5 Tips To Avoid Fatigue

It is cold, wet and rather dark. For many people the time in which they do not exactly overflow with a zest for life. Four out of ten Dutch people feel tired and less energetic in the dark and cold months than in the heat and light of the summer. Five tips to get through the autumn full of energy avoiding fatigue.

1. Move your fit

Try at least five days a week for half an hour to move. Intensive training is allowed, but taking a walk or cycling to work or school also counts. During exercise, your body makes endorphins, which makes you feel energetic.

2. Save energy

After the winter time, many people are out of business for a while. The winter time jet lag usually 5 tips against fatigue

lasts a few days. Are you used to the winter time, then take care of regularity. That sounds boring, but research shows that routine activities cost 10 times less mental energy than non-routine activities. You save energy.

3. Provide enough vitamins

Fatigue and irritation are lurking in the dark days. Three B vitamins seem to help in the battle against it. Vitamin B1 for example, but also vitamin B2 and B6 seem to be able to positively influence the mood. These B vitamins are abundant in a balanced and varied diet. Therefore eat healthily and think especially of wholemeal products and lean meats, cheese or dairy products. Especially with an active lifestyle and in demanding periods when everything comes to mind, a daily multivitamin can help to ensure sufficient energy in your body.

4. Choose healthy eating

Try to get enough basic foods every day. Choose as little as possible for snacks that contain a lot of sugar and/or fat. These are foods that you do not supply valuable substances, but a lot of calories: wrong energy. Choose rather for autumn vegetables or smoothies. You get energy from that and they are good for your resistance as well.

5. Enough light

In autumn and winter do not vitamin D anymore. So you have to have the stock you created in the summer. Not everyone has managed to be outside in the summer. Then supplementation can be useful.