How Gelatin & Collagen Works In Super Greens Powder

One of the first blogs on this site was about top green powders reviews and the use of gelatin and collagen. But there is so much more to tell. Did you know for example that it is not only good for your intestines but also helps against wrinkles? Well, in theory then.

Just back to the beginning: what exactly is it? Gelatin and collagen come from animals. And also only from animals (and people): plants do not make it. But still, some top super greens powder supplements reflect in their ingredients that they include gelatin and collagen. Now you might be thinking about how it is possible when plants not to produce it. Well, I will explain it in the last.

Gelatin and collagen consist of amino acids, the ‘lego blocks’ those makeup proteins. Both gelatin and collagen contain all essential amino acids; that is, all amino acids that you can not create yourself. There is an entirely flat list of that. What is more interesting is that it can sometimes be challenging to get enough of these amino acids while they perform essential tasks in your body: from building new proteins to forming enzymes.

Gelatin or Collagen In Probiotic Super Greens Powder – Which is best?

But what exactly is the difference between gelatin and collagen?

There is no gelatin in your body, but collagen. I’ve already dealt with that extensively in the blog series about the connective tissue. In essence, connective tissue consists of a large part of the protein collagen, which ensures the firmness of the connective tissue. Only when you start working in your kitchen to extract the collagen from the bones and the cartilage, it becomes gelatin. You do that by making broth – and so by heating it. Due to the heating, the collagen changes into gelatin.

If you do not have enough time (or sense) to make broth yourself, then gelatin and collagen are also available as useful whole food green powder. Not that of the supermarket to make cake (which comes from unfortunate cows or maybe pigs, and you do not know exactly how much it is processed) and not those expensive whole foods super green powder of collagen at the store of vitamins (you have to take it in quantities that do not fit into a capsule, and that can be much cheaper).

The broth is always the best because it contains not only the amino acids but also useful minerals and fats. But the alternative is green powder superfood gelatin or collagen from cows that have eaten grass and herbs. There are one or two brands that sell the best raw green powder supplement and Athletic Greens is best in the USA.

Gelatin and collagen in super greens powder for energy

Whether you use gelatin or collagen, does not matter for your health. Both contain all essential amino acids, which are easily absorbable and have the same therapeutic properties (see below). The difference is mainly in practical applicability: with gelatin, you can do things, yes, gelling – and not with collagen. In other words, gelatin becomes stiff (if you dissolve it in moisture) so that you can make sweets, puddings and things like that.

Collagen does not have this binding property, which makes it easier for you to stir it through your food or drink. This way it dissolves odor-color-tasteless in your tea, or mix it without hassle through your yogurt. Incidentally, the collagen that you buy as a powder is also no longer the collagen that occurs in your body. This is also heated and processed in a certain way, leaving collagen hydrolyzate. That does not mean much for health benefits, as said!

I have them in the closet: collagen for daily use (1-2 tablespoons per day is a nice dose if there is nothing wrong with you and you want to supplement your amino acids) and gelatin for the practical application in dishes.

Do super greens powder work for intestines

Where the American gut flora therapists and real-food bloggers are fully aware of the benefits of gelatin and bone broth, the knowledge in the Netherlands leaves much to be desired. Food blogs let you know how important it is, but many therapists have no idea.

However, it is passionately scattered with L-Glutamine. That is also an amino acid, which plays an essential role in the recovery of your intestines and the tight junctions between your intestinal wall cells. It is therefore often used in people who have a hyperpermeable intestine ( popularly known leaky gut called).

The problem is that many people have a shortage of amino acids in general. If you then supplement 1 type of amino acid, your body may decide to use it to compensate for the deficiency of other amino acids. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Then you are all that expensive L-glutamine lost to all kinds of other bodily functions … Before it arrives at your gut, you are a long way further, and there is also worked with doses of 60 grams (or more) per day. That’s nice for the manufacturer, but not so brilliant for your wallet – and your bowels are not automatically happy.

Benefits of Super Green Powder Supplements

If you want to supplement your amino acids, gelatin and collagen are a better option. They contain not only L-glutamine; they are the source (in the form of glutamic acid). And they also supply other essential amino acids, which also play a role in the recovery of your intestinal wall cells and tight junctions. Moreover, they are often better tolerated in larger quantities than free L-glutamine.

Is it true that people with intestinal complaints have to use vast amounts of gelatin and collagen? No. With intestinal complaints, it is incredibly vital that you discover and tackle the cause. If, for example, you have parasites or pathogenic bacteria in your intestines, then gelatin and collagen will not help you – and they can (even though not often) make things worse in some cases. So I am not going to tell you that you now have to eat five tablespoons of collagen per day – but if you are a therapist and you treat clients with abdominal complaints, then it is undoubtedly useful to deepen you further. And if you are recovering from a hyperpermeable colon, then gelatin and collagen can be a great tool to support you.

Gelatin and collagen in super green powder drink mix for skin & connective tissue

In the articles about the connective tissue, it came back: your skin also benefits from amino acids. Your subcutaneous connective tissue, to be precise – that stuff that ensures that your skin is nicely stretched over your body. After a year or 30, this will decrease in quantity and quality, and it will be easier to push apart if you look angry (or laugh). So (more or less) a wrinkle will eventually develop.

For the formation of collagen, some factors are necessary: ?? sufficient vitamin C for example and zinc. As I already wrote about it. But also the amino acids themselves. Otherwise, there is little to form. It may, therefore, be interesting to eat extra gelatine or collagen, especially if you already have fairly weak connective tissue of yourself.

Gelatine & Collagen in raw super green powder recipes enhances mood

Another interesting: did you know that your feeling is made of amino acids? Your neurotransmitters are for a large part responsible for how you feel. Unbelievably interesting: a shortage of neurotransmitters can ensure that you can not let go of things, can hardly relax, you can not concentrate properly, or have memory problems – and much more.

Do not worry: the neurotransmitters will pass one by one in the coming period because it is a fascinating matter. For now, I want to keep in mind that these things are formed from (among other things) amino acids and that you must first have those amino acids before they can be neatly formed. Here too, gelatin / collagen can help.

Gelatin & Collagen in green powder health food for your muscles

You see them sometimes at the vitamins store: giant pots with proteins for athletes. Proteins are also crucial for the building of tissues, and if you want to become a lot of sport (or Sylvester Stallone), you need a lot of it.

Many of these pots consist of whey protein. Tasty cheap and high-quality protein. But is that the most convenient choice? In nature, whey proteins (e.g., casein) do not just occur separately. Let alone in vast quantities. Again, the full product (in this case gelatin/collagen) is better for us than the unbound lego brick.

Now I have little knowledge of sport (what you see from the fact that I use a bodybuild film star of 25 years back as an example). So I can not tell you whether you get bulky from gelatin/collagen rather than from whey protein sooner / faster / better . I can tell you that if you do not necessarily have to become Sylvester, but do want to support your muscles and tendons and joints after exercise, you can merely use gelatin/collagen for that. A great way to supplement your protein intake, so that you give your body the chance to recover.

Best raw green powder for vegetarians

As you understand, gelatine and collagen are not exactly vegetarian. There are no plant sources of it; it is a pure animal product. And unfortunately: there is also no vegetarian alternative for gelatine and collagen. In a practical sense: with agar or carob bean flour, you come a long way if you want to make a pudding stick. But not when we talk about the health aspects.

Of course, there are vegetarian products that are also good for your intestines (I call a kuzu, arrowroot and other prebiotic binders), but they do not support the restoration of the tight junctions in the way that gelatin & collagen do. Of course there are also vegetarian sources of amino acids that help build your muscles, but these are usually not high-quality (and often highly processed) proteins.

Depending on your reason for not eating meat, you might consider using gelatin or collagen (if you have health problems due to protein deficiencies) . There are people who do not eat meat or animal products, but use gelatin/collagen and have been significantly improved. Whether you want to call yourself a vegetarian, I leave that with you.

What is the best green powder supplement that is an alternative for gelatin & collagen?

No doubt, there are lots of green powder superfoods and everyone claim to be best. But we know that not each of them stands worthy. Patriot Power Greens is one of those green powder supplement that can be said best. It includes all the vital nutrients that are essential for our body. It works good for our liver, intestine and almost every part of our body. You can find the complete details about it on page.


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