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How Much Protein Powder Should I Take?

How Much Protein Powder Should I Take? Protein powder is a very popular and beneficial supplement for your everyday diet. Protein plays an essential role in bodily activities. It contains amino acids and is also a good source of macronutrients. There are many people who drink protein shakes or smoothies in order to lose weight or build muscles. Protein powder can help you get more protein without adding extra calories to your diet. But in this blog, we will learn how much protein powder I should take.

It is a relevant and safe source of protein intake every day. However, it is essential to know how much is too much and how to calculate the daily protein intake. Let’s begin.

How Much Should I Take Protein Powder Every Day?

How Much Protein Powder Should I Take

Before knowing the exact amount of protein powder you should consume every day, you should know what amount of protein your body requires for proper functioning. Well, the amount of protein a person ingests varies from person to person. However, the basic recommended dosage a person should ingest is 0.36 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight.

For example, if your weight is 125 pounds, then you need to take 45 grams of protein per day. However, an average woman should aim at taking at least 46 grams and a man should take a minimum of 56 grams of protein. Some dietitians say that an athlete should take 0.8 grams per pound of their bodyweight. For muscle growth, staying around 20%-30% is an ideal amount. Through this, you will get plenty of protein without an excessive number of calories.

In addition to this, besides bodyweight, other factors can also be considered for effective protein intake. For example- if you do a lot of physical activities, you need to consume more protein powder than the average person. People who do physical activities are likely to burn more calories, and thus they need more nutrients and macronutrients for muscle rebuilding and growth.

How to Calculate Protein Intake?

There are a few ways to calculate daily protein intake for average people and athletes or for more active people. On average, people intake 0.8 grams of protein per body weight. On the other hand, a person who stays active should consume 1.2 grams of protein per body weight in pounds. Another method for determining protein intake is to take no more than 10-35 percent of your total calorie intake.

How Much Protein Is Too Much?

Nowadays, most brands provide measuring scoops for the ease of measuring. Generally, they suggest adding two scoops of protein powder to your milk or beverage. However, the amount of protein also differs from brand to brand and depends on the preferences and goals of the user.

Not to worry, we will not leave you in the middle of the conversation. As now you know the recommended amount of protein for a day, you will be able to determine the protein intake for more benefits and it is safe to consume. Typically, one scoop of protein powder means nearly 25 grams of protein.

People who drink protein shakes per day receive half of the recommended protein from their shake. A person should not consume more than 25 grams to 30 grams of protein every day. High protein diets will be dangerous and bring side effects such as kidney damage, but kidney damage has not been proven yet. An excessive dosage of protein will not only provide no benefits, but it may negatively affect your body. Therefore, be careful while consuming protein powders.

How Much Protein Powder In A Smoothie?

People like to take protein powder in smoothie. Adding protein powder in smoothies also delivers several benefits to the user. Moreover, adding it in your favorite smoothie makes it delicious and also works as a hunger busting post-workout meal.

The amount of protein powder in your smoothie depends on your goals and type and brand you are using. Different types of powder cater to different needs and boost your progress accordingly. You can add ¼ scoop of powder to 2 scoops of powder in your smoothie. Again, the amount of protein will depend on the brand and goals of the user.

As far as we have discovered, soy, whey, and egg white protein powder contain 15–25 grams of protein per serving. It lacks complete amino acids in powders. Generally, powders contain 7–13 grams of protein. If you find it difficult, you can also weigh your powder before mixing it into the smoothie. 30 grams of powder in a smoothie is enough for one serving. You don’t need to add more than 30 grams to your smoothie to stimulate muscle growth.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last?

The shelf-life of protein powder depends on the quality of the production. People are often concerned about how long protein powder lasts after manufacturing. In the case of supplements, manufacturers don’t mention the expiry date of the products, but some companies provide a “best before” or “best by” stamp along with the manufacturing date.

To conclude, one study shows that the life of whey protein powder is between 12 months and 19 months under normal circumstances, that is, if you store the powder under 21 degrees Celsius and 35% humidity. Another study says that whey protein can last for 9 months when stored at 35 degrees Celsius. However, you can increase the life of the powder by storing it at room temperature (around 21 degrees Celsius).

In both cases, some protein powders last for around 2 years because most of the powders contain additives that extend the life of the powder.

Take the message with you.

So, whether you are already consuming it or thinking about starting to use protein powder, it is necessary to know the right amount for more benefits. The majority of the powder comes with the measuring scoop for one sitting. Protein serving size varies depending on brand, goals, and body requirements.

If you know the accurate amount of protein you consume per day, then you can easily find out the correct amount of powder you should take. Remember that protein source, serving size, and your needs matter the most when calculating the right amount of protein powder every day.

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