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Vega Vs Orgain

Vega vs Orgain: Which One is The Best Organic Protein?

Hello protein lovers! The supremacy of meal replacements, nutrition shakes, and protein powders has reached its highest point in the United States and other European countries. Numerous brands are offering plant-based protein shakes that are good in taste and don’t require any prep at all. Today we will review the two top brands: Vega vs Orgain.

These two brands have gained enough popularity, so we decided to compare their products and provide you with a quick summary.

Vega Vs Orgain – An Overview

Vega Vs Orgain

Vega One and Orgain are two comparable supplements. When compared, we have found that Vega One has more flavors along with the meal replacement properties. It has a longer record. On the other hand, Orgain offers a high quantity of protein and it is affordable, slightly cheaper than Vega.

Orgain is the best for a normal person who just wants to look for nutrient-loaded shakes or protein powder to fill the nutritional gap and make their day easy. They are affordable and best for people on-the-go. In contrast, Vega is designed for athletes, who want to achieve amazing physiques or body shapes.

Vega has become one of the most well-known supplement brands because it has a lot to offer its customers. It is high in protein and is used for muscle building and repair. Vega is best suited to weight-lifters, sportspeople, bodybuilders, etc. Although both companies are responsible for meal replacement, their primary products are protein powders and shakes. Here’s the lowdown on orgain vs vega one.

What Is Orgain?

Orgain is a plant-based protein powder that is vegan and certified organic. It boosts the amino acids and helps in muscle recovery and growth. Today, Orgain has an extensive range of clean protein and natural and organic products. It offers just pure protein in its protein powders, collagen powders, meal replacement shakes, ready-to-drink shakes, protein bars, and oils.

Their unique approach to bridging fitness with perfect protein has helped many athletes achieve their goals. It is an efficient source of protein. It is just an amazing alternative to other regular protein supplements. If you want GMO-free, non-dairy, meatless, and allergen-free products, Orgain is the best solution.

Vega One-What Is It?

Vega One is another fantastic discovery by Brendan Brazier and Charles Chang. Braden is a former Ironman triathlete and endurance athlete. The main purpose is to change the way athletes look at nutrition. Most of the brands use dairy or meat or both in their recipes. However, Vega One has changed the entire concept.

They switched to plant-based protein nutrition. Vega One provides a wide range of supplements, shakes, and energy drinks. Well, protein powders are their main area of interest. Vega products are categorized into two parts: athletes’ nutrition and daily nutrition.

 The primary ingredients are all-natural. Therefore, there are no side effects of Vega protein powders. Apart from protein, they throw in herbs, a bunch of super greens, vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, and selective ingredients. The advanced blend of their products boosts energy and maintains fitness.

Differences between Orgain and Vega One

When comparing two brands, it is extremely necessary to point out the similarities and differences. We did compare the products from the prescriptive of the customers, and we think it is an ideal factor of comparison.

Vega always offers the nutrition-centric products that work best for athletes. As far as we discovered, Vega is an excellent option for sportspeople rather than normal users. They have a wide range of protein powders with an extremely low level of sugar. It has probiotics, fiber, a diverse range of herbs and greens, and more.

Well, the Vega One company has tried hard to position itself as the best meal replacement company, but Orgain is miles ahead of Vega. Yes, Orgain is a high-level competitor of Vega and others. Their protein powder, for example, contains 21 grams of protein, no sugar, 6 grams of fiber, and only 150 calories.

Moreover, if you are seeking something green, let me tell you that Orgain is fortified with over 50 superfoods such as quinoa, buckwheat, grains, veggies, etc. In addition, their products are kid-friendly as well. It has vegan protein that is efficient for healthier joints, skin, and nails.

Orgain vs Vega Protein Powder: Which Is Better?

We all know that plant-based protein powders cater to a wide audience and that they offer ample health benefits. When it comes to choosing a protein powder, we consider a few factors such as dissolvability, consistency, flavors, aftertaste, and price.

Both of the brand’s powders dissolve easily. It is easy to mix it with your favorite beverages. You can add it to your shakes or with water. In terms of dissolvability, both brands nailed it. Well, Orgain is the winner in terms of consistency. It offers the creamy texture, delicious taste, and natural flavors that are absent in Vega protein powder.

If you are a flavor explorer, Orgain offers six flavorful protein powders, and Vega protein powder comes in seven different flavors. Surprisingly, both the brands have mixed reviews for the aftertaste. Some customers say that Orgain protein powders are overwhelmed with stevia sweetness. However, the best thing is that it doesn’t have a synthetic aftertaste. The same thing is with Vega. The Vega protein powders are also pleasant in taste.

The last and very important factor in selecting a product is its pricing policy. Vega’s meal replacement large tub that contains 20 servings comes at $59.99, which means around $2 for each serving. However, their protein powder costs $29.99. It was not expensive, but not cheap either. On the other hand, Orgain’s meal replacement price is $44.00, and their protein powder starts at $29.99, which is a pretty good deal.

In short, Orgain is good in taste, whereas Vega is budget-friendly. Vega is designed for athletes, and Orgain is a better option for specific fitness goals.


In our opinion, when you are supposed to buy a certain protein powder, the first thing you see is the price tag. However, factors such as serving, the weight of the product, amount of protein, price per serving, and ingredients are equally important. The price of both the protein powders is affordable, and they offer plenty of benefits.

Both Vega and Orgain are non-GMO supplements and made with high-quality ingredients. However, if you easily get bored of one flavor, then Orgain is best for you. Orgain has more flavors than Vega and it’s child-friendly too. On the other hand, Vega is a good match for athletes.

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