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Primal Greens vs AG1 (2024) – Which Greens Is More Worthy?

Primal Greens vs AG1 (2024): When it comes to finding a greens powder, it can be quite a challenge to find one that provides all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber you need. With so many options available, it’s crucial to make a choice. Ideally, a top-quality green powder should consist of a range of ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. These ingredients offer health benefits such as improving gut health, brain function, and immune system function. Moreover, selecting the formulation can also support weight loss efforts. Enhance mood.

Many individuals opt for green drinks and supplements for various reasons. The market offers a variety of choices—some with two ingredients, while others boast over 50. Commonly found ingredients in these supplements include wheatgrass, spirulina, spinach, alfalfa, barley, mushrooms, leafy greens like kale or spinach, kiwi fruit, pear fruit, and seaweeds.

Now let’s take a look at two respected brands that offer exceptional formulations for their green supplements: Primal Greens vs AG1.

Primal Greens Overview

Primal Greens

Primal Harvests Primal Greens is a superfood green powder that can be easily mixed into any liquid of your preference. Loaded with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, this impressive blend of greens aims to promote your health. It perfectly complements Primal Harvests supplements, like multivitamins, omega oils, and collagen.

With a combination of more than 50 superfoods, Primal Greens is carefully crafted to enhance energy levels, aid digestion, strengthen the system, and boost performance. It caters to requirements as it is free from gluten, soy, and dairy. The product is manufactured in a facility that adheres to GMP-certified standards to ensure top-notch ingredients without any additives. Third-party testing further verifies its quality.

The Composition

The composition of primal greens follows a pattern seen in green powders. It contains nutrients like vitamins C, E, and B12, along with zinc and copper. Furthermore, four distinct blends are incorporated into the formulation. The superfood blend incorporates a range of ingredients, such as carrot alfalfa sprouts, spinach leaves, spirulina algae powder, broccoli florets, cabbage leaves, parsley leaves, blueberry fruit, pomegranate fruit, and orange peel.

A blend consisting of herbs and extracts includes acacia gum, resinous extract from the acerola cherry fruits, green tea leaf extract, cinnamon bark extract, ginseng root extract, and ashwagandha root extract.

The combination of apple fiber, inulin, amylase, protease, and lipase forms the complex. Additionally, this product stands out for its formulation. Primal Greens is packed with over 50 ingredients. Offers great value for its price. I’m impressed by the abundance of nutrients in each serving and the inclusion of 3.5 billion CFUs of probiotics along with enzymes.

On the other hand, enjoying this product in a chilled beverage enhances its experience. While I’m not particularly fond of its taste on its own, blending it into a smoothie significantly improves it.

One aspect that caught my attention is that green tea leaf is listed as an ingredient in this formulation. However, I couldn’t find any information about its caffeine content on the brand’s website. As someone who’s sensitive to caffeine, I’d like to know more about why it’s included in this product.

It’s worth noting that while Primal Greens contains quite a few ingredients, it falls short compared to Athletic Greens by approximately 25 ingredients.

In order for Primal Harvest to strengthen their formula and establish themselves as a leading competitor in the green powder market, it would be beneficial for them to consider adding components.

When you decide to invest in Primal Greens, you can be confident that you are getting value for your money. Among the three options, this product is the most cost-effective, with a price of $49.95 for a 30-serving bag.

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AG1 Overview

Research Sources: Chase the Summit

Athletic Greens has gained a following since its establishment in 2010. Their goal with their green powder is to provide nutrition. They achieve this by using 75 nutrients and ingredients sourced from foods, along with probiotics and adaptogens. Athletic Greens prioritizes components. Does not include any artificial additives or prohibited substances. They also conduct third-party testing to ensure quality.

To incorporate Athletic Greens into your routine, simply mix one scoop of the supplement with eight ounces of water. The powdered form was chosen intentionally to make blending easy and enhance absorption. Additionally, this versatile product is suitable for individuals following vegan, paleo, or keto diets. Loaded with a variety of nutrients, like vitamins A, C, E, B12, biotin, and folate, as well as organic spirulina, apple powder inulin for added fiber organic wheatgrass, alfalfa powder organic chlorella, probiotics, functional mushrooms, and digestive enzymes, Athletic Greens has become a favored supplement choice for overall bodily support.

The Combination

With a selection of 75 ingredients on board, Athletic Greens provides a comprehensive green supplement that caters to diverse nutritional requirements. It does not fill the gaps in your diet. It also aids in digestive regulation while boosting energy levels. Moreover, it supports health. It helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, among other benefits.

Among the nutrients included are vitamins A, C, and E, thiamin, folate, nicain, biotin, magnesium, zinc, and selenium, to name a few. Additionally, the formula incorporates three formulated blends along with a supplement. The superfood complex consists of ingredients such as wheatgrass, spirulina, pineapple, papaya, licorice root, and carrot root. The blend of herbs and antioxidants includes pea protein isolate, leaf milk thistle extract, hawthorn, and dandelion. Lastly, the combination of enzymes and mushrooms includes astragalus, burdock root powder, bromelain, shiitake, and reishi.

What I Find Impressive

I’m really impressed with this product because it has a list of 75 ingredients. It’s definitely the comprehensive green powder there. It’s clear that Athletic Greens has put a lot of thought into making sure the product is safe, potent, and beneficial. Personally, I find it very convenient that they’ve included probiotics. It saves me from having to buy a product for digestive health.

What I Find Disappointing

One thing that could be improved is the transparency regarding the quantities of the blends in this product. While they do provide information on ingredients, it would be nice to have details about these blends and how much of each is used.

Areas for Improvement

The texture and flavor of athletic greens could be better. It’s not terrible. I do find the flavor a bit chalky, and sometimes the texture can be gritty when thoroughly mixed.


To buy Athletic Greens, you can simply visit their website at Now a 30-serving pouch costs $79. They also offer 30 individual travel packs for $89, which might be worth considering if you’re frequently on the go and want your greens easily accessible.

When it comes to comparing green powder formulas, Athletic Greens is my recommendation for those looking to get the maximum benefits from their green powder. As a wellness advocate, I consistently hear feedback about this product. While Bloom Greens and Primal Greens are also brands with greens powder options they don’t offer all the essential components that Athletic Greens prioritizes.

One notable difference between Primal Greens and Athletic Greens is their formulations. Both products have carefully crafted formulas backed by evidence of their ingredients. However, it’s important to note that some brands offer advantages over others. In terms of value, Athletic Greens stands out above Primal Greens, though the latter is still a contender.

Price is another aspect to consider. If you have a budget, Primal Greens might catch your attention as an affordable option. However, if maximizing your nutrient intake is your priority, investing in AG1 from Athletic Greens will leave you satisfied.

When exploring the market for green powders, I’ve come across some low-quality options that aren’t up to par.

Today I happened to come across a product at the store that had a limited selection of only eight ingredients, yet it was priced unreasonably high. However, both Primal Greens and Athletic Greens are known brands that prioritize the well-being of their customers. These brands follow manufacturing practices. Offer genuine and beneficial products. Specifically, athletic greens have gained a following as people rely on them to maintain energy levels and overall health. Its benefits seem to impact every aspect of the body.

Personally, I’m also a fan of Primal Greens because it complements the items in the Primal Harvest product line. Another impressive product is Ag1, which provides more than 30 nutrients in each serving. Choosing between these two powders can be quite challenging since both options ensure satisfaction.

Primal Greens vs AG1: Conclusion

Selecting the powder to enhance your health can be a complex task. It’s important to exercise caution when choosing any supplement that will become part of your routine. Developing habits like reading labels, exploring a brand’s website, and considering their quality testing methods can help you find the most suitable supplement for your needs. If you’re looking to improve your nutrition, boost your energy levels throughout the day, support your system, decrease inflammation, and protect important organs like your heart and brain, then you may want to consider choosing either athletic greens or primal greens.

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