Forth Flotation Procedure For Harvesting Of Algae

Algae are known for its health benefits and it is found prominent in treating various health issues. But due to its low productivity, it is not easily available and therefore it costs very high in price.

Gilbert V. Levin (Resource Research Inc., Washington DC) along with John R. Clendenning, Frederick D. Bogar, and Ahron Gibor, developed a very highly efficient procedure for harvesting algae from a diluted suspension, Froth Flotation.

This procedure is not based on an addition of flotants. Froth flotation harvesting is carried on by aerating the feed solution from below in long column. From the side of the top column, a stable column is produced and harvested.

The main concentration of the harvest is based on aeration rate, the function of pH, feed concentration, the height of foam column, and aerator porosity. This process is found favorable in economic aspect as it can help in mass algae harvesting that can be used for foods and other purposes.

The cell concentration of the harvest is a function of pH, aeration rate, aerator porosity, feed concentration, and height of foam in the harvesting column. The economic aspects of this process seem favorable for the mass harvesting of algae for food or other purposes.

What Is Soylent & What It Includes

Rob Rhinehart, a nutrition expert, in his blog post “How I Stopped Eating Food” explained his experiment of developing a food substitute that will provide all essential nutrients required for healthy living.

Before explaining more about this diet, there is a warning that this diet system is not clinically tested or approved by doctors, therefore, it could be potentially dangerous to adapt. Rob is self-testing it without any expert guidelines from the doctors.


In his blog post, he wrote that this diet system that he named as Soylent after a sci-fi film named Soylent Green released in 1973. Following his new diet system, now he has been on Soylent diet, without eating any food. You might be thinking that how is it possible.


Rob explained it that our body needs nutrients like vitamins and minerals for proper functioning. We eat food that contains these nutrients but this doesn’t mean that only eating food will provide these vital nutrients. Rather bad sources of these nutrients will deliver you obesity and other health issues. Therefore Rob created a diet where he took these nutrients in one source called Soylent.

Soylent is a meal replacement diet system that consists of all the essential nutrients that a body requires for daily functioning. The nutrients include sodium, carbohydrate, zinc, chloride and some other basic nutrients in a balanced quantity. There is a theory that supports this concept. As per the theory, taking nutrients in the straight source rather than extracting these nutrients by breaking down food saves body energy getting wasted.


What’s In Soylent?

Since the Soylent was launched, there were lots of people eager to know about the ingredients of this special meal replacement system. People who are allergen to some compound or people who are vegetarian, want to know whether it consist any compound that is not meant for them. Well, for them it is important to know that on an overview, this meal replacement product doesn’t contain any such compound that is not meant for vegans or any compound that may cause allergy. The ingredients of Soylent are all natural and real extract of the compound. The ingredients are such as,

  • Maltodextrin (carbs)
  • Whey isolate
  • Oat powder
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Salt
  • Potassium Gluconate
  • Magnesium Gluconate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Monosodium Phosphate
  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • Soy Lecithin powder
  • Creatine
  • Ferrous Gluconate
  • Choline Bitartrate


According to Rob Rhinehart, with Soylent, you need not worry about groceries, recipes, choosing what to eat today, comparing which food is healthier and many more factors. He further stated that Americans spend an average of $600-$700 per month on their food. Soylent costs $30 per month that means you save 95% of your money. It is affordable, easy to take, and even tasty.

Beverage Spectrum Magazine Ranked Red Bull As Top Selling Energy Drink

For all fitness freaks, there are some drinks that are quite favorite in them. Whether its energy drink, green shake or superfood drinks, all these are meant to boost energy and maintain the overall body stamina. If you are an athlete or working out in the gym, then you must be consuming an energy drink to boost your stamina and to maintain the fluid level in the body to avoid fatigue.

Red Bull is a very common name in energy drink market and Beverage Spectrum Magazine, a premier name in listing top beverages in various segments, had once ranked Red Bull as the top leader in energy drink market. In its edition of May-June 2009, Red Bull was ranked at the top position in energy drink segment with the total sale of $360,205,400.

Here are the top 10 energy drink listed by Beverage Spectrum Magazine in May-June 2009 –

  • Red Bull – $360,205,400
  • Monster – $143,675,300
  • Rockstar – $99,287,780
  • Amp – $35,448,070
  • Full Throttle – $23,451,170
  • Java Monster – $22,521,320
  • Monster XXL – $18,814,150
  • Doubleshot – $14,382,990
  • SoBe No Fear – $13,844,860
  • Amp Overdrive – $13,528,110


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