Green dietary supplements should not be considered as substitutes for whole foods

What are green dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are intended as an ideal supplement to your daily diet and come in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, drops and drinks. All these substances contain various ingredients such as vitamins, herbs and minerals. Components of dietary supplements are, for example, vitamin B, ginkgo biloba , turmeric and CBD oil. The Online Drugstore has thousands of nutritional supplements from the best brands. Curious?

The products offered – full of (multi) vitamins, minerals – have the same effect as the vitamins and minerals that normally occur in your diet. The advantage of dietary supplements is that these substances are better absorbed by the body than the nutrients from eating and drinking.

The best brands of green dietary supplements

Well-known brands such as Metagenics, A.Vogel, Lucovitaal, Orthica, Athletic Greens, Vitals and many other great quality brands (more than 500 brands!) present their food supplements in the display window of the largest supplement stores in the USA. The Online stores has categorized all these supplements by topic. For example, dietary supplements are subdivided into:

The most popular supplements of 2018: What are the most popular nutritional supplements this year? The Online Drugstore has a list of supplements, which include turmeric, probiotics, amino acids, enzymes and green-lipped mussel.

Supplements and subject: To make it easier for you as a visitor to choose between all supplements, De Online Drogist also added subjects. Tablets, capsules and drops are sorted on subjects such as cholesterol supplements, stomach supplements and beauty supplements.

Ingredient: If you are looking for a specific ingredient that the dietary supplement must contain, then this chemist also has an extensive list of options for you. In this overview options such as boswellia , cranberry , garlic and red yeast rice appear .

User type: In addition to searching by subject or ingredient, the type of user can also be searched. In this distribution, a distinction is made between athletes ( magnesium ), pregnant women (folic acid and vitamin D), babies and children (calcium, vitamin D) and people over 50 (vitamin D, joints supplements).

Therapy: Finally, De Online Drogist has also divided supplements among popular therapies, such as phytotherapy, biotherapy and energetic therapy.

Athletic Greens – The whole food dietary supplements

As our title mentions, some manufacturers promote their green dietary supplement as substitute to whole foods and this creates a misconception in our mind. Dietary supplements as especailly created to help in weight loss and not for providing nutrition for whole body. But there is a supplement that works as dietary supplement along with being a whole food substitute. Athletic Greens adds more than 75 ingredients that provide all the vital nutrients that are essential for our body and overall health maintenance, surely that includes weight loss. To find out more about Athletic Greens, read our green dietary supplement reviews page.


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