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The Powerful Health List – Simple Ways To Stay Healthy & Happy!

It does not have to be difficult to make your life healthier, nicer and better with small adjustments!

And What better way to enumerate the ways to stay healthy and live longer than a List.

Lists, I love Them. Nice to read, no long-lasting pieces of text to dig through, but just a well-organized enumeration where you are not only quickly finished, but also most easily  remember. I also enjoy creating lists or finishing them myself.

    • Realize daily that you are responsible for your life and health. No excuses or procrastination, take matters into your own hands and choose yourself and your health!
    • Try to laugh every day, it works positively for your mood and health.
    • Smile more, not only by yourself but also to others. You will see people laughing back.
    • Eat a lot of vegetables every day, as much as you want.
    • Let refined sugars stand.
    • Replace wheat more often with spelt grain, rye or gluten-free alternatives.
    • Never skip your breakfast. A good start is half the work! Do you find breakfast very difficult? Make a party of your breakfast. Choose banana bread, prepare it the night before, eat chocolate porridge. Be a little creative and in no time you’ll be able to look forward to your breakfast in the evening!
    • Let it go. Made a mistake? Can happen, nothing more to do. Eaten something with sugar? Well, once in a while you will not immediately die. Pack the thread again and continue with your healthy life. Occasionally enjoying an exception is probably many times better than a stress or guilt feeling for a single exception.
    • Do not compare yourself with others. You are your own fun and that is fine.
    • Consider at least three (or five, even better!) Positive points of that day every night. Have you bought nice new shoes that you are happy with? Did you create your own creation for the first time in the kitchen? Whatever it is, if it makes you happy, write it down! This way you focus on the positive things in your life and close the day with a good feeling. Certain things have gone wrong, but they suddenly seem much less important or important if you keep focusing on the positive.
    • Do not worry about what others think of you. You can not be perfect for everyone.
    • Maintain your friendships. And I do not mean just via Facebook, Twitter or mail …
    • Learn to forgive. Being and staying evil creates negative energy that adds nothing to your health. Life is too short to be forever angry.
    • Spend at least 10 minutes every day with no computer, no television, no family, friends or children, just 10 quiet minutes for yourself. Enjoy the peace and focus as much as possible on your breathing and rest.
    • Enjoy the little things in life: the drawing that your children have made for you, the coziness of the dog, a homemade raw chocolate, a cup of coffee or whatever you want to enjoy. Never enjoy in moderation!
    • Focus on what you have instead of what you would like.
    • Learn to say ‘no’ and do things that really give you energy and that are worth investing in for energy.
    • Vice versa also applies: do not do things that you do not get energy from!
    • Stop putting energy in people that you do not get energy from or that even take energy away from you.
    • Friends, who constantly complain or comment on you? Ask yourself well if they are really such good friends …
    • Move! Be nice and active. If you do not like sports, do not drag yourself to the gym several times a week, but find another way to be active. For example, go shopping on the bike, take care of the garden well, let the dog walk a block extra, go play outside with your children. It does not matter what you do if you do anything.
    • Make sure that you are outside for half an hour every day, again and again. Preferably walk half an hour every day.
    • Learn to accept the past and live in the here and now. What has been has been!
    • The same applies to the future. I’m not saying that plans are bad, but try to enjoy the here and now. Let things come to you as they come.

Learn More Ways To Stay Healthy

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