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Vitamin D, One Of The Special Superfood Vitamins

Whether it’s vitamin A, B, D, or C, all kinds of superfood vitamins have positive effects on your health. They are only relatively expensive and you have to eat quite a bit to notice the difference. Fortunately, there is also vitamin D: the super vitamin that, in addition to numerous benefits for your mind and health, also provides substantiated scientific evidence. This is the reason why some popular superfood drinks like Athletic Greens are adding it in their ingredient list.

Why Vitamin D Is One Of The Special Superfood Vitamins


Whereas superfoods often contain many nutrients and antioxidants that are good for your body, vitamin D offers a whole range of health benefits. From strong bones to increase your muscle strength. But what you may not have known is that with enough dose of this vitamin you will achieve many more positive things in life.

Superfood Vitamins Give You Long Life


Those who have a sufficient supply of vitamin D daily during their lifetime would live longer. Research showed that elderly people with a lower concentration of this vitamin were more likely to die. So if you are planning to become 130, make sure your inventory is always up to scratch.

Superfood Vitamins Are Good For Brain


If your supply of vitamin D is up to standard, you will be less likely to experience stress and be more positive in life. A shortage of this super vitamin ensures that you experience anxiety and panic faster. Research also shows that people with a psychotic disorder often have low vitamin D content. The University Psychiatry Center examined 1843 people with psychotic illness. No fewer than 63 percent of them appeared to have a super vitamin deficiency. Possible connections with listlessness or social isolation were made here.

Superfood Vitamins Gives Healthy Heart


How you look at life and how you use your heart for that, naturally depends on you. But a really well-functioning heart benefits from having sufficient vitamin D. In the elderly it appears that too low a vitamin D level results in a reduced quality of muscle tissue. And since your heart is also a muscle, that applies just as well to him. It is not without reason that vitamin D deficiency is related to heart failure.

Natural Source Of Superfood Vitamins


Live longer with a good heart and fit mind without paying for it. You can find the superfood vitamin D completely free in sunlight. So get on your bike or go for a nice walk outside. For most people with light skin color, 15 to 30 minutes in the sun are sufficient to replenish your daily supply. For people with dark skin, this takes a little longer. Light skin converts sunlight much faster and easier than dark skin. The same applies to the elderly, regardless of their skin color: their bodies make vitamin D more and more difficult.

Is Excess Of Superfood Vitamins Harmful

Yet it is not the case that a long time in the sun automatically means more vitamin D. Your body, and especially your skin can only handle a certain amount. Moreover, an excess of vitamin D can also be counterproductive. The more vitamin D, the more calcium your body produces. Good for your bones, but a surplus can also lead to kidney stones. After those 30 minutes, it is therefore advisable to simply rub yourself on.

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