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Is The Keto Diet a Bad Choice For Women?

Is The Keto Diet a Bad Choice For Women?: The ketogenic diet is a trendy diet routine that always makes us question Is the keto diet a bad choice for women? Because it is a high-fat diet that focuses on low-carbohydrate intake!

It doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on carbohydrates, which are thought to be the source of energy. Instead, it brings the body into a state called ketosis, where energy is made by burning body fat.

Is The Keto Diet a Bad Choice For Women?

Is The Keto Diet a Bad Choice For Women

What exactly is the Keto Diet?: The keto diet is easily understood on the basis of weight management, which states that if energy intake is to be maximized, then only 5% of energy must be derived from carbohydrates, or the keto diet will not be fulfilled.

Ketosis is a state where the metabolic rate of the body is used to breakdown fat molecules and the synthetization of energy takes place.

Ketosis breaks the fat into a molecule called a ketone and uses this ketone as energy when there is no blood sugar present!

To treat epilepsy in children, the ketogenic diet was first used. In this stage, nerve cell activity is disrupted, and a person may fall into a deep state of trauma or brain injury because of this.

But after researching more and seeing the effectiveness of the keto diet, doctors and other health experts recommended it to those who are suffering from PCOD, high cholesterol problems, etc.,

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What are the benefits of a keto diet for a woman?


Keeping up with keto is tough, but there are some areas where the keto diet is suitable for women:

Ketogenic diet and treatment of Alzheimer’s in women

Having a balanced keto diet has shown results in treating Alzheimer’s and also helps women have better cognitive repair with fewer mood swings during their period.

We all know how disturbing and frustrating it becomes when a woman is experiencing her D-days and also when menopausal women lose their health.

But in both cases, their minds are not at ease, so having a keto diet will not only strengthen the neural activity but also keep a woman active and cheery.

The Ketogenic Diet and Treatment of multiple sclerosis in Women

Multiple sclerosis is considered an autoimmune condition that affects the brain health and spinal cord of the central nervous system. According to a health report, women are more likely to get this disease than men.

The main symptoms that indicate the Sclerosis are pregnancy problems and menopause and menstrual problems, but having keto diet a woman is adopting a high-fat diet that reduces the mental fatigue and depression.

As it includes fruits, grains, meat, nuts, etc.,

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Treatment of Type 2 diabetes in women with a ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate diet that helps women have the advantage of enjoying nutrition without the fear of having diabetes. These women are also patients with type 2 diabetes, and after following the keto diet, they have seen a lower value of insulin and better glucose control.

Women’s cancer treatment with a ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet has been found successful in controlling the cancer growth rate. It curbs tumor growth in the brain as well as breast cancer in women.

The ketogenic diet fights against obesity in women and reduces blood sugar levels. There is less energy, which makes it easier for fat cells that don’t benefit the cancer cell to be broken down, which makes it easier for the cancer cell to grow and get food.

The Risks of a Keto Diet for a Woman

Due to its highly restricted diet, Keto has a nutritional deficiency and is a standout option.


If a woman is following the keto diet, then sodium intake is lowered, which can make her weak and also undernourished. The woman can feel fatigued and dizzy all the time.


Potassium deficiency is again a major problem for women who are in their late thirties, as the problem will get converted into constipation and muscle cramps if they are at the stage of menopause.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C comes from fruits and veggies, but due to lots of restrictions in the keto diet, you have to keep a balance between the vegetables that can fulfill the need for vitamin C in the body and whether a woman can include cauliflower in her diet if needed.

Pregnant women can’t do the keto diet.

Pregnant women cannot do the keto diet as their fetal growth will be disturbed and the infant growing inside will be deprived of the nourishment and the essential nutrition that are required for its better development.

Breastfeeding women can’t do the keto diet.

Breastfeeding mothers must also refrain from attempting keto because they are in the milking stage, and you cannot bear the thought of feeding your child the nutrients that the keto has restricted. The child may be undernourished and your milking may come to a halt!

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Women with pancreatic issues can’t do the keto diet.

As keto synthesize energy from the fat therefore having loads of fat to be digested inside the body of a pancreatic patient would be like adding too much pressure on the gallbladder and kidney may start improper functioning.

Lots of strain can be put on the kidney and the gall bladder.

Women with gastric problems can’t do the keto diet.

Women who have improper digestive problems and are always facing the problems of bloating and gas may also discourage themselves from trying keto, as the fat is involved and needs to be digested in a better way.

Keto Diet and Women’s Weight Loss?

Keto must be good for those women who have a better gut and whose digestion is proper because it requires lots of strain on the kidneys and pancreas.

Otherwise, according to a survey, a 60-year-old woman who was fighting with Type 2 diabetes tried the keto and was found to lose 4 to 5 kg in one month. Her immunity also increased and the diabetic problem came under control.

  • Keto lowers the blood sugar level.
  • Keto helps to lower the inflammation rate in the body.
  • Keto aids in the control of unneeded cravings.
  • Keto balances the sex and fertility hormones in women.
  • Keto helps in normalizing the period in women.

Final Thoughts

Keto is a heavy fatty diet that brings the healthy fat to be worked and the women need lots of energy to perform various activities. They are able to control their weight with better management.

Keto also fights off depression in a woman by increasing good cholesterol and regulating the hormones that can cause emotional imbalances in women. The frustration is replaced by a calmer mind and the woman is able to maintain optimal health.

But also, breastfeeding and pregnant women or those who have weak bowels must consult with their doctor!

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