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Benefits Of Veggie Powder – Are there Any Health Benefits?

Last year I didn’t get a meatball, but falafel. And in the bitterbal there was no beef, but mushroom and broccoli. It seems that more and more people are vegetarian. Why is veggie powders like Athletic Greens so popular? We sorted it out for you and listed 5 benefits for you.

Veggie Powder Drink Increases Immunity

Benefits of Veggie Powder Immunity

Veggie powder contains almost no cholesterol and few saturated fats . By eating (more) vegetable, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and various other diseases. And did you know that meat contains hormones? Eating your own hormone balance can be disrupted by eating meat. That also affects your health.

Veggie Powder Increases The Efficiency Of Antibiotics


Animals in the livestock industry receive a lot of antibiotics to prevent diseases. As a result, more and more pathogenic bacteria are becoming resistant. What does that mean? These bacteria become immune to the antibiotics. It does not work anymore. By eating this meat, you also get those resistant bacteria inside. If you are sick and you are receiving antibiotics, it may be that this does not work and that you are not getting better. Dangerous!

Veggie Powder Supplement Prevents Infection

Prevents Infection

Contagious animal diseases regularly appear. This not only means that millions of animals have to be cleared. Some of these diseases are also dangerous for people , such as Q fever and BSE (crazy cow disease). You should use supplement to increase your immunity and resistance.

Adapting Veggie Powder, You Save Animal Life

Save Animal Life

From the cattle industry to your plate. We prefer not to think about what happens in between: the slaughter. In the USA, 1.5 million animals are killed every day. Often after a much too short and miserable life. That is an average of 1000 animals per minute! And all those 1.5 million animals experience fear and pain.

Adapting Veggie Powder Save Environment

Adapting Veggie Powder

The largest environmental pollutants are the pesticides used in animal feed production. In addition, the 570 million animals that are kept annually in the Netherlands together produce large quantities of particulate matter and more than 78 billion kilos of manure. This enormous heap of manure makes the Dutch landscape sour. The result is that many plant and insect species disappear.

Do you like plant-based foods? Then go to three or four vegetarian days a week, or become a vegetarian. Let it be your own choice. You can also feed yourself with Patriot Power Green drink that is full of raw veggie extract. Also you can visit my comparison page to find out my top picks for veggie powders.

My Recommended Best Fruit And Vegetable Powder Mix

ruit And Vegetable

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