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Do you get enough vitamin D through the sun or is it wise to swallow supplements? If you eat according to the recommended guidelines, is it useful to take some extras? My Greens Daily, nutritional and health website, gives answers to questions that have been sent and omits a lot of confusion about superfood dietary supplements.

Green nutritional supplements can be a vague concept. Therefore the experts briefly explain exactly what it is. “A greens nutritional supplement is, for example, a pill or tablet or powder where nutrients are extracted from foods. You take it as a supplement to your daily diet .”

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Superfood Myth #1 – Healthy eating, still need superfood nutrition?

Many viewers’ questions came; for example, Joop and many others are very curious about whether whole food nutritional supplement is necessary to consume if healthy and varied meals are consumed daily. In general, you get enough vitamins and minerals if you get the recommended daily amount. Even if you do not get the guideline of two pieces of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables a day, there is no man overboard. ‘

Superfood Myth #2 – Who should take superfood nutritional system?

The nutritionist points out that certain groups are wise to take some extras. ‘For pregnant women who are in the early stages of their pregnancy, it is important to take extra folic acid. You do not get that through food, and it does protect an open back in babies. ‘

Children up to four years of age are advised to take extra vitamin D. The reason is that they do not get enough from their food and through sunlight. The nutritionist also gives this advice to people with dark skin, women over fifty years old, everyone over seventy years and people who do not get enough out.

People who do not eat animal products and therefore live in a vegan way, do not get enough vitamin B12, according to the expert, because this is only in animal products. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of red blood cells and proper functioning of the nervous system. They too are advised to take a green nutritional supplement.

Superfood Myth #3 – ‘You can certainly get too many common superfoods.’

If you take whole food nutritional supplement, it is, of course, useful to know how many this should be because could too many supplements be harmful. You can certainly get too much. Yes, if you take supplements that contain more than one hundred per cent of the recommended daily amount, you may run the risk of getting too much for some vitamins and minerals.

Superfood Myth #4 – Is it worthy of following popular superfoods program?

Many supplement manufacturers provide their dedicated program for guidance, and these programs are based on the usage and support of their supplements. They are worthy only with the usage of the supplement. But there is some independent nutritional superfoods program that helps in choosing the right food and maintain a healthy diet.

Superfood Myth #5 – What if you ingest too much vitamin B6, magnesium and iron?

The nutritionist calls skater Sven Kramer as an example, who took very high doses of vitamin B6. If you make very high amounts of it, it can result in tingling and numbness. She also mentions that high amounts of magnesium can cause diarrhoea. Too high an intake of iron by supplements can result in iron overload, an excess of iron which can cause liver damage. What about when you get too much iron because of food, because you’re fond of spinach, for example? “Your body is very capable of regulating what it absorbs. We often receive more than we need via food. Fortunately, the concentrations in food are usually not very high. ‘

Superfood Myth #6 – Replace fruits and vegetables with real superfood supplements?

A frequently asked question is ‘can a food supplement of fruit or vegetables be replaced?’. In a supplement, there are usually only vitamins and minerals. From fruit and vegetables, we know that there are many bioactive substances that you do not find in supplements. We do know that these substances, wrapped in fruit and vegetables, have a very beneficial effect on health. Conclusion, if you want to stay healthy, then you have to keep eating vegetables and fruits!

Superfood Myth #7 – Is there a mess in true multivitamin superfoods?

Multivitamin supplement, which you can buy through many a drugstore, is there in fact junk? To that question, submitted by Wimma, the Nutrition Center expert is clear. ‘There is often some filler or some E-numbers, but you do not have to worry about that. The substances that are responsible for taste and colour are all controlled and permitted substances. ‘ However, Postma-Smeets does state that these are European pills and there is a different situation if pills originate outside Europe. ‘If you order pills from, for example, America or China, these are pills that do not comply with European rules. You are less sure what is in it.

Can I get more information on superfood science & claims?

I hope this article might have debunked all the superfood myths in your mind. If you want to know more about superfood, you can checkout our homepage where you can find detailed information on what superfood is, how it works, it’s ingredients and much more.


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