The ultimate green smoothies powder whole foods guide

Nowadays, many people use green smoothies to quickly lose excess pounds. We at agree that a smoothie is not only delicious but also helps with weight loss. In addition, several scientific studies have been conducted into the effects of green smoothies as meal replacements.The results of the studies state that a vegetable smoothie contributes to the health of the body. This is because fat burning is put into action but also because you do not suffer from hunger showers that cause you to grab unhealthy snacks. In addition, thanks to the vitamins and minerals you get a lot more energy which ensures that the burning of nutrients goes faster. The last advantage of green smoothies is the fact that the resistance of your body is improved. This is due to the large amount of healthy nutrients and antioxidants in the smoothies. As a result, becoming ill becomes a thing of the past and the body will only be stimulated to purify itself.

Green Smoothie

Top 10 green smoothie

Research shows that the next ten green smoothie recipes are the most popular among the US population. They are all super healthy smoothies that fit perfectly with a diet that allows you to lose weight quickly and build body muscles thats why they are also called green smoothie bodybuilding powder. In addition, the so-called “super foods”, because they are smoothies, full of vitamins and antioxidants. This protects the body and it is possible to fall off quickly. In a responsible shake diet, the following smoothie recipes are 100% sure. What you need for all these smoothies is a high-speed blender with at least 1 liter of capacity.

1. Spinach green smoothie powder

The bitter taste of spinach in a drink can not be good? Anyway! Because a spinach smoothie is one of the most popular shakes in the Netherlands. The healthy spinach contains a lot of iron, phosphorus, calcium and sodium which are all antioxidants and protect people against diseases. In addition, a spinach smoothie full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B11, B12 and C. This makes the spinach smoothie at the top of the powershakes. Below is a delicious spinach smoothie recipe because it can be rather bitter without adding other ingredients.

2. Kale green smoothie powder

The kale smoothie is on place two of our top 10 green smoothies in the Netherlands. The kale is, like the spinach smoothie, notorious for its bitter taste. Nevertheless, by adding some ingredients you can make a delicious powerfood smoothie. Kale is full of calcium (210 mg per 100 g), potassium (500 mg per 100 g) and magnesium. In addition, kale is known for its large amount of vitamins A, B11 and C per serving. This kale smoothie is therefore the number two when it comes to the healthiest smoothie. The recipe below provides a fresh taste to take away the bitter from the kale.

3. Broccoli green smoothie powder

Less popular as the first two but just as tasty is the broccoli smoothie. Broccoli is one of the vegetable smoothies that comes back in every power food diet because it contains so many healthy nutrients. This helps the body to purify itself and stay healthy. Per 100gr broccoli, the body receives 464 mg of potassium, 105 mg of calcium, 13 mg of sodium, 82 mg of phosphorus, 1.5 mg of iron, 20 mg of magnesium and 0.94 mg of zinc. These antioxidants make broccoli the number # 1 among superfoods. In addition, a broccoli smoothie is full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B11 and C (114 mg per 100gr!). This is the ultimate healthy green smoothie that can help everyone with fast and healthy weight loss .

4. Carrot green smoothie powder

Despite its red / orange color, the carrot smoothie really belongs to the green smoothie powder recipes. The carrot smoothie is a favorite trap many people since it is still very tasty without additions of healthy sweeteners. In addition, root is of course super healthy for the eyes and skin and purifies the blood. A carrot smoothie contains practically no fats, protein or cholesterol. In addition, the root is full of vitamin A, B11, C and of course potassium and calcium as antioxidants. This makes a carrot smoothie into a healthy meal replacement that, besides energy, also gives a very filling feeling. The following carrot smoothie recipe is especially good in summer!

5. Endive green smoothie powder

To stay in the trend of green colored smoothies, spot 5 of our top 10 smoothies has an endive smoothie. Endive is a rich source of vitamin B11 and contains a lot of Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus. This protects this vegetable the human body against colds and the flu. In addition, endive helps digestion, which makes fat burning a lot faster. The endive smoothie may not be the most delicious smoothie but with our recipe, every awkward eater likes him.

6. Beet green smoothie powder

Looking for a tasty beetroot smoothie? We have created a wonderful powershake for you. This beet smoothie is full of healthy ingredients that the body needs during weight loss. A beetroot has a large amount of potassium, sodium and zinc that are basic nutrients of the human body. Beets also contain almost no fat, proteins or sugars but do give a lot of energy (183kJ per 100 gr). Because of this, our beetroot smoothie recipe is a real powerhouse for the body and you will not easily be without energy. Are you a bit faint then this smoothie is perfect!

7. Celery green smoothie powder

The celery smoothie recipe is super healthy and perfect if you want to lose weight. It is one of the green smoothies that lives up to its name because it is green in color. The celery shake contains no sugars, fats and almost no carbohydrates in celery. Let these building blocks of the body just not be necessary when you want to lose weight. Celery also has a lot of vitamin B11 and C. Did you know that celery is also high in our healthy snacks top 25 ? The following celery smoothie is not only tasty but also super healthy.

8. Zucchini green smoothie powder

Green, greener greenest than we are talking about the courgette smoothie. This healthy shake is naturally delicious but a final touch of the smoothie is irresistible. We will make the zucchini smoothie with coconut milk, banana and pineapple. This makes the shake a bomb of healthy nutrients. In addition, the fat makers such as fat, saturated fats, carbohydrates (very little) and sugars in this vegetable are missing. Courget is rich in vitamin B11 and C and contains potassium, calcium, forsfor and iron of the antioxidants. The zucchini shake is healthy, delicious and cheap!

9. Pumpkin green smoothie powder

Pumpkin is a real seasonal vegetable, therefore this powershake is the best in the autumn, this is the time of the pumpkins !. We’re going to make a spicy pumpkin smoothie that’s mega-clock. It is a bit more work than the above green smoothies recipes but that makes the result more than good. The vegetable pumpkin is rich in vitamins B11 and C but is chosen by us mainly because of its taste and healthy antioxidants. You will not soon forget this orange power smoothie.

10. Paksoi green smoothie powder

To round off our top 10 green smoothies we make an Asian paksoi smoothie. Many people will often ignore this vegetable, but paksoi is a delicious kind of cabbage that can easily be mixed. The paksoi smoothie is full of vitamin B11 and potassium, making it a real Asian shake that protects you against the sun for example. The bok choy is also fat-free, glucose-free, free of saturated fats and has only 0.8 g of carbohydrates per 100g! Absurd few calories for a piece of vegetables. With our vegetable mix smoothie it looks like you are in Asia.

Most prominent Athletic Greens smoothie recipe

Athletic Greens is a famous and most demanded green drink in the market. Most people ask that can they use Athletic Greens for preparing green smoothie recipe. And the answer is yes! Athletic Greens can be used to prepare green smoothie and you can find some prominent and delicious smoothie recipe using Athletic Greens on the official website of the product.

Are green smoothies powerfood?

Our top 10 green smoothies certainly belong to the power food of today. These healthy shakes represent health because they contain little carbohydrates, fat and proteins. This makes it possible to lose weight very quickly. Because the vegetable smoothies are full of healthy ingredients and nutrients, it is possible to use them as meal replacements. This way you can eat these green smoothies for breakfast or lunch and eat them all day long. Thanks to the large amount of healthy nutrients you will not easily get a good appetite. Perfect for a diet with which you want to lose weight quickly because the smoothies can easily travel to work or school! Are we still missing vegetable smoothies in our top 10?


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