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green vibrance vs athletic greens

Discover the Superior Superfood: Green Vibrance vs Athletic Greens

Green Vibrance vs Athletic Greens: Are you interested in finding a way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily meals? Take a look at this comparison between Green Vibrance and Athletic Greens to figure out which super green powder comes out on top.

Hello, my name is Edward Redmond. I’m a certified nutrition coach. I’m here to help you find the option that suits your needs.

There are reasons why you might want to consider adding a green supplement to your routine. It could be challenging for you to meet the recommended daily intake of four to five servings of fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, finding time and space to store all that produce can also pose difficulties! No matter the reason, incorporating a green supplement can help fill in any gaps in your diet if you find yourself falling short. Now let’s dive deeper into the specifics.


When evaluating green supplements, I take factors into consideration: benefits, certifications, ingredients, taste, price point, and additional advantages offered by each product’s company reputation. Reviews and potential side effects are also aspects of the assessment.

After comparing these two products side by side, it was challenging for me to determine which one was better because both Green Vibrance and Athletic Greens are exceptional choices. However, Athletic Greens does hold an advantage over Green Vibrance.

If you’re looking for a product that has labeling and a more budget-friendly price, Green Vibrance would be a good choice. However, when it comes to taste credentials and the amount of nutrients it provides, Athletic Greens is definitely the contender. Let’s dive deeper into why I believe Athletic Greens is the option.

Introduction: Green Vibrance vs Athletic Greens

Green Vibrance has been around since 1992. Is an established green supplement that focuses on promoting nutrition, circulation, digestion, and immunity. It offers over 70 ingredients. It comes in three flavors. You can find it in both powder and capsule forms. For absorption, it is recommended to take this supplement 45 minutes after a meal.

On the other hand, we have Athletic Greens or AG1, as it is commonly known. It’s a green supplement that boasts 75 ingredients. Unlike Green Vibrance, Athletic Greens are available in one flavor. Additionally, Athletic Greens prioritizes five aspects of health: energy levels, immune system support, gut health maintenance balance support neural function enhancement healthy aging promotion The company also offers supplements to complement AG1 and address any deficiencies you may have.

Green Vibrance vs Athletic Greens – Features

Green Vibrance offers advantages such as including 25 billion probiotics in their formula along, with labeling practices and various free shipping options. Moreover it has been established since 1992. Provides the choice to purchase capsules of powder.

On the side Athletic Greens sets itself apart by being suitable for vegans and free from wheat gluten, corn, egg, peanut, sucrose, soy and dairy. It holds NSF certification for Sport. Is manufactured in TGA registered facilities that meet NSF (GMP) standards. Additionally it is marketed as compatible with paleo and keto diets. Athletic Greens also offers the convenience of buying travel packets that last for a month.

Overview of Green Vibrance


Green Vibrance was introduced as the product by Vibrant Health, a company based in the United States founded in 1992. Since then their line of offerings has become a staple in the industry.

The company’s dedication to using high quality ingredients and providing labeling is evident in Green Vibrance. Each ingredients weight in its blend is disclosed.

Key Benefits

Boosts Nutritional Intake; With over 70 ingredients packed into this product it offers a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to enhance nutrition and prevent potential deficiencies.

Supports Digestive Health; Green Vibrance contains 25 Billion CFU of probiotics along, with fibers and digestive enzymes to aid digestion.
These different components work together to maintain a balance, in the gut microbiome and promote digestion.

Promotes Healthy Circulation; The mixture includes ingredients like spirulina and beetroot which have shown effects on heart health by improving blood pressure, circulation and even blood sugar levels.

Boosts Immune System; Green Vibrance contains a variety of immune supporting ingredients such as astragalus and beta glucans. These types of fiber are known for their ability to defend against conditions.


  • labeling that fully discloses all the ingredients.
  • Includes some ingredients that are clearly indicated on the label.
  • Comprehensive multivitamin formula.
  • Third party tested to ensure quality.
  • Non GMO, vegan friendly and free from dairy gluten and soy.


  • nutrient concentration compared to other products.
  • It may require two servings per day to meet recommended values.
  • Probiotic content might be too high, for some individuals.
  • Contains certain allergens like wheat.
  • Some users have reported a taste.
  • Each serving consists of 16 capsules.

Overview of Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a known company originating from New Zealand. They were established in 2009. Initially focused exclusively on offering a greens powder product under the name Athletic Greens. However they have recently renamed their flagship product as AG1 to encompass a range of ingredients, in the blend rather than solely focusing on greens.

Key Benefits

Increased Energy Boost: AG1 incorporates components like alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) which are known to enhance energy levels. ALA, an amino acid, aids in producing energy while CoQ10 has shown fatigue reduction and performance improvement effects in athletic pursuits.

Potential for Better Recovery: AG1 contains superfoods, antioxidants and adaptogens that play a role in recovering after exercise. Antioxidants help reduce inflammation caused by stress while adaptogens assist the body and hormones in adapting to stressors.

Support for Digestive Health: Initially designed with gut health in mind Athletic Greens puts significant emphasis on maintaining digestive well being. Abundant probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and gut friendly ingredients contribute to balancing the gut microbiome strengthening the digestion process and enhancing absorption.

Boosted Immunity: AG1 provides a dose of immune supporting elements such as vitamin C, zinc and beneficial mushrooms. These components possess properties along, with inflammatory effects that effectively safeguard against illnesses.

Benefits, for Cognitive Health: The inclusion of adaptogens and superfood components in AG1 shows promise in enhancing health and mental clarity. Specifically rosemary has been associated with brain function while Rhodiola may help reduce stress and anxiety levels.


  • Offers a selection of 75 ingredients.
  • Suitable for individuals following keto and paleo diets.
  • Option to purchase 30 travel packs.
  • Free from additives.
  • Third party tested by NSF to ensure quality.
  • Manufactured in TGA registered, NSF (GMP) registered facilities.
  • Non GMO, vegan and free from caffeine, wheat, gluten, corn, egg, peanut, sucrose, soy and dairy.


  • Uses a blend without disclosing organic ingredients on the product label.


When comparing Green Vibrance with Athletic Greens it is important to analyze their ingredient compositions. Green Vibrance provides transparency by indicating the weight of each ingredient. These ingredients are categorized into nine groups including cereal grasses, plant based micro nutrition antioxidants, immune support components, adaptogens, skeletal support substances, fiber sources, enzymes and tonics and probiotics.

Green Vibrance contains a concentration of probiotics with 25 billion CFU, from 10 strains. However even though there are ingredients involved the serving sizes, in Green Vibrance are relatively small which means that the amount of nutrients per serving is lower. This could potentially require dosages to meet needs. Additionally taking the form of Green Vibrance may also mean needing to consume more to get nutrition.

On the hand Athletic Greens uses a blend where they don’t reveal specific amounts of each ingredient but do provide the overall weight of each complex. These complexes consist of superfoods, extracts, herbs, antioxidants, enzymes, mushrooms and probiotics. While Athletic Greens does offer 7.2 billion CFU (colony forming units) of probiotics from two strains. An amount that may be more manageable for consumers as intake of probiotics can lead to problems. In terms of content Athletic Greens has percentages of vitamins and minerals compared to Green Vibrance. For example AG1 provides 917% value for Vitamin B12 while Green Vibrance only offers 83%.

To summarize Green Vibrance and Athletic Greens differ in terms of their ingredient compositions and nutrient profiles. Green Vibrance puts emphasis on transparency and a wide range of ingredients including a content. However due to its sizes per portion it might require higher dosages. On the hand (or “In contrast”) although Athletic Greens is a blend without specific ingredient amounts disclosed it offers various complexes and significant amounts for certain nutrients while also providing a probiotic dosage that is easier, on digestion.

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Green Vibrance vs. Athletic Greens – Flavor

Lets talk about the taste of Green Vibrance. Many people describe it as having an metallic flavor. Some customers mentioned that it took them some time to get used to the taste and a few even had to mix it with recipes in order to consume it. Even though Green Vibrance now offers two flavors some reviewers still found it challenging to drink with just water. However they do provide capsules with a milder flavor that can be taken quickly. Keep in mind that you would need to take 16 capsules a day to meet the recommended serving, which might seem like quite a lot for some.

On the hand Athletic Greens incorporates stevia along, with essences of vanilla and pineapple to enhance the taste of their product. Many customers enjoy its flavor. Are satisfied with drinking it simply mixed with water. However like greens products there are still some who find the taste quite earthy. According to Athletic Greens website the texture and taste of each product can vary from month to month due to factors such, as weather conditions and ingredient sourcing for probiotics. It’s similar, to how the vineyards characteristics can influence the taste of wine.

Comparing Side Effects and Safety

If you’re pregnant breastfeeding or taking any prescription medication it’s advisable to consult with a doctor before taking Green Vibrance or AG1. Also keep in mind that both products are not suitable for children.

Both Green Vibrance and AG1 have probiotics although Green Vibrance has four times more than AG1. While these probiotics can have long term benefits for gut health they might initially cause bloating, nausea and other digestive issues. It may be necessary to reduce the recommended serving size until your body adjusts to them.

Moreover it’s important to note that individuals with immunodeficiencies or certain illnesses may experience effects than positive ones from these probiotics.

Which Option is Best?

When comparing Green Vibrance and Athletic Greens despite the cost of Athletic Greens 1 (AG1) I believe investing in it is the choice.

AG1 offers a concentration of nutrients. It not includes many of the ingredients as Green Vibrance but also additional ingredients and micronutrients, per serving. Moreover AG1 stands out for its flavor compared to Green Vibrance and caters, to a range of dietary preferences. What’s more, it surpasses Green Vibrance in terms of being free from allergens. AG1 has received certifications from the NSF for athletes, is compatible with the keto diet and is also suitable for those following a paleo lifestyle.


When considering both of these supplements, they can be options for addressing any nutrient deficiencies you may have. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while these supplements offer benefits, they should not be relied upon as a replacement for consuming fruits and vegetables in your diet. Whole produce not only provides vitamins and minerals but also contributes to hydration, offers fiber, and presents additional advantages that these supplements do not possess. Therefore, it is advisable to view these supplements as aids rather than substitutes for a well-balanced diet.

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