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The 10 Best Noom Alternatives for Calorie Trackers 2024

Noom Alternatives explored: When we are on a weight-loss journey, there comes a point when it feels frustrating, overwhelming, and really impossible. This is a feeling that almost every one of us experiences at some point. Some overcome it, while others just quit over there. Fortunately, there are tools, or diet programs, that are designed to help you out in the weight loss journey and overcome those feelings.

One such diet program is Noom that is the most popular and hottest pick in the market. Although it has immense popularity, Noom may not be the favorite pick for everyone. If you are among them, then you might be searching for a diet program like Noom. Hence, in this article, we have listed the top 10 Noom alternatives in the market. Let’s explore them.

Top 10 Noom Alternatives

Before we dive into the list of best Noom alternative, it’s important to have a glimpse of the Noom diet program. Noom is one of the popular and hottest additions in the market that is elegantly designed to help you out in achieving your desired body weight in a planned and optimized way.

This diet plan asks you to fill up a detailed questionnaire to gather information about your desired weight loss goal, current body weight, height, health condition, living environment, lifestyle, and much more.

This gathered information is used to prepare a personalized timeline defining foods to take, foods to avoid, calorie intake, exercises, and lifestyle changes. Noom also offers delicious recipes, food list, and a shopping list.

Along with these, you also get 1-on-1 interaction with professional health coaches and nutritionists to guide you and answer your queries. If you want to learn more about Noom, you can Read Our Review on Noom. With that said, let’s get back to the main topic here and explore the 10 best Noom alternatives.


Four Best Noom Alternatives

Noom vs ww
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Noom vs Weight Watchers (WW)

Another popular addition in the weight loss market is Weight Watchers. Both Weight Watchers and Noom have a lot of similarities as both have an awesome app to help you in your weight loss journey.

Both diet plans provide you healthy recipes, food list, daily exercises, and motivation. But Noom has the upper hand as it gives you a personalized timeline and lifestyle changes that make it easy for you to adapt and move forward. Let’s have a closer look at Weight Watchers (WW).

What is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers, rebranded as WW, is a highly popular and renowned weight loss plan that is available in the market since the 1960s. During its long run, the program has gone through various changes and renovations with a core being WW SmartPoint system.

Previously, Weight Watchers was a meal delivery program that was known to deliver delicious diet meals for healthy weight loss. But with rebranding, it completely changed the focus and shifted to a dedicated weight loss program. WW now gives you a healthy food list and diet recipes along with tracking your progress.

Similar to Noom, WW has also categorized the foods in three categories but it assigns a point value to foods in each category with a points budget for you to spend daily. With no restrictions on food consumption, the point system encourages you to eat low carb, high protein, and nutritional foods. But this system gets quite hectic for most people trying to lose weight.

Food Logs – The Comparison

As mentioned earlier, WW has categorized their foods into three categories, purple, green, and blue. Similarly, Noom also categorizes their foods into three categories, green, red, and yellow. But Weight Watchers have allotted a point system for every category and therefore you are recommended to moderate your eating under the daily points budget. Whereas, Noom doesn’t have any points system as they just guide you to daily food consumption as per your body weight and weight loss goal.

Weight Watchers vs Noom – Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Both the programs have fitness tracking and consultation with health coaches. With Weight Watchers, the fitness tracking is done through points earned daily which means total points earned in food consumption minus total points earned in calorie burning.

WW also offers workout plans and personal health consultant for professional guidance. Whereas, Noom also gives you workout plans and one on one personal interaction with health coaches along with professional fitness tracking through their progress monitor that let you know that how efficiently you are moving toward your goal.

Noom or Weight Watchers – Which Is The Best?

To be very honest, it totally depends on your weight loss goal and comfort level. Although, both weight loss programs are good and effective, but my pick is going to be Noom.

This is because it works according to our psychology of eating and lifestyle and works accordingly by suggesting necessary behavioral changes and eating habits. And this is the most important and crucial thing that makes a diet plan more promising and effective.

Although, WW has a huge community behind them and is constantly upgrading themselves. But in the Noom versus Weight Watchers race, Noom is clearly the winner.

Noom vs Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a meal delivery plan that provides you premade meals once you get subscribed to it. What makes it an alternative to Noom is its one on one coaching system. Jenny Craig gets you paired with a consultant once you get subscribed to them.

This consultant will assist you in your weight loss journey and help you in tracking your daily progress along with motivating you so that you remain focused on your goal. But when compared to Noom, keeping the meal delivery system apart, Jenny Craig doesn’t stand tall. Let’s have a closer look at Jenny Craig.

What Is Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig is a 3 level diet plan that focuses on simplifying your weight loss journey through chef-prepared diet meals delivered at your doorstep. The 3 level in this weight loss diet plan aims to help you lose weight by guiding you on what to eat and in how much limit.

The first two-level focus on improving your metabolism, controlling your appetite, boosting energy level, and restricting the consumption of high carb foods through their premade meals. The final level focuses on improving the user’s mental health making a balance between mental and physical health along with losing weight.

Jenny Craig also offers a maintenance plan that you can use once you have achieved your desired weight loss goal. This maintenance plan supplies healthy meals to maintain healthy body weight. One thing that is not good with Jenny Craig is that they don’t offer personal consultants with lower plans, therefore, you need to upgrade to a high plan to get one on one personal coaching.

Food Logs – The Comparison

Comparing Noom versus Jenny Craig for food logging, it is not available with Jenny Craig as it is a meal delivery system. Jenny Craig provides freshly prepared meals to their members six times a day that includes breakfast, lunch, two snacks, dinner, and dessert. Whereas in Noom, they give you a food list categorized in three sections, green, yellow, and red.

Green foods are high in nutrients and low in carb, yellow foods are moderate in nutrients, and red foods are less in nutrients and high in carb. They guide you about which food to eat daily according to your body weight, eating habits, and weight loss goals.

Jenny Craig vs Noom – Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Noom has the finest fitness and progress tracker along with workout manuals to help you out in performing exercises to support healthy weight loss. But Jenny Craig doesn’t have any such feature. They don’t share workout ideas but they recommend their users to do exercises daily for at least 30 minutes. Although, they have a progress tracking feature, but that doesn’t qualify against the Noom.

Noom or Jenny Craig – Which One Is Better?

At first appearance, Jenny Craig looks like the better option for weight loss especially for those who don’t have enough time to cook their meal as they deliver prepared meals and snacks to their users.

Whereas, Noom is a digital weight loss plan that supports healthy and sustainable weight loss through modifying your lifestyle and diet.

Requiring great time commitment, still, Noom is recommended as the best option due to its prolonged and dedicated approach that helps in promoting sustainable and long term weight loss results.

Noom vs MyFitnessPal

The third best alternative to Noom is MyFitnessPal. It is a popular fitness and calorie tracker app that is available in both free and paid versions. Compared to Noom, MyFitnessPal has a quite limited approach even having almost all features available in Noom.

The app shares recipes, workout plans, and dieting tips with a huge database of over 10 million foods. Whereas, Noom is a complete weight loss program that not only monitors your progress rather it also creates a personalized timeline for your weight loss goal and guides you through it. Let’s have a closer look at MyFitnessPal.

What Is MyFitnessPal?

MyFitnessPal is a popular calorie and fitness tracker app that helps you monitor daily calorie intake along with daily progress towards your weight loss goal. Being specially focused on nutritional guidance, the app gives detailed information on nutrition intake and assists you in eating the right food for weight loss.

With a huge food database and recipes, MyFitnessPal helps you in recognizing the right food to eat and healthy meals to prepare at home. The app gives you access to daily calorie intake, detailed nutritional content, calorie breakdown value, and much more. MyFitnessPal can also be connected with more than 50 other apps such as FitBit, Apple HealthKit, Samsung Health, and MapMyRun.

Food Logs – The Comparison

Talking about Noom versus MyFitnessPal for food logs, Noom has an impressive food database that is equipped with an amazing search feature. This feature not only gives you an immense list of foods to eat but also provides you vital information about the food you are eating. It has categorized the foods into three categories, green, yellow, and red that make it easy for you to recognize, which food to eat in how much quantity.

Whereas, MyFitnessPal also has similarly an impressive database with a huge list of foods to eat. It also gives access to search foods from their database one by one. Their digital journal feature makes it easy for you to save your progress, favorite foods, and recipes. Overall, Noom wins over the food log race through their elegant, impressive, and updated food database.

MyFitnessPal vs Noom – Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Where Noom offers one of the most efficient 1-on-1 interaction with health coaches and nutritionists to their users, MyFitnessPal doesn’t have any such feature in their app. This app only gives you daily fitness tracking and progress that is usually found in almost every weight loss app. In addition, Noom also gives you motivational articles and tips to stay focused on your weight loss journey.

Noom or MyFitnessPal – Which One Is Better?

Every weight loss program has its own feature and even every user has their own necessity. But talking about the battle between these two weight loss plans, Noom is the clear winner over MFP. Noom, which is a versatile weight loss program, justifies its subscription value and has gained immense popularity in the weight loss community with successful results to its users.

Although, MyFitnessPal is cheaper than Noom and also offers a free version, but that makes no sense when it comes to health and especially weight loss. Even their free version only gives access to limited features and displays a lot of advertisements. Overall as per me, there would be no problem in investing a little more for your weight loss.

Noom vs Nutrisystem (NuMi)

Nutrisystem is a popular weight loss meal plan. Nutrisystem delivers premade low carb meals to the customers after analyzing their weight loss goal and eating habit. All the foods delivered by Nutrisystem are low in carb and high in protein and fiber. It has 100+ meals in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Whereas, Noom does not deliver premade meals rather it provides you healthy diet recipes and food ideas according to your eating habit. But Noom is a complete weight loss program that provides a personalized diet regime to the users with one on one assistance from health coaches.

What Is Nutrisystem (NuMi)?

Nutrisystem, a daily meal delivery program is a popular weight-loss plan that promises to help you lose weight and achieve optimal health and body weight. They have a wide range of meals, snacks, and desserts to offer under various plans. It has specific diet plans for even diabetics. Nutrisystem has also launched their app, NuMi that is designed to assist you in your weight loss journey.

Food Logs – The Comparison

Nutrisystem doesn’t have a food log as it is a meal delivery system that delivers chef-prepared meals designed to help you lose weight. Although, it has an app NuMi that is designed to give tips and ideas to support your weight loss regime along with having fresh meals at your doorstep. This app does give you a list of healthy foods but that is not as efficient, diversified, and elegant as Noom.

Nutrisystem vs Noom – Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Similar to Noom, Nutrisystem also offers personal consultation and fitness tracking through their app NuMi. But Noom’s consultation is quite personal and interactive. Their fitness tracking is also quite promising and diverse that not only gives you fitness tracking, but you get access to daily progress, tips, and ideas to achieve your weight loss goal.

Noom or Nutrisystem – Which One Is Better?

Both are different weight loss programs with different types of approaches. Where Noom focuses on weight loss through changes in eating habits, behavior, and lifestyle, Nutrisystem promises to help you lose weight with their chef-prepared, low carb, and protein-rich meals. Overall comparing Noom versus Nutrisystem, if you want premade meals to be delivered to your doorstep, Nutrisystem is the best choice. But if you are ready to prepare meals by yourself, Noom can be your ultimate assistant in the weight loss regime.

Other Alternatives To Consider

Noom vs Daily Burn

Daily Burn looks almost similar to Noom when compared side by side. Daily Burn is also a digital fitness program that provides custom fitness plans to its users as per their goals. Similar to Noom, it also offers a weight tracker, weekly challenges, workout plans, and nutrition guide. But one big difference between both programs is that Daily Burn specifically focuses on overall fitness and calorie burning. Whereas, Noom focuses on achieving desired weight loss goal through analyzing the user’s eating habits, lifestyle, and behavior.

Food Logs

Daily Burn doesn’t have a significant food list as there is in Noom. It just gives you types of food to eat and foods to avoid along with some tips and ideas to consider in your eating habit.

Fitness Tracking & Consultation

This is where Daily Burn has an upper hand in Noom versus Daily Burn war as they give you varied types of workouts to perform, daily fitness and calorie tracking, and one on one consultation with fitness coaches.

Daily Burn Vs Noom -Which One Is Better?

If your focus is to just stay fit and live healthily and if you are capable enough to perform long workout sessions, Daily Burn can be a good choice for you. But if you are aiming to lose weight then Noom is the best choice as it is a complete weight loss program to achieve desired weight loss and maintain optimal body weight.

Noom vs LifeSum

lifesum vs noom

LifeSum is also a digital self-care program that claims to help you lose weight in the compilation of healthy diet and workouts. It gives users the option to choose a diet that fits with their eating habits. This weight loss app gives you tools to track your calorie and progress. LifeSum is available in both free and premium plans. But the free version has received a lot of complaints from the users as there are lots of advertisements displayed, irritating the users.

Food Logs

Although Noom has a great and updated food list in their database, LifeSum has a different approach. It offers its users to choose the diet plan that fits their eating habits.

Fitness Tracking & Consultation

LifeSum suggests an impressive list of workouts to support your weight loss goal. But it does not match the progress tracking feature offered by Noom. Even the health coach consultation of LifeSum is also not comparable to Noom.

Lifesum Vs Noom – Which One Is Better?

LifeSum is an affordable and convenient app to lose weight. But unfortunately, it lacks many of the major features that are available in Noom. Noom’s advantage over LifeSum is due to its psychological approach that is even praised by most nutritionists and health experts. Comparing Noom versus LifeSum, LifeSum may give positive weight loss results, but Noom’s professional approach gives you a foundation for long-lasting weight loss effects.

Noom vs Lose It

lose it vs nom

Lose It is one of the popular weight loss apps that has a clear slogan, “Calorie Counting Made Easy”. With their slogan, it is clear that it works on losing weight through monitoring calories. Though it is quite popular, it lacks the greatest features that you can find in Noom. But the company throws some additional features when you opt for their paid version. Lose It app gives you an option for food and exercise tracking, progress tracker, barcode scanner, and syncing with other health apps.

Food Logs

Lose It gives you to feature to log foods and recipes but their database is not as prominent as Noom’s. Although, it guides you to plan your daily meals with suggestions to limit calorie intake.

Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Comparing Noom versus Lose It on fitness tracking, Lose It has a significant list of workouts to help you losing weight along with a healthy diet and also gives a fitness tracking feature. But they lack 1-on-1 interaction and consultation with health coaches that you get with Noom.

Lose It Vs Noom – Which One Is Better?

Choosing between Noom and Lose It totally depends on you and your dieting habit. If you are a person who is capable of judging your food and nutritional intake without any professional consultation, Lose It can be an affordable option for you.

But if you have no idea about dieting or if you think that you need a professional and personalized plan for your weight loss goal, Noom is best. Overall, I will suggest Noom as it works by understanding your psychology and prepare a personalized timeline accordingly.

Noom vs Optavia Diet

optavia vs noom

Optavia diet is quite different from Noom and very much similar to Nutrisystem. It is a weight loss program that helps you in achieving optimal body weight through carefully prepared meals. Optavia isn’t a digital weight loss program like Noom and therefore when visiting their website for a subscription, you are asked two options, Get Healthy or Stay Healthy.

The first is for those who want to lose weight and the second is for those who need to maintain their ideal body weight. Similarly, Noom also asks you to fill up a questionnaire and then prepare a personalized timeline to achieve your desired body weight.

Food Logs

The food log is not available in Optavia as it is a meal delivery system that delivers prepared meals at your doorstep.

Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Although Optavia gives you a personal consultant when you get subscribed to any of their plans, they don’t have fitness tracking and even don’t give you workout plans.

Optavia Diet Vs Noom – Which One Is Better?

As earlier recommended in Nutrisystem, being both plans different with different approaches, it totally depends on who that which one is best for you, Optavia or Noom. Optavia is definitely for those who hate or don’t have time to prepare their meals. But in this Noom versus Optavia battle, I would really suggest Noom as it is a professional weight loss program regardless of that it shares recipes and food list. But the approach is personalized according to each user and the results are long-lasting.

Noom vs FatSecret

fatsecret vs noom

FatSecret is a fitness app that is quite frequently compared with Noom. Similar to Noom, it also asks you about some details once you sign in. It asks about your goal (lose, gain or maintain body weight), daily lifestyle, activity, and biological data. This information is used to generate a report about how many calories you need to take or burn, nutritional intake, and exercises.

Food Logs

Both weight loss programs have their own food logs and list. Although, the database is a part of the query as Noom has an in-depth and up-to-date database.

Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Both of them have their own fitness and progress tracker, calorie monitor, exercise diary, and personal consultation.

FatSecret Vs Noom – Which One Is Better?

If you want to compare Noom versus FatSecret, I would recommend Noom with no doubt. Although, FatSecret has some similar features but they are not as promising and significant as you get in Noom. Noom is the clear winner over here.

Noom vs KetoDiet

ketodiet vs noom

KetoDiet is a digital weight loss program that works on losing weight through a ketogenic diet. The app focuses on adding low-carb diets to our eating habits that will influence the ketogenic process to lose bodyweight. If you are not a great fan of keto diets, this plan is not for you as it doesn’t give you varied foods and meals as you get in Noom.

Food Logs

KetoDiet has over 1600 recipes and foods that are based on the keto diet. But this number is quite low compared to Noom.

Fitness Tracking & Consultation

Both Noom and KetoDiet have fitness and progress tracking feature along with updated articles and advice. But KetoDiet doesn’t give you 1-on-1 consultation.

KetoDiet Vs Noom – Which One Is Better?

Not everyone is a great fan of keto diet plans and therefore the best choice is going to be Noom as it is a versatile weight loss program. With KetoDiet you are restricted to eat ketogenic foods but with Noom, there are no such restrictions. They have just categorized the foods into three categories and suggested which food is to eat in how much quantity. Overall in Noom versus KetoDiet battle, KetoDiet doesn’t stand anywhere in front of Noom.


Closing Remark on Noom Alternatives

Comparing anything with its alternatives and competitors is a quite hectic and confusing process. That’s why I tried to compare Noom with its top 10 alternatives so that I could make your job easy. Noom was always my favorite program for healthy weight loss. But like you, it was even confusing for me whenever I come across other popular diet plans.

While writing this comparison, I found that though other diet plans are prominent with their dedicated features, Noom came out to be one such program that is equipped with all essential features that a perfect weight loss program should have.

Whether talking about a personalized approach, food logging, progress tracking, or consultation, every feature is significant and plays a promising part in sustained weight loss. That’s why even after concluding this exhaustive comparison, my pick hasn’t shifted from Noom.

The 14-day trial offers an excellent opportunity to check out the program personally. Here’s to your sustained Weight loss. May you Enjoy The journey!

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