The Superfood Hype Is ‘Too Much?’ I Think Not…

A few days back I got emails from some of my readers asking me whether is superfood hype real. For reference, they sent me some links to articles on various portals. These sites were claiming that there is nothing like superfood and it is just are marketing hype.

Superfood Hype

My readers asked me, therefore, it was my responsibility to answer all their questions. I read all those articles deeply and found that most of them claimed that the foods like broccoli, berries and many others are just common foods like other fruits and they have no special quality to be claimed as superfoods.


But here it is also important to tell you that I have also gone through other articles on those websites and found that their views are conflicting on their own portal. As in one article, they mentioned that there is nothing like superfood and in another article, they were praising some foods and brands as a superfood.


The only authorized statement that I came across was made by Cancer Research Institute UK. They stated that the term superfood is a marketing gimmick with not enough scientific base. But their statement is in reference to those so called superfood products that are marketed as great but there is in  fact nothing great to find to find in there composition.


The most important part of my research was that all these websites were propagating various myths related to foods. Therefore I decided that along with explaining on questions regardingsuperfoods, I also need to wipe out those myths. Below are all those myths and misconceptions along with some facts related to the issue.


Myth #1 – There is nothing like superfood

is superfood real


Let me make it clear that superfood not at all means any superman food that will release any extraordinary health benefits to you. Superfoods mean an alternative for your daily nutritional requirement that we fail to get in our unmanaged diet. These superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and various other nutrients that give us the energy to work all day long without any fatigue.


Myth #2 – Green smoothies are most favorite drink

Green Smoothie


There is no doubt that green smoothie is best for healthy living and they are the holy grail. They are the favorite pick on Instagram and lots of celebs following it. But the fact is that it is not the most favorite drink and it is proved from the stats that about 78% of us don’t drink green smoothies. Among that 22 %, 5% drink them for their hangover. There is no doubt that they are healthy but it is also a fact that they are not favorite.


Myth #3 – Cacao is better superfood than chocolate

cacao better than chocolate

Many health sites ranked cacao with superfood status and this made a feeling among people that it is healthy. Though it is a rich source of antioxidant and also helps in lowering bad cholesterol. But the fact is that cacao also contains high kilojoules. Among people who tried cacao and chocolate as a superfood, only 36% found cacao beneficial while 44% found chocolate as beneficial, whereas 20% where those who were not satisfied with both of them. Cancer Research Institute UK stated in their report that cacao is marketed as beneficial for heart health but there is nothing special found in it for cardiovascular problems.


Myth #4 – Raw food is best to lose weight

raw food vs cooked food


Surely, raw foods are the best way to get nutrition but the thing is that raw vegetables are high in calories and this is going to surely count in your body weight. Some vegetables like spinach, carrot, and tomatoes are best when cooked. Cooked or boiled veggies eliminate extra calories in them and bring only essential calories. For your fact, only 35% of us prefer to consume veggies in the raw state.


Myth #5 – Fresh is better than frozen


Of course, fresh veggies are better than frozen one, but not always. The most times nutrition level in frozen veggies and fruits can be much higher than fresh veggies and fruits. Vitamins are preserved when veggies and fruits are stored frozen which can be lost in most cases when not kept frozen.


Myth #6 – Coconut water is better hydration than water

coconut water


Coconut water tastes awesome than tasteless water. It is becoming the most favorite nonalcoholic drink all around the world with people spending about $23 billion on it. But can coconut water be better hydration than water, in my words, there is no difference. In a study, it was found that people drinking coconut water notice no extra benefits than those drinking plain water.

Therefore, at last, I will only say that there is nothing like a superfood it is in fact a marketing term though there are food items which are medically acclaimed for rejuvenating overall health. Due diligence is hence all the more necessary while contemplating buying of any Superfood cocktail.

Alternative Superfoods That Could Really Enhance Your Diet

Alternative Superfoods


Are we very short of superfoods in our world? Many times we feel that there are very few superfoods available for us. This is because we don’t explore our mind in searching options and only limit it to what we heard in news. Till now, broccoli, spinach, and kale are the only superfoods for us. But you don’t think that most times we get so low of intellectuality that we don’t notice some wonderful alternative superfoods.


But actually, it doesn’t mean that we are not intellectual rather we remain so focused on highlighted superfoods and completely ignore the real gems. There are various others than broccoli and spinach that are even more powerful for our daily health than the mainstay. Therefore, here I have listed some of the best superfoods other than broccoli, spinach, and kale.





While I started writing this article, I was quite hesitant to start this list of alternative superfoods with sardines. This is because I was knowing that most of my readers will skip to some other page, maybe because they are pure veggies or maybe they hate fishes. But the fact remains still that sardines are one among the most powerful superfoods.


For those who are not aware of sardines, it is a fish that feeds only plankton and are a rich source of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D and various essential minerals. Those who hate seafood due to the high quantity of metal, the good news is that sardines don’t contain metals and they are clean to eat. Also, these fishes are easily available at grocery stores at affordable price.





There was a myth related to eggs that they are bad food to start off our day. It was even told that eggs contain high cholesterol that is bad for the heart and therefore it is better to replace them with cereals. Due to this many Americans switched from eggs to cereals but at last, found no good results. Later in 2013, it was disclosed in a report that eggs do not produce bad cholesterol rather they raise good cholesterol and don’t cause any heart problem.


Eggs are a good source of zeaxanthin and lutein, two most important antioxidants essential for our body. These antioxidants are found good for our eyes. Along with these antioxidants, it is also loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, selenium, phosphorous and proteins.





Now, lets hit the dream superfood for vegans, Lentils. It is a powerful source of essential fibers and proteins but most of us totally ignore it just because we are not sure, how to make use of lentils. Lentils are known to enhance our gut flora health that relatively helps in improving our cognitive health. It is also useful in lowering the risk of colon cancer. But the most important quality of lentils is that they easily available and cheap.





Once the most wonderful vegetable for our dinner, cauliflower, is not just remained the showpiece in grocery store shelf. And ignoring its importance to our health, we just pass it thinking, next time. But very few of us know that cauliflower is the best alternative for potatoes in mashed potatoes. This superfood is very useful in lowering the carbohydrate and increasing the fiber intake. If you are a pizza lover then you will love to know that cauliflower can also use to prepare crust of the pizza.





Do you know how sailors live on ships for months preventing scurvy? Because they eat sauerkraut, an amazing favorite superfood of sailors. It is a rich source of vitamin C and probiotics. We spend dollars on probiotic supplements unknown that sauerkraut can provide that naturally. Add sauerkraut to meat or salad and feel the amazing taste along with various health benefits.


Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds


I always carry with me a small bag filled with pumpkin seeds. Do you know why? Because whenever I feel hungry, instead of eating carb foods I just take a handful of seeds. Fiber, iron, zinc, omega 3 and what not! Pumpkin seeds are loaded with all essential minerals and that’s why they are my favorite alternative superfoods on the list.

A Guide to Buying Green Drinks

Green drink buying guide


Before starting on, let me inform you one quick fact, the green drinks industry is growing very faster and it has reached to $5 billion per year. Nowadays it has become a trend to walk around holding a shaker bottle filled with green drink. Whether you have to grind it at your home or you have mixed it with a green drink supplement, you are adding it to the industry growth.


Talking about green drink powder, the superfood market is flooded with brands. It is never easy to choose among them and therefore it gets important to know, what are the factors to judge the superfood green drinks? Here onwards we are going to explore those factors that you should keep in mind while exploring green drinks.


I.C.T. – The Three Factors For Choosing Green Drink


It’s not any technical term that you need any special education to understand it. ICT for choosing green drink means Ingredient, Cost, and Taste. While you are choosing any green drink to remember to judge, what are the ingredients in it, what is the cost for that and how does it taste? Surely the best green drink will qualify all the three factors.


What are the ingredients included?

green drink ingredients


Mostly all green drinks follow the similar pattern in their formula. The base for any green drink formulation is same just some of them includes extra ingredients in the form of probiotics and enzymes. Crossing over, a high-end green drink will also contain herbs and antioxidants whereas, meal replacement green drinks will also add protein to their formula to make complete meal diet.


The green drinks are categorized into three types on the basis of ingredients. First one is green drinks with grasses such as wheat grass, alfalfa, and barley grass. The second one is green drinks with sea vegetable such as chlorella, algae, dulce, and spirulina. The third one is green drinks with green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and carrots.


When you are looking for ingredients in the green drink make sure that it includes foods from all three categories. It is not necessary that the product will include all the ingredients from all categories but a good product will always give you more than enough.


What is the value of the green drink?

green drink value


Here I have not mentioned it as a cost because cost and value are two different things. Cost means the amount you are paying for the product whereas value means that the product you are getting does actually deserve that cost to pay. What you must look while choosing a green drink is that what are the servings you are getting, the potency of that serving and the value of each serving.


Let me explain you with an example of an imaginary product called, Greatest Green Drink Powder. Now let take that the pack is of total 360 gram costing you $39.99. The total servings in one pack are 30 that means one serving is 12 grams. The quantity of greens in that pack is 210 grams that mean in each serving of 12 gram you are getting 7 grams of green. This makes that a powerful serving of 12 gram is costing you about $1.33. Therefore the value of this product is $1.33.


In the above explanation, it is shown that the product, Greatest Green Drink Powder is too costly but the potency of each serving is awesome. Now explore other products whether they have more serving than this product, whether their serving is more in potency than this and are the cost of each serving is less than the fictional product.


What is the taste of the green drink?

green drink taste


The major reason people hate drinking green drinks is their taste. It is sad to say the fact is that each and every green drink, whether prepared at home or purchased from the market, tastes horrible. This is because of their ingredients. As their ingredient list include a large number of green vegetables, seafood, and grasses along with probiotics, they give prominent results but the taste is such that very few can swallow it. But there is a way to make it taste better. You can try mixing it up with other smoothies that taste great.


So what are the best green drinks?


If you read this article till here, it is sure you are prepared to examine the green drinks before you buy. Though there are numerous green drinks on the market and it is not an easy job to examine all of them until you know which is the top-selling green drinks on the market. In my opinion, you can explore between Total Living Drink Greens and Shakeology if your budget is high. If you are planning not invest much in green drinks then you can explore between Athletic Greens and Patriot Power Greens. For more help, you can read my article on Top 5 Best Rated Superfood Drinks.