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What Superfoods Are Good For Gut Health

What Superfoods Are Good For Gut Health – It is very important to understand what superfoods are before investing in them. There is a lot of product out there with a lot of claims. The right superfood can help to keep your taking care of the gut is very important. This is because what enters the gut can affect your physiology positively or negatively. The gut is made up of a lot of microbes. These microbes affect the way the body store fats and keep the blood glucose in balance.

What Superfoods Are Good For Gut Health

Upsetting the gut balance can lead to obesity and other health complication. Investing in superfoods for your gut health is one of the ways to stay healthy. In other words, the wellness of the body depends on gut health.

Athletic Greens

AG greens

The Athletic Greens is an all in one natural product that is designed to work across 5 critical areas of health. These includes immunity, energy, hormonal support, gut health, and healthy aging.

The Athletic Greens is regarded today as one of the best superfoods for gut health. This is because it comprises of 75 clean whole food ingredients that are scientifically proven. Athletic Greens is a product of ten years of research and improvement.

For athletic enthusiasts, performers and sportsmen/women, this product has remained one of the most trusted products. Athletic green is noticeably one of the most trending green powder food supplements sportsmen today. This product is highly sought for in the US and is quickly gaining recognition around the world today.

Active Ingredients in Athletic Greens

It is very important to understand what superfoods are before investing in them. The active ingredients in Athletic Greens include

  • Alkaline, Nutrient-Rich raw superfood compounds
  • Herbs and Anti-Oxidants Nutrient-Rich extracts
  • Super mushroom compounds and digestive enzymes
  • Non-dairy probiotics 3.6 billion CFU

The Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics are very good for gut health. Probiotics are very useful bacteria to the guts. On the other hand, prebiotics serves as food for these bacteria. Taking Athletic Greens daily will provide you with all the prebiotics and probiotics required by your gut to function properly.

How to Use Athletic Greens

greens superfoods

For effective results of any product, it is very important you use it in accordance with manufacturer’s prescription.  For best results, it is recommended that you take this product twice a day. Mix Athletic Greens in water and drink in form of shakes. While some people suggest taking it first thing before breakfast and the last thing before bed.

Dissolve two tablespoons of Athletic Greens into 200ml of water and shake properly before taking. You can also mix Athletic greens in milk. However, if you are suffering from any medical condition that prohibits the intake of milk, you are already overweight or diabetic, you should stick to water.

What are the 3 superfoods for your gut?

To improve your gut health and get it to work better, you should consider taking superfoods that comprise of the following:

Whole Grains

Whole grains are very good when it comes to maintaining a healthy gut. Whole grains provide the required fiber needed daily for the best colon function. When compared to refined carbohydrates, whole grains provide a lot of fiber and other essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Leafy Grains

Leafy grains are also a very good source of fiber, for example, the spinach. They are also rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K. leafy vegetables are also rich in a specific kind of sugar that helps in maintaining the health of the gut bacteria.

Lean Protein

Lean proteins are very good for the gut. It is very important to abstain from fried foods if you hope to maintain good bowel health.

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