Beverage Spectrum Magazine Ranked Red Bull As Top Selling Energy Drink

For all fitness freaks, there are some drinks that are quite favorite in them. Whether its energy drink, green shake or superfood drinks, all these are meant to boost energy and maintain the overall body stamina. If you are an athlete or working out in the gym, then you must be consuming an energy drink to boost your stamina and to maintain the fluid level in the body to avoid fatigue.

Red Bull is a very common name in energy drink market and Beverage Spectrum Magazine, a premier name in listing top beverages in various segments, had once ranked Red Bull as the top leader in energy drink market. In its edition of May-June 2009, Red Bull was ranked at the top position in energy drink segment with the total sale of $360,205,400.

Here are the top 10 energy drink listed by Beverage Spectrum Magazine in May-June 2009 –

  • Red Bull – $360,205,400
  • Monster – $143,675,300
  • Rockstar – $99,287,780
  • Amp – $35,448,070
  • Full Throttle – $23,451,170
  • Java Monster – $22,521,320
  • Monster XXL – $18,814,150
  • Doubleshot – $14,382,990
  • SoBe No Fear – $13,844,860
  • Amp Overdrive – $13,528,110


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