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atkins vs keto diet

Atkins Vs Keto Diet – Which One Goes Better?

A proper diet plan is always helpful to manage a proper weight. If someone is going through a heavyweight problem he/she should follow a good diet plan. A proper diet plan not only gives the body a proper weight but also helps to maintain balanced energy inside the body. There are many diet plans available among people who are willing to maintain a diet plan. Among them, Atkin and keto diet plans are two diet plans which are best known for their low-carb diet. In this article, we will check at Atkins and the keto diet which one is the best to follow.

Atkins Vs Keto Diet: What Is Atkins Diet?

atkins vs keto diet

In keto vs Atkins, we first need to know what is keto and what is Atkins’s diet plan.  Around the world, the Atkins diet plan is very well-known. It is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb diet. Atkins offers a variety of plans, and the original version is known as Atkins 20. Atkins20 is a very popular diet plan. It is divided into four phases and they are completely based on the daily net carb allowance (total carbs minus sugar alcohols and fiber)

Phase 1: This phase allows 20-25 grams of net carbs every day. This phase goes on until you are 7 kg from your targeted weight.

Phase 2: In this phase, one has to consume 20-25 grams of net carbs every day until you are 5 kg of your goal weight.

Phase 3: with this phase, your net carb allowance increases to 50-80 grams until you get your targeted weight and the weight continues for 1 month long.

Phase 4: This phase instructs you to consume 80-100 grams of your net carbs every day that will help you to maintain your in-progress weight. As you move towards your targeted weight and go through these phases your everyday carbs increase.

What Is The Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a very moderate-protein, high-fat, and very-low-carb diet plan. The keto diet was first used in the treatment of epilepsy in the 1920s. Later on, it was set up as a diet plan for those who are planning to lose weight. It burns more calories, assists to prevent medical conditions related to obesity like type 2 diabetes, and reduces hunger.

A proper keto plan includes the calories intake derived 75% from fat, 5% from carbs, and 20% from protein. The main target of the keto plan is to get the body to stop relying on carbs as the main source of energy. It sends your body into ketosis. Ketosis is the condition when the body’s metabolism shifts to such a position where it burns its extra fat instead of glucose. Because glucose is its most important energy source.

Atkins Vs. Keto –  The Differences

Both the keto and Atkins diets encourage weight loss and cut carbs which is common in both of them. If someone is searching which one is the best he/she should check their differences. Followings are some major differences between keto and Atkins

  • Atkins diet increases the carbs in phases whereas the keto diet limits the carbs.

As it is mentioned earlier, the makeup of a proper keto diet, give or take which depends on the human being is near about 20% protein, 75% fat, and only 5%carbohydrates.

The person consuming 2000 calories every day means 50 grams of carbohydrates a day and sometimes as little as 20grams. The ketosis diet requires a person remain in a fat-burning condition for the long term.

On the other hand, in the Atkins diet, as you reintroduce carbs back into the diet of yours, you eventually shift out of ketosis. The difference shows that the Atkins diet is not that restricted like the keto diet. This Atkins diet is better than the keto diet.

  • The keto diet needs liberal portions of fat whereas the Atkins diet supports protein.

 Amy Miskymom Goss who is an assistant professor of nutrition science at the University of Alabama located in Birmingham, says that the Atkins diet traditionally recommends eating protein to restrain hunger.

At the same time, the ketogenic diet is well- formulated that limits protein and uses fat to calm a noisy stomach.

The Atkins diet is more holistic into its continuance part so it does not show any exact percentage for the consumption of protein.

On the other hand, the keto diet is very much strict to its high protein consumption. This diet instructs the dieters to consume mostly fats in their diets.

  • In Atkins’s diet vs keto diet, keto promotes whole foods whereas Atkins does not. 

The keto diet encourages eating whole grains instead of refined grains. At the same time, the Atkins diet does not have such limitations. The Atkins-brand bars, pre-packed foods, and shakes are made for those who are into such a lifestyle.

Keto vs Paleo vs Atkins

The diet plan Atkins also focuses on the net carb. This diet plan counts sugar and fiber, instead of counting all the fibers at the same. But paleo and keto do not do the same. Paleo diet instructs the followers to follow what the people were eating in the Paleolithic Age. This system of eating is like hunting and gathering. In the keto diet vs Atkins vs Paleo, paleo focuses on a mostly high-protein diet including lots of fruits and vegetables. Contrasting to keto and Atkins, Paleo does not have an aim to be low carb.

Vegetarian vs Keto Plan

Both the dietary plan vegan and keto are very much popular when it comes to weight loss. They both have a positive impact on the weight loss aspect. In a keto diet, a person has a low-carb and high-fat diet which means you can still eat dairy, meat eggs, and other animal products. Whereas the vegetarian diet gives the target to have plant-based food. Keeping the environmental and ethical points aside it becomes a little difficult to decide which diet plan is better vegetarian or keto. If it is a keto vs vegetarian weight loss process then the keto plan is better as it significantly loses weight. In keto vs Atkins, Reddit keto has been proven as a more restrictive diet plan than Atkins.

Some Similarities Between Atkins And Keto Weight Loss Plan

The Atkins and keto both are low-carb diets and both of them have some similarities. Phase 1 of the Atkins diet is very much similar to the keto diet plan. Phase one of the Atkins diet confines net carbs to 25grams every day. When the person does so, his body enters ketosis and starts burning fat. Both the diet ends at weight loss with the help of decreased calories one eats.

Potential Benefits

As some people mention it as unhealthy, low-carb diets have shown many health benefits. So with Atkins and Keto diet.

It is good for weight loss: Low-Carb diets like Atkins and keto result in more weight loss. So they are very much useful to those who are in this process. The research found that Atkins was most famous than keto in the process of weight loss. As it helps to lose weight within 7 to 12 months of starting the plan.

The most provisional than Atkins the keto plan also leads to weight loss. Many researchers found that being ketosis lowers the appetite and loses constant hunger.

Many doctors say that a low-carb diet is very much beneficial to control blood sugar. In this, Atkins is better than keto. Including blood pressure, the low-carb diet also controls many heart diseases.

Atkins vs Keto Diet: Which Is Better?

Both Atkins and keto diet plans have positive and negative parts.

The keto diet is enormously restrictive and thus people get difficulties sticking to it. It limits the protein intake to 20% of calories. It is very much challenging in a long run. If someone does not pay proper attention to his/her diet quality he/she can suffer from nutrient deficiency.

In addition to that, the long-term safety in the keto diet is not available so there can be health risk possibilities.

Thus, most people go for the Atkins diet as it is very much opposed to the keto approach. It is easy and safe in a long run.

A person’s target of weight loss, dietary plans, and overall health should be considered at the time of choosing the best eating pattern. In this process, Atkins is less restrictive than keto. Choosing healthy foods and limiting refined carbs is a better way to advance health.

What Say Customer’s

In both keto and Atkins diet plans, there are positive customer reviews. People have lost weight significantly. Many customers who were suffering from severe weight gain issues have gotten significant results with these diet plans. They were suffering from overweight due to all their fatty diet. However, both in keto and Atkins, Atkins has owned many of the customer’s hearts.

Atkins vs Keto Diet –  The Final Verdict

One should surely talk to a doctor before making fundamental changes in the diet. However, low-carb diets which are focused on nutritional and high-quality food are beneficial to health.

In this post-pandemic condition, if you have a target to lose weight and you are confused about which diet plan you have to adopt. You should go for keto advanced or one-shot keto according to your need. Both are the best keto supplements for proper weight loss.  Keto advanced weight loss supplement is a well-known keto diet pill. It is formulated to get the optimal body weight without adopting any diet plan. One-shot keto pills are one of the most accepted keto diet supplements. It works on the same ketosis process which a keto diet serves. Keto advanced and One-shot keto both have 100% natural ingredients that work on the weight loss process without harming the body’s energy.

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