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Noom Weight Loss Program – Is it Right for You?

Noom Weight Loss Program 2023: Are you looking for the best diet planner app? Because you’ve grown tired of failed diet plans? Here we are introducing a renowned diet planner app from the Noom weight loss program.

Now how is this program designed in a formulated way? This is actually a question arising in every diet freak’s mind, so without wasting time, let’s get to know about the Noom company and its Noom app!

Noom Weight Loss Program – Brand Overview

Noom Weight Loss Program
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Using a unique tagline that says, “Learn to eat mindfully,” Noom’s theory of healthy weight differs on a psychological basis, whereas other apps focus on the daily routine.

But the main thing that makes a commitment work is how we act psychologically. Someone with a determined mind is more likely to reach their goal weight than someone with a changeable mind.

Therefore, Noom uses the concept of behavioral science that allows people to empower themselves over their emotional patterns. That not only helps in controlling the self-discipline factor in their lives, but also this fruitful combination of psychology and technology with human schooling provides an edge to health enthusiasm.

The Noom app was started in 2008 by the toiling efforts of Saeju Jeong and Artem Petakov. Both people have been highly disappointed with the available weight loss programs running all over America.

Because the target chosen for a healthy body was completely wrong, instead of eliminating the root cause, health care was running after curing the sickness. Therefore, these two people decided to squash the common practices.

And, hence, the Noom company was founded with the common target of bringing wellness to people worldwide.

What is the Noom diet?

This app was initially released as a calorie tracker, but it has since been upgraded.

Its makers involved a core team of psychiatrists, health physicians and coaches who works on the principle of health psychology and behavioral science.

The app allows the user to claim their personal health goals, where the person has to undergo a survey about his routines and then a formulated plan is automated for him or her through the Noom app.

Then the daily habits and exercises are recorded in the app. These records are used in the form of data that is molded according to the person’s needs.

Much relevant health information is provided by the app’s personalized health coaches, and the health advisories are given to the person.

How does the Noom diet work?

The Noom diet app works with an interlinked series of habits that depend on the person’s psychological behavior; then the following regime is followed by the app to design a unique health and diet plan for the user:

Starting with a Personalized Quiz

In order to let the person have a realistic goal, Noom Free Trial can also be used. The app uses a three-tiered questionnaire session with its users. These questions generally comprise the area of the person’s demographics and his routines, the diet chart of his current life, and the exercises.

These factors add up to provide basic information such as a person’s sex, gender, or age. Is there a chronic disease? there any symptoms of diabetes?

The app also focuses on past habits that may influence their weight loss journey, like if they have any drinking habits. Do they smoke? Do they have any weight loss plans currently?

Apart from their behaviors, the third one comes from the kind of activities they are involved with. Like late-night sleeping? lack of nutrition if they are missing essential diet factors?

Create a login ID that includes a subscription.

After you have taken a survey quiz, you can choose whether to go for a paid version or continue with the free app. The Noom app can be directly downloaded from the play store if you’re using an android!

It can also be used on the iPad; you can create a login ID using your email address and then continue your health journey.

Creating a digital hub with health coaches

Once you have logged into its digital platform, you are given access to video lessons on the behavioral sciences and human nature, after which you are able to meet your digital coaches within two days of logging in.

They will be connecting with you two times a week! And you can also decide if you want to spend five or 16 minutes a day! Then you are introduced to a peer group with coaches and a diabetic person also gets many directions and advice over the app. It is considered the first mobile health app by many disease control centres.

Formulated Noom diet plan:

Noom Weight Loss Program: As your health coaches and physicians hold a master or bachelor’s degree in their profession, they help you to make a personalized plan with a restricted calorie limit and the foods and physical activities are recorded.

The app also lets you check the number of steps you walk daily, your blood pressure readings, blood glucose level, and the amount of water you drink.

What foods are allowed in the Noom Diet?

The best part of the Noom app is that it doesn’t put any restrictions on the food you’re eating. Instead, it follows a traffic light system to rate the food as healthy, moderate or heavy for your diet.

It even offers the choice of having vegan or gluten-free foods.

So here is the basic strategy of the Noom weight loss program that uses calorie density value to measure the food.

Green Foods

Whole grains, leafy vegetables, and fruits that are low in calories and a rich source of water content are included in this category.

Limit yourself to 410 calories.

Yellow Foods

Legumes and low-fat dairy products and meats that have a moderate level of calories are included in this plan, and they have more calories than the previous one.

Limit yourself to 540 calories.

Red Foods

Fatty foods like red meat, processed foods with fewer healthy nutrients, and foods with serving sizes that are 25% of our daily calorie intake

limiting the calorie value to 300

Weight Loss Program:

The Noom weight loss program uses a color system, but that doesn’t mean it wants you to chalk out your favorite foods; it just classifies them according to the calorie value, so you must get a clear picture of what you’re eating.

The weight loss program includes:

  • A 16-week customized plan.
  • Some motivating articles, usually two to three, on nutrition and wellness.
  • Some healthy challenges.
  • Calorie counting, step counting, exercise logging, and blood pressure monitoring are all included.
  • Log in your weight every week.
  • You can consume foods that are unsaturated and high in good fat, as well as macro- and micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins such as eggs, tofu, fish, and beans.

Noom monthly fee

The subscriptions are renewed and can also be cancelled at any time, and the person can still access their personalized plans till the end of their subscription.

  • 1 Month-$66.35
  • 3 Months-$199.05
  • 6 Months-$398.1
  • Annual-$796.25


Noom app uses natural weight loss foods like recommending chia seeds, falx seeds, spinach or blueberries to include, it is a favorable app for those who are a beginner in this journey and need a customized plan for themselves.

You can track your food logging and can easily classify the meal plan for yourselves, you can now have the access to see what is your blood pressure value and much more and can also have a one-on-one interactive session with the digital coaches.

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