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Best Exercise App for Women

Best Exercise App for Women – Is it Effective in 2024?

Keeping your body in shape is unquestionably one of the demands that everyone nowadays has, especially if you are a woman who dreams of looking like those beach models. Then you must burn the calories.

Here we will be seeing the best exercise app for women and will be finding the most suitable app for each body type, as exercise depends certainly on what kind of diet regime or lifestyle you are currently following, like for a housewife, they would go for a home-based workout.

Best Exercise app for Women: An Overview

Best Exercise App for Women

As per our research and analysis of the overall rating, we have selected the Noom app as the best all-in-one exercising app for women, as it has the tagline Stop dieting! Start working out! ” The Noom app is based on human behavioral science and has created a customized fitness regimen by combining three components of habitual behavior:

  • Psychology
  • Technology
  • Physiology (Human Coaching)

Saeju Jeong and Artem Petakov, who were really worried about the way American healthcare was neglecting the important aspects of health, were more determined to treat the sickness.

Instead, these two partners felt that the right way to bring about a healthy change was to study and implement strategies based on human psychology and behavioral science.

Therefore, after a long span of researching and surveying lots of people about their health problems, they came up with this app suitable for everyone, especially women.

This app is very simple, with realistic features that have helped millions of women get their desired shape.

Women’s home Workout App of choice

This app is considered the best home-based workout app as its products are based on evidence that is gained by research and totally based on proven human psychology.

It adapts:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • Innovative and fine-tuning technology.
  • Trained coaches that have experience teaching various types of people.

Free fitness apps for women.

This app was very popular, and everybody was so thrilled since it started in 2008. Noom claimed that those women who had used their apps had lost one kilogram per week.

We gathered the following information about Noom and its effectiveness as a free fitness app for women to support this claim:

Rating: 4/5

  • 4.5/5 for weight loss.
  • 4.75/5 for a healthy diet.
  • Rating for long-term health: 3.7/5.
  • Whole body health rating: 3/5.
  • Evidence-based rating: 3/5

How Does Noom Claim to be the Best Exercise App for Women?

This app comes in a mobile app that can be downloaded for free from the play store. Before installing the app, you are being surveyed, which you can simply complete by logging into their official website.

The Noom quiz collects vital information such as your gender, age, weight, health status, and the fitness habits and goals you wish to pursue.

Here are the few quiz questions that you can find on its portal:

  • How long have you managed the ideal weight?
  • How did you feel when you were thinking of achieving your goal with Noom?
  • Do you practice a healthy routine with workouts?

The Advantages of Using Noom

  • You will be able to measure the caloric density.
  • The program has planned a calorie-based color rating:
  • Green foods, like those with the lowest calorie count and highest nutritional value.
  • Red meat contains the most calories and the least nutritional value of any food.
  • Yellow is a food with a low calorie and nutritional value.
  • It promotes the stages of human psychological change based on behavioral science.
  • Tools for calorie and progress tracking.
  • Biometric sugar levels and blood pressure trackers.

 One of the best fitness apps for women is Noom.

The app has encouraged many women who want to have the benefits of one of the best free workout apps for women. It gives you a way to keep track of your food habits, exercises, and weigh-ins and also tons of ways to interact with your health coach like:

The time you have spent or want to spend in Noom:

  • 1-4 minutes.
  • 5-8 minutes.
  • 9–12 minutes.

Best fitness challenge for 30 days

Everybody knows that exercise is the miracle for keeping up with your physical and mental health, as, according to a survey,

It was found that those people who do daily exercise are less likely to be affected by viruses and communicable diseases than those who don’t!

Today, workouts have been made feasible and you don’t require to go to the gym if you have the self-control and discipline to follow your workout at home. You can also take this 30-day fitness challenge as it has the following benefits:

Why should I take the challenge?

Many women are concerned about their body fat and love handles, but they are constantly cutting back on their diets and some are constantly munching on greens, but according to health experts, we should opt for 30-day challenge type tasks.

Challenges can change lots of irregular health behaviors and our diet patterns, if we are serious about them!

Advantages of Taking on New Challenges:

A perfect 30-day challenge involves the three core benefits for a person who is looking forward to having realistic expectations with results.

Developing a better support system

If you are very enthusiastic about your challenge, then you must get yourself connected through the platforms of digital health interactions like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, etc.,

These platforms give a person a dedication to work harder and to flaunt their success and also to get some better health coaching, People are found to take those small daily tasks seriously and are found to lose 4 to 5 kg after a month.

The daily health booster

The challenge starts the cycle of daily health boosters because you are taking small steps to achieve success, you are in the moment, and you are planning daily tactics to maintain that momentum.

In addition, a person is likely to develop a habit that can last with him and he could be a religious follower of what he has started. It only takes a heart to start but a confidence to continue.

A person is exposed to stages of change in his life, and you start with thinking and planning with the actual habit that can affect your goals.

A small goal to achieve.

Small goals are much easier to adopt than big ones! As you are planning on a minute basis, and are going to get it implemented on an everyday basis,

3-day Timeline for Following the 30-Day Challenge

Here is the rough outline for a perfect and schematic 30-day challenge timeline that a person can follow and keep up with this series.

Day 1: Choose among the types of exercise you want to do, like Zumba, cardio, rope skipping, etc.

Day 2: Start with the meditation and keep yourself calm with the exposure. You can initially start with the 3-minute practice and can keep going with the time.

Day 3: Choose the videos and begin practicing.

Repeat these three days and convert them to your 30-day challenge timeline!

Membership program

Monthly plan:

  • Two-month: $150
  • 3-month: $180
  • 4-month: $240
  • 5-month: $300
  • 6-month: $360
  • 7-month: $420
  • Annual Subscription: $199

What else does Nom provide?

  • Tailored-made meal sheets in PDF format are emailed.
  • Workout Plans.
  • DNA testing kit (only for Noom subscribers).
  • Foods are categorized by nutrient density and given chromatic effects of green, yellow, red, etc.
  • Noom recommends balancing the food with 30% green, 45% yellow, and 25% red.

Best Exercise app for Women – Final Thoughts

Noom can be the best option for women as the diet plans are based on customized output. Women no longer have to follow the old and ridiculous concept of dieting.

Noom also fulfills a female’s daily calorie needs according to her body type, and the sample one-week plan is divided into four parts that support the calories that every food gives based on color patterns.

Noom has also surfaced the calorie allotment for the two genders, like for the women it is supposed to be 1200 and the females have the other calorie budget and workout routine that is particularly designed based on women’s needs.


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