitamins and antioxidants. This protects the body and it is possible to fall off quickly. In a responsible shake diet, the following smoothie recipes are 100% sure. What you need for all these smoothies is a high-speed blender with at least 1 liter of capacity.

1. Spinach green smoothie powder

The bitter taste of spinach in a drink can not be good? Anyway! Because a spinach smoothie is one of the most popular shakes in the Netherlands. The healthy spinach contains a lot of iron, phosphorus, calcium and sodium which are all antioxidants and protect people against diseases. In addition, a spinach smoothie full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B11, B12 and C. This makes the spinach smoothie at the top of the powershakes. Below is a delicious spinach smoothie recipe because it can be rather bitter without adding other ingredients.

2. Kale green smoothie powder

The kale smoothie is on place two of our top 10 green smoothies in the Netherlands. The kale is, like the spinach smoothie, notorious for its bitter taste. Nevertheless, by adding some ingredients you can make a delicious powerfood smoothie. Kale is full of calcium (210 mg per 100 g), potassium (500 mg per 100 g) and magnesium. In addition, kale is known for its large amount of vitamins A, B11 and C per serving. This kale smoothie is therefore the number two when it comes to the healthiest smoothie. The recipe below provides a fresh taste to take away the bitter from the kale.

3. Broccoli green smoothie powder

Less popular as the first two but just as tasty is the broccoli smoothie. Broccoli is one of the vegetable smoothies that comes back in every power food diet because it contains so many healthy nutrients. This helps the body to purify itself and stay healthy. Per 100gr broccoli, the body receives 464 mg of potassium, 105 mg of calcium, 13 mg of sodium, 82 mg of phosphorus, 1.5 mg of iron, 20 mg of magnesium and 0.94 mg of zinc. These antioxidants make broccoli the number # 1 among superfoods. In addition, a broccoli smoothie is full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B11 and C (114 mg per 100gr!). This is the ultimate healthy green smoothie that can help everyone with fast and healthy weight loss .

4. Carrot green smoothie powder

Despite its red / orange color, the carrot smoothie really belongs to the green smoothie powder recipes. The carrot smoothie is a favorite trap many people since it is still very tasty without additions of healthy sweeteners. In addition, root is of course super healthy for the eyes and skin and purifies the blood. A carrot smoothie contains practically no fats, protein or cholesterol. In addition, the root is full of vitamin A, B11, C and of course potassium and calcium as antioxidants. This makes a carrot smoothie into a healthy meal replacement that, besides energy, also gives a very filling feeling. The following carrot smoothie recipe is especially good in summer!

5. Endive green smoothie powder

To stay in the trend of green colored smoothies, spot 5 of our top 10 smoothies has an endive smoothie. Endive is a rich source of vitamin B11 and contains a lot of Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus. This protects this vegetable the human body against colds and the flu. In addition, endive helps digestion, which makes fat burning a lot faster. The endive smoothie may not be the most delicious smoothie but with our recipe, every awkward eater likes him.

6. Beet green smoothie powder

Looking for a tasty beetroot smoothie? We have created a wonderful powershake for you. This beet smoothie is full of healthy ingredients that the body needs during weight loss. A beetroot has a large amount of potassium, sodium and zinc that are basic nutrients of the human body. Beets also contain almost no fat, proteins or sugars but do give a lot of energy (183kJ per 100 gr). Because of this, our beetroot smoothie recipe is a real powerhouse for the body and you will not easily be without energy. Are you a bit faint then this smoothie is perfect!

7. Celery green smoothie powder

The celery smoothie recipe is super healthy and perfect if you want to lose weight. It is one of the green smoothies that lives up to its name because it is green in color. The celery shake contains no sugars, fats and almost no carbohydrates in celery. Let these building blocks of the body just not be necessary when you want to lose weight. Celery also has a lot of vitamin B11 and C. Did you know that celery is also high in our healthy snacks top 25 ? The following celery smoothie is not only tasty but also super healthy.

8. Zucchini green smoothie powder

Green, greener greenest than we are talking about the courgette smoothie. This healthy shake is naturally delicious but a final touch of the smoothie is irresistible. We will make the zucchini smoothie with coconut milk, banana and pineapple. This makes the shake a bomb of healthy nutrients. In addition, the fat makers such as fat, saturated fats, carbohydrates (very little) and sugars in this vegetable are missing. Courget is rich in vitamin B11 and C and contains potassium, calcium, forsfor and iron of the antioxidants. The zucchini shake is healthy, delicious and cheap!

9. Pumpkin green smoothie powder

Pumpkin is a real seasonal vegetable, therefore this powershake is the best in the autumn, this is the time of the pumpkins !. We’re going to make a spicy pumpkin smoothie that’s mega-clock. It is a bit more work than the above green smoothies recipes but that makes the result more than good. The vegetable pumpkin is rich in vitamins B11 and C but is chosen by us mainly because of its taste and healthy antioxidants. You will not soon forget this orange power smoothie.

10. Paksoi green smoothie powder

To round off our top 10 green smoothies we make an Asian paksoi smoothie. Many people will often ignore this vegetable, but paksoi is a delicious kind of cabbage that can easily be mixed. The paksoi smoothie is full of vitamin B11 and potassium, making it a real Asian shake that protects you against the sun for example. The bok choy is also fat-free, glucose-free, free of saturated fats and has only 0.8 g of carbohydrates per 100g! Absurd few calories for a piece of vegetables. With our vegetable mix smoothie it looks like you are in Asia.

Most prominent Athletic Greens smoothie recipe

Athletic Greens is a famous and most demanded green drink in the market. Most people ask that can they use Athletic Greens for preparing green smoothie recipe. And the answer is yes! Athletic Greens can be used to prepare green smoothie and you can find some prominent and delicious smoothie recipe using Athletic Greens on the official website of the product.

Are green smoothies powerfood?

Our top 10 green smoothies certainly belong to the power food of today. These healthy shakes represent health because they contain little carbohydrates, fat and proteins. This makes it possible to lose weight very quickly. Because the vegetable smoothies are full of healthy ingredients and nutrients, it is possible to use them as meal replacements. This way you can eat these green smoothies for breakfast or lunch and eat them all day long. Thanks to the large amount of healthy nutrients you will not easily get a good appetite. Perfect for a diet with which you want to lose weight quickly because the smoothies can easily travel to work or school! Are we still missing vegetable smoothies in our top 10?


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What Are Greens Superfood Powder

Green superfood powder are premium nutritional supplement that can help speed up digestion and maintain overall health. It can also cause your body to release glucose less quickly after a meal. This green superfood supplement can then ensure that weight loss stimulates. The natural nutrients from the green superfood powder is used to give you extra energy. When you get more energy, it is easy to exercise. And everyone knows that you will feel better in your own skin. This powerful supplement has been developed for both men and women to support a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The nutrients in superfood greens powder can help to release the fatty acids stored in your body. In addition, it contains 20% chlorogenic acid per capsule, a natural substance that can support your liver to process the fatty acids. Chlorogenic acid can also inhibit the release of glucose after a meal, so your body can store less fat.

Green superfood powder – A complete superfood nutritional system

Green superfood powder is known around the world as a supplement for natural weight loss. But the exceptional qualities of green superfood go beyond merely helping to lose weight:

How does green superfood powder works?

The whole food green superfoods not only comes in powder but also in pills and capsules. Untreated green coffee bean extract is the secret weapon in these types of supplement. Each serving consists of high quality extracts, which equals raw extracts.

These powerful green superfood supplement provides your body with natural caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine can help the body release fatty acids and chlorogenic acid boosts your metabolism. This allows your body to burn calories and fat faster.

Chlorogenic acid is also known to delay the release of glucose in your body after a meal, so your body stores less fat. This powerful green coffee bean extract can not be found in normal coffee beans, because this important chlorogenic acid is lost when the coffee beans are roasted.

Green superfood powder is easy to use

The servings are easy and discrete to take. Simply take three servings per day. Mix it with water or milk, in combination with a meal, for example during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Consult your doctor before using nutritional green superfood supplements to prevent an allergic reaction. Even if you are already taking medication, it is recommended. Another situation that should not be underestimated is: an existing medical condition or before you undergo an operation. Finally, green superfood powder is not suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding women.

No side effects

Green superfood powders are made with only natural ingredients. No undesirable side effects are known. The capsules contain no binders and fillers, or other artificial ingredients. It is highly recommended to read the list of ingredients on the supplement label before use to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Which is the best green superfood powder?

The names are too many that it is not possible to mention all of them therefore I have picked the best one available that it effective and affordable. Athletic Greens is one of the best and most demanding green superfood powder in the market. Read our best superfood powder reviews for more details on this product.

How to get green superfood powder?

Purchasing green superfood powder is very simple as you can find them at online stores and your nearby stores. It is always best to buy the respective supplement from its official website as it assures you that you are getting the original and not the fake. But if you are planning to buy Athletic Greens then you will not find it on online stores and nearby stores. It is only available for sale through the official website.


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How Gelatin & Collagen Works In Green Powder Superfood

One of the first blogs on this site was about top green powders reviews and the use of gelatin and collagen. But there is so much more to tell…did you know for example that it is not only good for your intestines, but also helps against wrinkles? Well, in theory then.

Just back to the beginning: what exactly is it? Gelatin and collagen come from animals. And also only from animals (and people): plants do not make it. But still some top green powder supplements reflect in their ingredients that they include gelatin and collagen. Now you might be thinking that how it is possible when plants to not produce it. Well I will explain it in the last.

Gelatin and collagen consist of amino acids, the ‘lego blocks’ that make up proteins. Both gelatin and collagen contain all essential amino acids; that is, all amino acids that you can not create yourself. There is a completely uninteresting list of that. What is more interesting is that it can sometimes be difficult to get enough of these amino acids. While they perform important tasks in your body: from building new proteins to forming enzymes.

Gelatin or Collagen?

But what exactly is the difference between gelatin and collagen?

There is no gelatin in your body, but collagen. I’ve already dealt with that extensively in the blog series about the connective tissue . In essence, connective tissue consists for a large part of the protein collagen, which ensures the firmness of the connective tissue. Only when you start working in your own kitchen to extract the collagen from the bones and the cartilage, it becomes gelatin. You do that by making broth – and so by heating it. Due to the heating the collagen changes into gelatin.

If you do not have enough time (or sense) to make broth yourself, then gelatin and collagen are also available as a useful whole foods green powder. Not that of the supermarket to make cake (which comes from unfortunate cows or maybe pigs, and you do not know exactly how much it is processed) and not those expensive whole foods super green powder of collagen at the store of vitamins (you have to take it in quantities that do not fit into a capsule, and that can be much cheaper).

Broth is always the best, because it contains not only the amino acids but also useful minerals and fats. But the alternative is green powder superfood gelatin or collagen from cows that have eaten grass and herbs. There are one or two brands that sell best green powder supplement and Athletic Greens is best in the USA.

Whether you use gelatin or collagen, does not matter for your health. Both contain all essential amino acids, which are easily absorbable and have the same restorative properties (see below). The difference is mainly in practical applicability: with gelatin you can do things, yes, gelling – and not with collagen. In other words, gelatin becomes stiff (if you dissolve it in moisture) so that you can make sweets , puddings and things like that.

Collagen does not have this binding property, which makes it easier for you to stir it through your food or drink. This way it dissolves odor-color-tasteless in your tea, or stir it without hassle through your yogurt. Incidentally, the collagen that you buy as a powder is also no longer the collagen that occurs in your body. This is also heated and processed in a certain way, leaving collagen hydrolyzate. That does not mean much for health benefits, as said!

I myself have them in the closet: collagen for daily use (1-2 tablespoons per day is a nice dose if there is nothing wrong with you and you just want to supplement your amino acids) and gelatin for the practical application in dishes.

Are green powders worth it for intestines

Where the American gut flora therapists and real-food bloggers are fully aware of the benefits of gelatin and bone broth, the knowledge in the Netherlands leaves much to be desired. Food blogs let you know how important it is, but many therapists have no idea.

However, it is passionately scattered with L-Glutamine. That is also an amino acid, which plays an important role in the recovery of your intestines and the tight junctions between your intestinal wall cells. It is therefore often used in people who have a hyperpermeabele intestine ( popularly known leaky gut called).

The problem is that many people have a shortage of amino acids in general. If you then supplement 1 type of amino acid, your body may decide to use it to compensate for the shortage of other amino acids. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Then you are all that expensive L-glutamine lost to all kinds of other bodily functions … Before it arrives to your gut, you are a long way further and there is also worked with doses of 60 grams (or more) per day. That’s nice for the manufacturer, but not so brilliant for your wallet – and your bowels are not automatically happy.

If you want to supplement your amino acids, gelatin and collagen are a better option. They contain not only L-glutamine; they are the original source (in the form of glutamic acid). And they also supply other important amino acids, which also play a role in the recovery of your intestinal wall cells and tight junctions . Moreover, they are often better tolerated in larger quantities than loose L-glutamine.

Is it true that people with intestinal complaints have to use huge amounts of gelatin and collagen? No. With intestinal complaints, it is incredibly important that you discover and tackle the cause. If, for example, you have parasites or pathogenic bacteria in your intestines, then gelatin and collagen will not help you – and they can (even though not often) make things worse in some cases. So I am not going to tell you that you now have to eat 5 tablespoons of collagen per day – but if you are a therapist and you treat clients with intestinal complaints, then it is certainly useful to deepen you further. And if you are recovering from a hyperpermeable colon, then gelatin and collagen can be a great tool to support you.

Gelatin and collagen in green powder whole food for skin & connective tissue

In the articles about the connective tissue it came back: your skin also benefits from amino acids. Your subcutaneous connective tissue, to be precise – that stuff that ensures that your skin is nicely stretched over your body. After a year or 30 this will decrease in quantity and quality, and it will be easier to push apart if you look angry (or laugh). So (more or less) a wrinkle will eventually develop.

For the formation of collagen a number of factors are necessary: ??sufficient vitamin C for example, and zinc. As I already wrote about it . But also the amino acids themselves. Otherwise there is little to form. It may therefore be interesting to eat extra gelatine or collagen, especially if you already have fairly weak connective tissue of yourself.

Gelatine & Collagen for your feeling

Another interesting: did you know that your feeling is made of amino acids? Your neurotransmitters are for a large part responsible for how you feel. Unbelievably interesting: a shortage of neurotransmitters can ensure that you can not let go of things, can hardly relax, you can not concentrate properly, or have memory problems – and much more.

Do not worry: the neurotransmitters will pass one by one in the coming period, because it is really fascinating matter. For now I want to keep in mind that these things are formed from (among other things) amino acids – and that you must first have those amino acids before they can be neatly formed. Here too, gelatin / collagen can help.

Gelatin & Collagen for your muscles

You see them sometimes at the vitamins store: giant pots with proteins for athletes. Proteins are also important for the building of muscles, and if you want to become a lot of sport (or Sylvester Stallone), you need a lot of it.

Many of these pots consist of whey protein. Tasty cheap and high quality protein. But is that the most convenient choice? In nature, whey proteins (eg casein) do not just occur separately. Let alone in huge quantities. Again, the full product (in this case gelatin / collagen) is better for us than the unbound lego brick.

Now I have little knowledge of sport (what you see from the fact that I use a bodybuild film star of 25 years back as an example). So I can not tell you whether you get bulky from gelatin / collagen rather than from whey protein sooner / faster / better . I can tell you that if you do not necessarily have to become Sylvester, but do want to support your muscles and tendons and joints after exercise, you can simply use gelatin / collagen for that. A great way to supplement your protein intake, so that you give your body the chance to recover.

For vegetarians

As you understand, gelatine and collagen are not exactly vegetarian. There are no plant sources of it; it is a pure animal product. And unfortunately: there is also no vegetarian alternative for gelatine and collagen. In a practical sense: with agar or carob bean flour, you come a long way if you want to make a pudding stick. But not when we talk about the health aspects.

Of course there are vegetarian products that are also good for your intestines (I call a kuzu, arrowroot and other prebiotic binders), but they do not support the restoration of the tight junctions in the way that gelatin & collagen do. Of course there are also vegetarian sources of amino acids that help build your muscles, but these are usually not high-quality (and often highly processed) proteins.

Depending on your reason for not eating meat, you might consider using gelatin or collagen (if you have health problems due to protein deficiencies) . There are people who do not eat meat or animal products, but use gelatin / collagen, and have been greatly improved. Whether you want to call yourself a vegetarian, I leave that with you.

What is the best green powder supplement that is alternative for gelatin & collagen?

No doubt, there are lots of green powder superfoods and everyone claim to be best. But we know that not each of them stand worthy. Athletic Greens is one of those green powder supplement that can be said best. It includes all the vital nutrients that are essential for our body. It works good for our liver, intestine and almost every part of our body. You can find the complete details about it on our page on best green powders reviews.


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9 Things You Need To Know About Green Vegetable Powder Supplement

Are you considering to eat Vegetable supplement? Then you have opted the right thing. It is good for you and our planet that we are turning ourselves toward being vegetarian. Nature has given us thousands of plants and herbs that help us in fulfilling our nutritional requirements. Therefore number of manufacturers are also understanding the trend and using the natural resources to produce green vegetable powder, pills, supplement and capsules. So let’s find out what are the type of nutrition that we get in these green vegetable supplements.

1. Vegetable powder drink gives us Vitamin B12

We used to get enough B12 through the soil that we received through our vegetables. That is unfortunately no longer the case – just because of the necessary polishing against pesticides. Nowadays vitamin B12 is only in animal products. If you switch to a plant-based diet, you will have to use a B12 supplement. Avoid supplements with gelatin (a binder from the skin and bones from cattle and pigs) and lactose: they are not vegan.

2. Vegetable green supplement are filled with Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in linseed, hemp seed, chia seeds, walnuts and dark leaf vegetables. Remember: if you eat one tablespoon of ground flaxseed per day, you usually get enough omega’s. But you can also opt for an extra supplement with algae oil. Read more about vega omega here .

3. Vitamin D deficiency can be fulfilled with vegetable supplement

Most Dutch people who do not eat much have a vitamin D deficiency. And for vegetable eaters, the risk of a shortage is even greater. If you choose a supplement, go for vitamin D3 and make sure you choose a vegan supplement (for example from Essential Organics); most D supplements are made from sheep wool fat and are therefore not vegetable.

4. Vegetable greens powder can be a meat alternative

Very tempting, all those meat substitutes in the store. But most are bursting with salt and other unhealthy ingredients. So make your meat substitutes the best: falafel, bean burger, lentil burger…it’s all that kind of thing. If you still like to have ready-to-eat meat substitutes, opt for organic, high-quality meat substitutes from a nature store.

5. Vegetable supplement drinks are rich in soy

This small legume is contained in numerous vegan foods, but is – in any case unfermented – unfortunately in abundance not so very healthy. If you opt for soy , go for fermented, organic (not genetically modified) and unprocessed soy products, such as tempeh. Note: soy milk is never fermented, so choose for example unsweetened almond milk or oat milk.

6. Vegetable supplement powder gives calcium

Calcium is also not a problem for vegans, since there are enough vegetable sources of calcium available (you must of course eat enough). Examples of calcium rich foods are broccoli, kale, pak choi, almonds, figs and vegan products that are enriched with calcium. Note : vitamin D is extremely important for your calcium intake. So make sure that you get enough vitamin D (see number 3).

7. Some fruit & vegetable supplement are rich in protein

The biggest food myth is that you need animal products to get enough protein. Many people do not even know in which non-animal products are proteins at all. But no worriesFor example, in a cup of lentils there are three times as many proteins as in a large egg, and in our spinach there is more protein than in our steak. See here a list of our 16 favorite protein-rich vegan foods .

8. Iron deficiency with whole food vegetable powder

Unless you eat six slices of bread a day or use salt with iodine, chances are that you will get an iodine deficiency as a vegan. That can be extremely harmful for your body, especially for pregnant women. So: use table salt with iodine (with half a teaspoon a day you usually get enough iodine), eat enough bread, eat enough seaweeds and otherwise swallow a supplement / multivitamins with iodine.

9. Best vegetable supplement in pills and powder

There are numerous green supplements available in the market in the form of powder and pills. Athletic Greens is one the best available green food supplement that is prepared with 75 vital ingredients that are 100% vegetarian that makes this supplement a green veggie powder. It helps in boosting immunity, detoxifying liver impurities and fulfills the body nutritional requirements.


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