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Is Noom Free? – Explore Noom Free 14-Days Trial

In recent days, we have received a lot of queries regarding the Noom Free trial version. The majority of people ask, “Is Noom Free?” So, in this article, we will answer your queries and also cover the essential details of the free version of Noom. Noom is one of the hottest and trending weight-loss programs in the US and other countries. Noom has changed the way people think about dieting. It has also revolutionized the fitness and wellness industry.

Noom helps to promote weight loss in the long term. We have covered all the essential information that helps you get a clear view of the free version of Noom. So let’s begin with the topic.

Is Noom Free? – Explore Noom Free 14-Days Trial

is noom free
is there a free version of noom

Yes, Noom offers a free 14-day trial to its new users. It allows users to download Noom and use some of its features for free. Calorie trackers, where you can log your exercises, foods, and weights, are among the Noom’s free features. Additionally, you can also get free access to 14 days of Noom subscription coaching services.

If you want to take advantage of uninterrupted services such as coaching and motivational articles, then you should choose a paid membership of Noom. However, the free version is also great for new users to test the app and then decide whether they want to continue using Noom or get a subscription to unlock all the features.

As I have been using Noom for more than a year, I suggest my friends, clients, and family members use the paid Noom app, because in the free version, lots of features are not accessible. Well, in this article, we will focus on the risk-free trial version of the Noom for great changes in lifestyle and the body.

Is Noom Free – What is Noom?


Is Noom Free: Noom is a very popular weight loss program that offers long-term success in weight loss. It is the best alternative to other fitness apps like Fitness Pal, or Weight Watcher. This app allows you to eat mindfully, and it works by triggering psychological and behavioral changes. You can lose unwanted fat at-home comfortably with the Noom App.

However, the Noom also offers integrated support to achieve weight loss goals rapidly. The Noom app involves functions like calorie tracking and provenance. Weight-loss tips, support from dietitians and weight loss experts, ideas for healthy meals and recipes from veg to non-veg foods, exercise, and food logging features, Noom coaching, and articles.

When you decide to shed pounds using the Noom app, you can download the Noom application directly from Google Play or the App Store completely free. After that, you have to sign in using your email or phone number. Now you are ready to use the Noom free app.

The app is designed to log your meal intake, exercise, etc. This app will count your nutritional intake for you, and you just have to eat healthily or stay motivated.

The Noom Coaching Service: This part of Noom is a paid feature. Noom offers personal coaching services that are included in the membership plan. Well, you can enjoy 7 days of Noom coaching in your trial version as well.

This service provides fitness and weight-loss courses and tips. You can connect with dietitians and weight loss specialists who will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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How Does it Work?

Is Noom Free? Noom is a simple and user-friendly app or weight loss program. The process is quite simple. You have to simply download the Noom app from the App Store or Google Play to start losing weight with Noom. Now set up your account. You have to answer a few questions and give information about your gender, age, goal, height, and weight, among other things.

Answer the questions carefully, because your answers will be used to make a customized plan for you. After setting up your Noom, you can use it to start your weight-loss journey.

How to Get the Noom Free Trial?

noom 7 day trial

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download the free trial of Noom. Steps are easy and take less time.

  • Go to the official website and click on their featured promotion.
  • Complete the 90-second free evaluation.
  • Now enter your email address and click on “See My Results.”
  • Noom will create a personalized course of 14 days for you.
  • Click on “Claim my plan.”
  • Noom will ask a few questions. You have to answer those questions.
  • A free trial along with a three-to-four-month personalized plan will be created for you.
  • Enter your address and credit card details.
  • Your trail plan will be activated as soon as you enter your details.
  • If after 14 days, you don’t want to continue the program, you can cancel it immediately. You will, however, be charged for the next 3–4 months of subscription.

What Does The Free Version of Noom Include?

Noom’s risk-free trial is not free. However, it’s just $0.50 to get access to all the features and functionality of Noom Coaching for 7 days. It will provide access to all the courses, dietitians, and experts along with the features of the basic Noom App. For me, it’s quite an amazing, risk-proof trail, to begin with, and get some lifestyle changes.

How much does Noom cost now?

The cost of Noom app start with $60 for 1 month subscription.

How much is Noom for 6 months?

Six month cost of Noom subscription is $169.

Can we cancel the Noom subscription?

Is Noom Free? Yes, you can cancel the Noom subscription along with the trial period if you are not enjoying it and seeing any benefit. To cancel the subscription, you have to ask for the cancellation before the end of the trial. If you don’t cancel the subscription, the amount for the year or month will be taken from your card.

Bottom Line

Is Noom Free? In a nutshell, Noom is free and not free at the same time. The free trial version includes fewer features, but not all of them. You cannot access the coach, which is an important feature of the Noom app. You can experience the full range of features only for 7 days. After the trial period, you have to pay the subscription amount.

I have seen many people get amazing results after using the Noom app. In my opinion, the cost of a Noom subscription is cheaper than hiring a dietitian or taking the advice of weight loss experts. However, using the free version of Noom for a few days to see the benefits in the weight-loss journey is also a good option.

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