The Super Green Food Hype Is ‘Too Much?’ I Think Not…

A few days back I got emails from some of my readers asking me whether is superfood hype real. For reference, they sent me some links to articles on various portals. These sites were claiming that there is nothing like superfood and it is just are marketing hype.

Superfood Hype

My readers asked me, therefore, it was my responsibility to answer all their questions. I read all those articles deeply and found that most of them claimed that the foods like broccoli, berries and many others are just common foods like other fruits and they have no special quality to be claimed as superfoods.


But here it is also important to tell you that I have also gone through other articles on those websites and found that their views are conflicting on their own portal. As in one article, they mentioned that there is nothing like superfood and in another article, they were praising some foods and brands as a superfood.


The only authorized statement that I came across was made by Cancer Research Institute UK. They stated that the term superfood is a marketing gimmick with not enough scientific base. But their statement is in reference to those so called superfood products that are marketed as great but there is in  fact nothing great to find to find in there composition.


The most important part of my research was that all these websites were propagating various myths related to foods. Therefore I decided that along with explaining on questions regardingsuperfoods, I also need to wipe out those myths. Below are all those myths and misconceptions along with some facts related to the issue.


Myth #1 – There is nothing like superfood

is superfood real


Let me make it clear that superfood not at all means any superman food that will release any extraordinary health benefits to you. Superfoods mean an alternative for your daily nutritional requirement that we fail to get in our unmanaged diet. These superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and various other nutrients that give us the energy to work all day long without any fatigue.


Myth #2 – Green smoothies are most favorite drink

Green Smoothie


There is no doubt that green smoothie is best for healthy living and they are the holy grail. They are the favorite pick on Instagram and lots of celebs following it. But the fact is that it is not the most favorite drink and it is proved from the stats that about 78% of us don’t drink green smoothies. Among that 22 %, 5% drink them for their hangover. There is no doubt that they are healthy but it is also a fact that they are not favorite.


Myth #3 – Cacao is better superfood than chocolate

cacao better than chocolate

Many health sites ranked cacao with superfood status and this made a feeling among people that it is healthy. Though it is a rich source of antioxidant and also helps in lowering bad cholesterol. But the fact is that cacao also contains high kilojoules. Among people who tried cacao and chocolate as a superfood, only 36% found cacao beneficial while 44% found chocolate as beneficial, whereas 20% where those who were not satisfied with both of them. Cancer Research Institute UK stated in their report that cacao is marketed as beneficial for heart health but there is nothing special found in it for cardiovascular problems.


Myth #4 – Raw food is best to lose weight

raw food vs cooked food


Surely, raw foods are the best way to get nutrition but the thing is that raw vegetables are high in calories and this is going to surely count in your body weight. Some vegetables like spinach, carrot, and tomatoes are best when cooked. Cooked or boiled veggies eliminate extra calories in them and bring only essential calories. For your fact, only 35% of us prefer to consume veggies in the raw state.


Myth #5 – Fresh is better than frozen


Of course, fresh veggies are better than frozen one, but not always. The most times nutrition level in frozen veggies and fruits can be much higher than fresh veggies and fruits. Vitamins are preserved when veggies and fruits are stored frozen which can be lost in most cases when not kept frozen.


Myth #6 – Coconut water is better hydration than water

coconut water


Coconut water tastes awesome than tasteless water. It is becoming the most favorite nonalcoholic drink all around the world with people spending about $23 billion on it. But can coconut water be better hydration than water, in my words, there is no difference. In a study, it was found that people drinking coconut water notice no extra benefits than those drinking plain water.

Learn More About Superfood Hypes and Realities

Therefore, at last, I will only say that there is nothing like a superfood it is in fact a marketing term though there are food items which are medically acclaimed for rejuvenating overall health. Due diligence is hence all the more necessary while contemplating buying of any Superfood cocktail. Checkout MyGreensDaily homepage for more details on superfood.