9 Things You Need To Know About Green Vegetable Powder Supplement

Are you considering to eat Vegetable supplement? Then you have opted the right thing. It is good for you and our planet that we are turning ourselves toward being vegetarian. Nature has given us thousands of plants and herbs that help us in fulfilling our nutritional requirements. Therefore number of manufacturers are also understanding the trend and using the natural resources to produce green vegetable powder, pills, supplement and capsules. So let’s find out what are the type of nutrition that we get in these green vegetable supplements.

1. Vegetable powder drink gives us Vitamin B12

We used to get enough B12 through the soil that we received through our vegetables. That is unfortunately no longer the case – just because of the necessary polishing against pesticides. Nowadays vitamin B12 is only in animal products. If you switch to a plant-based diet, you will have to use a B12 supplement. Avoid supplements with gelatin (a binder from the skin and bones from cattle and pigs) and lactose: they are not vegan.

2. Vegetable green supplement are filled with Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in linseed, hemp seed, chia seeds, walnuts and dark leaf vegetables. Remember: if you eat one tablespoon of ground flaxseed per day, you usually get enough omega’s. But you can also opt for an extra supplement with algae oil. Read more about vega omega here .

3. Vitamin D deficiency can be fulfilled with vegetable supplement

Most Dutch people who do not eat much have a vitamin D deficiency. And for vegetable eaters, the risk of a shortage is even greater. If you choose a supplement, go for vitamin D3 and make sure you choose a vegan supplement (for example from Essential Organics); most D supplements are made from sheep wool fat and are therefore not vegetable.

4. Vegetable greens powder can be a meat alternative

Very tempting, all those meat substitutes in the store. But most are bursting with salt and other unhealthy ingredients. So make your meat substitutes the best: falafel, bean burger, lentil burger…it’s all that kind of thing. If you still like to have ready-to-eat meat substitutes, opt for organic, high-quality meat substitutes from a nature store.

5. Vegetable supplement drinks are rich in soy

This small legume is contained in numerous vegan foods, but is – in any case unfermented – unfortunately in abundance not so very healthy. If you opt for soy , go for fermented, organic (not genetically modified) and unprocessed soy products, such as tempeh. Note: soy milk is never fermented, so choose for example unsweetened almond milk or oat milk.

6. Vegetable supplement powder gives calcium

Calcium is also not a problem for vegans, since there are enough vegetable sources of calcium available (you must of course eat enough). Examples of calcium rich foods are broccoli, kale, pak choi, almonds, figs and vegan products that are enriched with calcium. Note : vitamin D is extremely important for your calcium intake. So make sure that you get enough vitamin D (see number 3).

7. Some fruit & vegetable supplement are rich in protein

The biggest food myth is that you need animal products to get enough protein. Many people do not even know in which non-animal products are proteins at all. But no worriesFor example, in a cup of lentils there are three times as many proteins as in a large egg, and in our spinach there is more protein than in our steak. See here a list of our 16 favorite protein-rich vegan foods .

8. Iron deficiency with whole food vegetable powder

Unless you eat six slices of bread a day or use salt with iodine, chances are that you will get an iodine deficiency as a vegan. That can be extremely harmful for your body, especially for pregnant women. So: use table salt with iodine (with half a teaspoon a day you usually get enough iodine), eat enough bread, eat enough seaweeds and otherwise swallow a supplement / multivitamins with iodine.

9. Best vegetable supplement in pills and powder

There are numerous green supplements available in the market in the form of powder and pills. Athletic Greens is one the best available green food supplement that is prepared with 75 vital ingredients that are 100% vegetarian that makes this supplement a green veggie powder. It helps in boosting immunity, detoxifying liver impurities and fulfills the body nutritional requirements.


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