Forth Flotation Procedure For Harvesting Of Algae

Algae are known for its health benefits and it is found prominent in treating various health issues. But due to its low productivity, it is not easily available and therefore it costs very high in price.

Gilbert V. Levin (Resource Research Inc., Washington DC) along with John R. Clendenning, Frederick D. Bogar, and Ahron Gibor, developed a very highly efficient procedure for harvesting algae from a diluted suspension, Froth Flotation.

This procedure is not based on an addition of flotants. Froth flotation harvesting is carried on by aerating the feed solution from below in long column. From the side of the top column, a stable column is produced and harvested.

The main concentration of the harvest is based on aeration rate, the function of pH, feed concentration, the height of foam column, and aerator porosity. This process is found favorable in economic aspect as it can help in mass algae harvesting that can be used for foods and other purposes.

The cell concentration of the harvest is a function of pH, aeration rate, aerator porosity, feed concentration, and height of foam in the harvesting column. The economic aspects of this process seem favorable for the mass harvesting of algae for food or other purposes.